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How We Communicate with You

The Mighty Cosmos
Monday, April 23, 2012, 6:20 AM,

Kelowna, BC, Canada

Dear Friends,

A question was asked by a reader of these Messages, regarding how you communicate to me and your other scribes. How do you make your message clear to us?

Please comment….

Beloved Ones,

We are always pleased to bring forth information that would open up a human mind to other possibilities than what seems normal in your current third dimensional reality. Soon this method will be used by all who are open and receiving these messages will not be questioned. Humanity is beginning to trust its First Sense once again.

We have brought messages in sharing our collective Earth experience and Divine Wisdom with our many scribes for hundreds of years. Not always has our information to them been received as clearly and in this form as they are received now. The honing of the scribal ability while receiving the energies has occurred over earth time and during many of the lifetimes of our scribes. The energy frequencies now have become lighter. The scribe’s consciousness as well as their bodies requires this higher vibration so that they are able to understand our intentional impressions onto their consciousness and into their mind.

Due to the Ascension of vibrations enfolding the Planet and all Life Forms, as well as our work with our scribes individually, there are many humans now able to “hear” our impressions. We say “hear” but this process is not being done by the physical ears but by energy impressions in their water. We have spoken at another time regarding subtle /First Sense, and human communication with each other, with the Mother and also with Us through the vibrations of your water. It is the sensitivity of your body’s water that receives the impressions in consciousness. In that way we can term it “hearing” because the flow of energy to your water is indeed carried by sound frequencies, so that the “inner ear”, the heart and mind in the human’s energy is receiving, through sound, these vibrational impressions.

To find the words for these impressions is a process also taking many years for some, not many for others. This scribe will remember our early years together, where she listened for actual words, and wrote them, one after the other.

Yes, I do remember that! I always wondered where the one-by-one-words were going and how long it took to make a complete sentence! I had no idea sometimes what You were talking about until after I had written and then re-read the sentence! It was slow and a bit awkward at the time, but after re-reading the message I always thought “Where did THIS come from? ” I just knew it was not from my mind!

No, Beloved, it was not FROM your mind, it was THROUGH your heart, your Conscious connection to the Divine, and WITH your mind!

The method of then has now grown into impressing our ideas into your water while you sense the inspiration for the words. This method is used today by Us, your Messengers from the Divine for many of our trusted and beloved scribes. Once in Earth time, we were incarnated on the Mother Planet. Through completing Our Soul Contract, We have chosen to maintain this method of Service to the Divine, while calling sensitive minds and intentionally pure hearts whose Soul Contract included their willingness to serve Humanity.

Without this body-mind-heart combination, Our Work would not be possible. These Messages are based on a trusted Partnership. We have trained our scribes, while they have been willing to be trained! Each of them have lives with responsibilities including the completion of their chosen tasks on their Soul Contract, Even so, they are willing Partners with us because this work is also an element of their Contract.

I believe the question needing an answer is HOW do you impress these words and ideas into a scribe’s consciousness? I am sure I cannot explain that to anyone yet.

Your energy’s Water and the Water we hold in our frequencies, vibrate together when We are with you. Our impressions of the subject matter at hand gives you the energy content to find words for. In our Group, there are several Advanced Being whose energies have the same information but present it in a different way. While you are sitting with us, you have sensed Our energy, have you not?

Violet Flame for site

Yes.. and there are so many different energies on different days, sometimes even changing within the Message I am “hearing”!

Indeed! There are many of Us here who have specific gifts to share with Humanity. Each Group, ( we are many Groups as well as many once Incarnate Beings), bring different information to our scribes. Each Group has a specific energy specialty. We have been what we could call “trained in the Energy Fields” with our Teachers, the Ascended Masters, who work with Our vibrations on the Rays of Light The Masters represent. Because there are so many differences in how Humanity will accept our information, we have so many different ways of presenting our Wisdom. What we communicate will depend on which information we want to impart to Humanity at a given moment and when a willing scribe is ready.

As for the different energies you received, beloved one, this Group, assigned to you so many of your years ago, has been giving you the information close to your heart in sharing your work with the thousands you have seen over the years, and during our training for you. It is the work for which you have easy language, and with which you are well informed. There are many other scribes receiving other information, each according to their strong vocational or personal interest. All different energy frequencies, then presented in various methods to be shared with Humanity.

Do you only give me messages regarding information dear to my heart? I sometimes feel the information is out of my league of knowledge! Therefore I question whether I have felt the word impressions correctly

We understand you and We know when that insecurity occurs! However, do you not think if you were incorrect with your words, We would have the ability to correct you or stop the flow of information into your water? Our Water vibrations are in your water. You sense the vibrational changes and respond with the exact words we need. If it were not so, we would merely retrain your energy receptors. We are clear in what We want to impart to Humanity. We are clear also that you are Our Partner in being a Servant of Light. Trust and Surrender! We know your heart well. Please hold the energy of clarity and Light as our Work with and through you, beloved, continues,

That is all from us for now. 7:55 AM