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Conversion – to the Light Within!

Sunday, August 26, 2012, 2:55 AM

San José, Costa Rica,


I request my I AM Presence to clarify, guard and guide the Light of Truth in my heart and mind. I am open and receptive to the Message from our Friends. May it serve the Highest Good of All Beings, and be given for the healing of the Mother Planet.

So it will BE and so it IS!


Dear Friends,

I feel Your call and am listening for Your Counsel and Wisdom. Please give the Message for today on the subject of Your choice.

Dearly Beloved Ones,

You have invited Us into your heart once again as We continue with these Messages of Light, Love and Truth for Humanity. Your service toward your brothers and sisters is of immense importance at this time in the history of Humans who are now conquering the inner shadow areas of the mind. You are experiencing many more moments of surrender as you recognize the Light of God within you!

Never before in this unprecedented period in the history of this Universe, has so much Light and information been given for so many Souls in such a short span of Earth Time. Third dimensional frequencies are loath to continue their destructive activities in the Mind of Humanity. These fragmented bits of Light hold the Human mind in the past and in their darkness. The Light frequencies are stepped up, quickened into fourth and fifth dimensional vibrations so that the shadow and dark areas are in the past of your history. They will not continue to influence the Human mind. The Light of your Consciousness becomes a beacon, glowing ever brighter as your fellow Humans notice and bask in that glow. Their hearts are set into motion, is quickened.

It is time for Light to bring the information that is now so readily available to Human kind. With new frequencies of Light and information, the Power of Love in all its color and form is healing the inner stronghold of darkness. For some you will suddenly know you are glowing, without really knowing what happened to make you feel this Light. For others, your Inner Life, your visions and dreams have become so activated that you DO know why you feel Lighter in mind and body, even though you may not realize what has occurred to make the change. Light frequencies have intensified and increased your body’s DNA Helices. Your purified cellular structure causes your spiritual center, your Pituitary gland to be cleared of energetic debris. The pineal glad has been activated to enhance your spiritual vision. You now know that you know and soon learn to trust what you know.

This new knowledge comes from within and thus is recognized as your Inner Wisdom. It is no longer seen as scientific or factual knowledge, but a spiritual energy that has activated your inner Life. In Truth the Light of God has dawned within you. It is similar to the experience of prophets and masters. Saul of Tarsus became Paul the orator in the Truth of Christ Consciousness. Once on a path of persecution and destruction, he received the Light of Truth which purified his inner vision and he changed his behavior.

Suddenly he knew that he knew Truth as he received the Light of Christ Consciousness, enhancing the Wisdom within.

While this Soul’s “conversion” had been well documented and used as examples of a Human change of mind, currently millions of such “conversions” are now secretly and silently occurring due to the Increased Light quotient pouring into the Mind and Heart of Humanity. This is being done by those many Servants within the Company of Heaven, through a Divine decree of the Prime Force, Creator God, whose Limitless Love and Compassion sees the need to relieve Humans from their suffering. Their pain is healed because Humanity now knows from deep within that the Divine Patterns of Perfection need to be restored. Willingness and Surrender is the attitude of the Human Soul desirous of Peace in her Mind.

And Peace there will be! Declare it with your mind.

Open your heart to the Light of Truth and All is given as asked.

Praised Be the Light! Joy is the Love and Peace is the Power.

That is all for now.

4:10 AM