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Planetary Peace

Sunday, November 13, 2011,

Spirit Lake and Mountain Reflection

4:47 AM, Arnhem, the Netherlands

Dear One,

During a time of personal crisis, whether that is physical, mental or emotional, the energies of change are ruling the soul. These energies always lead to a growth movement and a conscious connection of soul and personality. It is as though suddenly, the personality surrenders its will to the whisperings of the soul, and realizes the God Self is speaking. The messages are of such an energy quality that Trust occupies the mind, rather than the fear of losing control. It is at such time, the personality realizes a new level of awareness, and life moves the being to new thoughts and into a change in making decisions.

We at this station, with our support for that soul, rejoice when our energetic help has been accepted and has led that movement closer toward Light. Love frequencies are perceived by the soul and life choices are gently leading to this human’s consciousness raised further into Light. Awareness of a new phase of life occurs. There is such joy within the soul, for the communication between soul and its vehicle has taken on new levels of thought. Life becomes easier than ever before as it is lived with the Light of Inner Guidance, the God within.

It is this movement of Light within each human soul that is taking place in the current movement to consciousness for Planet Earth. Led by a Great Plan for lighter frequencies for the Mother and all her inhabitants, the raising of vibrations from the current level to new height, pushes a human personality’s sense of security out of comfort zones. Because of its ability to think and reason, the personality particularly feels those comfort zones threatened. With strong resistance to being pushed out of control, they cause themselves pain. Life as they knew it is challenged by the change and the is filled with messages to let go of ego control. Once those messages are received and listened to, a new and gentler phase begins. This impetus toward Light makes it easier to go along with the flow of the new energies. The personalities, guided by soul, will give themselves an easier transition into those new vibrations.

It is always a choice whether to resist or flow, but the personality, being accustomed to being in control of life as they are living it, is most often not aware of the increased potential for comfort when listening to Inner Guidance. Most often only in the time of a personal crisis does the newly discovered, helpful intuitive voice make Life choices easier. Lightness in those choices leads to more comfort and the remaining resistance is let go. Flowing into and with Light, the soul has reason for Joy. Love is a natural result of a Joyful mind. Love leads to miracles occurring naturally.


All life forms are currently experiencing these increased vibrations being felt by the Mother. During moments of such enhanced frequencies, what was normal for these life forms has also moved into changes of behavior. The predator is less aggressive towards his prey. When there is no hunger, predator and prey get along peaceably. The prey no longer has the same fear. This is an example of predictions fulfilled for a peaceful planet. The lion can lay peaceably beside the lamb; the hunter no longer pursues the hunted. Peace for Planet Earth means no hunger and lack. This will occur when humans move beyond thinking only of ownership of the Planet’s resources and control over the monetary systems for selfish gain. Sharing of all wealth so that no one lacks food, clean water and shelter, is the only way humanity can experience Peace for the Planet. To this end result humanity is working. Whether that work is conscious or not does not alter the completion of the Plan. Peace will prevail. Human consciousness and Planetary Consciousness will grow into that Peace.

When all human desire for personal control is no longer focused on selfish desires, and Light leads the minds of men to the acknowledgement of a Higher Presence within, there will be no more fear or need for a personal crises. The miracle of Love in human consciousness will lead to a Peaceful Planet where all beings live to share their wealth and the greatest resource for humanity is the sharing of their talents toward the Greatest Good of the Whole. Earth Mother will live in her pristine grandeur. Animals live with the possibility of a loving interaction with humanity, and All Life is Sacred in the mind of human Consciousness.

May the Plan of Light and Love restore this quality of Peace on Earth.

That is all for now.
6:07 end.