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Command Fear to “BE GONE!”

Thursday, October 4, 2012, 2:39 AM

San José, Costa Rica,


I call forth the Light of my I AM Presence, to clear and inspire my heart and mind while receiving this message. May it be for the Greatest Good of all Beings everywhere. And so it IS.

Dear Friends,

In listening to your call to sit with you, I have no questions, but I’m open to the subject of your choosing. Please comment.


Dearly beloved Ones,

We called you now to listen to words and energies of Light and Love, while so many of you are feeling the density of third dimensional and astral emotions trying to keep you from the Lightness of Being that is truly in your heart. These emotions are fleeting shadows and is NOT who you are! Do NOT give credence to them or allow them to control your day. We encourage you to reject and dissipate the illusory thought projections that are the cabal’s dark shadow energies working in your field. Fear and doubt, are their game for sensitive Humans intending and working within the Light of change. Do not allow them to damage all you have gained to become Light Workers. Their intention is to control that which is easiest to control – the Human mind easily influenced by the current fluctuating energies.

Notice these fluctuations like the clouds in your sky – something interesting to observe while letting them float by. Do not allow your emotional body’s energy frequencies to accept these clouds as anything real. They have no function in growing your Light. Above all, keep the Light in your heart and mind as a focus for your daily meditation. Doing so will disperse all shadow attempts at controlling your Light.

While You were giving me the first paragraph, I was seeing gargoyle faces and strange reptilian shapes. Are these the forces of fear and doubt projecting the energies you speak of? If so, what is the intention for these forces.

Indeed, we have shown you, our beloved scribe, the shape and frequency they have for Humans while you are tapping into the shadow’s frequencies they project into the Cloud of Mass Consciousness that is currently growing in areas, especially where many of you are living with fear. The fear is their projection. it is essential for you to NOT claim it as yours!

Receiving the Light
As the Ascension of Consciousness is advancing, Humanity is becoming more sensitive to Light. The attempts of the dark forces to seed fear, doubt and emotional upheavals are also increasing. With increased Light comes the possibilities of darker shadow. For some Humans, the cabal’s dark attempts at controlling your mind creates such inner conflict, you fear their images and often think you may be “going crazy”. Call forth the Light! Pray and meditate and invoke the Angelic Beings for protection! Your mind is stronger than their fear-inducing yet fleeting images.

These subtle and seemingly insidious dark forces feed on the astral energies you allow to increase in your energy field and thus you may seem to feel more fear as you see their images projected in your mind. Stop the shadow’s madness! Command fear to “BE GONE!” and you are instantly cleared. Light gently nourishes your mind once again. Imagine and call upon a beam the Light from your heart and mentally project it into your energy field. Love your Selves as you bathe in the ever stronger rainbow of color that is your Lightness of Being. Distract your mind away from these fear-based projected images by focussing only on the Light and Love you desire in your Life. Above all, know that the entire Company of Heaven is available for your growth and protection. Call on your Angels and Guardians for help when feeling fear or noticing any shadow images.

You are not alone in being challenged to do this inner work! Many millions of Humans currently are being called from within to notice their need, indeed their deep desire, to cleanse old shadow patterns. Stubbornly maintaining them will not serve the new consciousness Humanity is collectively seeking. Doing this work brings you, dear Human, into the new states of awareness, out of third density frequencies, leading into fourth and fifth dimensional life.

These changes in consciousness are essential in the preparation for the higher frequencies in fifth dimensional Life. Once cleansed of negative thought patterns, you shorten the time needed to create what many of you now call miracles. Now, as think of a miracle, you believe that it is uncommon. You believe miracles happen only by the Grace of Prime Creator, and only once in a while. Perhaps you think you must “deserve” them or they “just happen.” We speak to you of miracles that occur instantly and daily. We speak to you about a time when you notice the shorter time lapse from your thought to the manifestation of that thought then projected into your future. Miracles are Light in manifest form. For such to occur, Humanity must be clear in mind and have Light in your thoughts. In cleansing the unconscious thought stream you will then notice how quickly you will create what was in your mind, and you will do it consciously.

Evolution into Lightbody

While We spoke at length today of the cabal’s control even in the area of human thought We encourage you, Dear Ones, to take dominion over your mind, and know that your mind is inextricably connected with the God-Mind. Free Will gives you dominion, but you are not alone. Intentionally connecting with the Mind of God in you, through meditation will bring a continuous stream of Light and Love into your Selves. You have control over your mind.

Know this to be true:  Light and Love and Power IS restoring the Plan for Humanity on Earth. So It was designed and so it IS! – 4:15 AM