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The Power of Thought and Emotion

Meditation with Water

Friday, April 27, 2012, 5:05 AM

Ainsworth Hot Springs BC, Canada

May the Light of the I AM Presence guard and guide my heart and mind to receive this message. May it serve for the Highest Good of All, the healing of the Mother and all Life Forms upon and within her. With deep gratitude, so it IS.

Dear Friends,

I have been wondering what Your counsel would be regarding our emotions. How do they play a role in the creative power of our Life. It seems to me our emotions control us so much of the time but will also lead us into challenges especially when we express them. Please give us your Truth about this issue.

Dear Ones,

All of Life is Energy. Emotions are energy with a certain intent of movement. They present themselves to help indicate in what area Human are needing to get clear. Then release those thoughts when their resulting creations longer serve you. Emotions are the energy, the fuel for human intentions held in the mind. Uncontrolled, emotions energize every thought that “happens” in the mind, and give energy toward creating that thought, making it part of your third dimensional reality.

At this time in the evolution of Human Consciousness, it is becoming clear that your thinking, the activity in your mind, is in partnership with the I AM, Prime Creator, God. The creative Human mind has been granted Free Will by the Creator. The thinker of thoughts is able to make conscious choices regarding the content of each thought!

Most of Humanity has needed many past and parallel lifetimes to learn of this Power. Once a Human understands this Creative Power, the mentality of victim-hood, while it may be tempting, is no longer possible. The Truth is finally clear! You, dear Human, are only the victim of your own thinking! If you do not like what appears in your reality, you must see the connection between that which you see and that corresponding thought in your own mind. YOU control your own creative thinking. Change the appearance of what seems real, by changing the thoughts that have created the reality.

While this Life concept is becoming clearer to me now that I am more mature, I am still very uncomfortable with that idea when it comes to knowing about acts of violence done by a perpetrator to their “victim”. Surely a woman who is raped while walking on a street did not think about creating such an experience? And what about the horrors of war and other massacres? Whose thinking created such abhorrent behavior? Are the people experiencing them collectively thinking about creating that in their life?

When our Elder Brother in Light, Yeshua, encouraged you “judge NOT by appearances”, He did so for this reason: you do not know all circumstances surrounding the “acts of violence” that in your mind have been perpetrated upon “victims”. These acts may also be called acts of karma, the Law of Cause and Consequence.

We understand how uncomfortable this discussion may feel to you. However the Truth is not only Truth when it is comfortable! Truth is Truth at all times in all conditions. Human’s inhumanity to another Human has been part of the downward spiral of Consciousness for centuries. It has been the reason for the appearances in Human history of Spiritual Teachers. There was need of reminders of the Original Intention of Prime Creator for Humanity on the Planet; Life is meant to be a joyful experience of learning.

Earth School is the place where Humanity can learn about the Power of Love. Free Will given to Humanity has been used to discover their love of power. The creations that come from the misuse of that power, while they have not been for the greatest good of All, have served as part of the education in awareness for All of Humanity. The very reason the Company of Heaven, which includes Us, your Friends, are working together toward the Ascension of Human and Planetary Consciousness is because of Humanity’s past and the misuse of power. We saw how it could have lead to the possible destruction of the existence of Life on Earth. Prime Creator’s mandate was to enlighten Humanity with Our support.

Now, to return to our current subject: Thought, Thinker and creative power. You and many other Humans forget about the past/parallel lifetimes you are also living now in the continuum of Time. Where did/does your mind and emotions lead in those existences on Earth School? With your current awareness, is it possible that what you see now, in this lifetime, what appears so real in your day to day life, is resultant of those thoughts in your past and parallel lives? We tell you it is not only possible but it is probable, indeed, it is Truth. Humans create their reality every single day with every thought and emotion they experience. This has been true since the beginning of your existence.

Truth and Trust are just two of the lessons Humanity is learning. While you are learning about Truth, you are encouraged to Trust, to know from deep within you, that everything, yes, EVERY thing, happens for good reasons, even though you may have limited understanding about what you see. Fear is a strong emotion brought about by a fear based thought in a Human mind, yet fear does not lead to Trust. Direct your fearful thought toward this question: How does this thought promote Peace and Joy for my Self and All others around me?  If it does not do so, change the thought! Only you can direct your thinking, thereby changing the resulting outcome for everyone.

Emotions fuel all thoughts. Control the emotions and guide them to energize positive and loving thoughts for the greatest benefit of everyone and your Life will be filled with Light and Love. Allow your emotions to control you, especially if you are unaware of what creative power your thoughts have and your life may be filled with challenges to overcome.

Time is a buffer, the space between thought and manifestation of the thought. In Human terms time is the gift of your third dimensional reality. With Human Consciousness at current awareness, can you imagine what would happen to an unaware thinker if you did not have third dimensional time? Is it not a good thing that your thoughts are not instantly manifested into your reality? Direct your emotions toward the nourishment of those thoughts that lead to a happy life. You have the power to create a fulfilling and wonderful life where Goodness, Light and Love toward All others is the focus. Only then is the time shortened for the manifestation of your thoughts.

In the times you recognize your fear-based manifestations, think not: “Oh, I must have been doing some negative thinking.” and leave it at that! Immediately change the thinking that created the reality and ask for help in directing your mind into a clearer more positive direction. Please remember, The Law of Divine Grace always supersedes the Law of Karma. Divine help is always available. However for Grace to be involved in clearing karma, a Human must call for spiritual help in whatever form or prayer they wish to use. Aware of the need for help, or not, Help is always available. Once again Free Will involves a making clear request for Help; be willing to receive it! Spiritual Teachers, Angelic Beings will never interfere in the learning process of a Human unless they are asked for help. However, here is a paradox: the Law of Divine Grace is always an available Source to soothe the reaction of any karmic action. Divine Grace is the Miracle that may intercede in your thinking. Think Love and you will create Love for yourself and all others.

Everything is in Divine Order, in Divine Timing, with the Divine Law of Grace as Help. And So Be It!