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On Self-Care

October 10, 2012

Dear Reader,

These three session I have grouped together, because they are related, one referring to the others. When I re-read these messages again, I felt these they were rather personally addressed to me only. However, our Friends continually monitor my thoughts and guide my actions. When I was not going to post these messages, They reassured me that there are many people at this moment in time, who have “Self-Care” challenges in their life. As always, I surrender to Their Wisdom!

Blessings to you,


Wednesday, February 1, 2012, 5:00 AM

San Jose, Costa Rica


Dear Friends,

My thoughts this morning go toward Service and Self-care and how to do both without feeling that Self-care goes into a feeling of Selfishness, How do I do Self-CARE while being in Service, and not feel like I am being self-ISH? Please comment.


Dearly Beloved One,

While Service is your Soul Contract, and you have known that since birth and acted on it from very young, without true Self-Care there is no possibility of true Service.

Caring for ALL the selves, physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual, is a part of EVERY Soul’s contract. No Soul can choose Service to God and Humanity without also realizing that the God-Self within requires daily awareness of the Soul’s needs to be in integrity. Being in a State of Integrity is being whole and undivided. When one part of the Self is not cared for or even neglected, there is no wholeness, and thus no integrity.

The divided sense of Self will result in the personality feeling resentment. Again there is no wholeness, but a division, a separation between the selves. Resentment arises when the any portion of the personality-self is not given attention for its needs. Service given with an underlying sense of resentment is not service done for the good of the whole.

How does the personality become divided, or how do we become “separated Selves”?

The personality is developed from birth by the collection of thoughts, conclusions, experiences, the familial, cultural and societal influences. Those very influences cause an integration of various qualities, characteristics and traits for the personality and are embodied in the total vehicle that the Soul inhabits. A division in the selves is caused by lack of awareness of the need for personality to communicate with the Soul. When the Soul is communicating with a Conscious personality, there can be no separation. Soul, a spark of the All Knowing, the Divine, knows how to keep the integrity of the Selves. The method used for undivided maintenance is communication. During the times that communication is not established, a personality is yet to be trained to maintain integrity. Continual listening to the God Self, the Soul, is the training given.

So if I understand it, personality is choosing thoughts and making decisions through communication with the Soul. Then who has the thoughts and makes the decisions small and large, when the communication is not well established, the personality or the Soul? What happens when the personality is yet unconscious of the need to listen to the Soul?

During the beginning of training, from birth and forward, there is always a fluctuation in communication. Soul influences personality in subtle ways through day and night dreams, intuitive flashes or a sense of what the personality would call “a hunch”. It is only when the personality is continually aware of the connection with the Soul that the profound possibility of a much simpler Life is understood. Simplicity in Life is the gift when all messages from Soul to personality are heard, understood, and acted upon. The moment the personality-self, sometimes called the ego-self, ignores the messages and chooses Life without the help of the Soul; the God-self, that is the moment when Life becomes complex. In not listening, the Wisdom of the God-Self is unavailable to the personality. Life choices made without wisdom are choices leading to error or more lessons for the personality.

In the discovery of how to do better Self Care, does the soul give the personality messages about Self Care as well as for Service for others?

Indeed! The two cannot be separate. Service by its very nature is also Self Care. Serving the Self is a primary form of Self Care. One cannot serve others without maintaining care of the God-Self and in that way care for all body-selves. Wisdom about whom to serve and how to serve others comes from listening to the whisperings of the Soul.

What would be called being “Self-ISH” then when doing Self CARE?

The ego uses the term selfish when it is out of communication with the Soul and performs acts that are not for the Greater Good of the Whole Being. In that way it is not about BE-ing selfish, as much as displaying of “acts of selfishness”. An act of selfishness is an intentional act done for the sole purpose of personal gain or an act that may even lead to harm for another. Any “Acts of Service” which harm the God-Self or any of the bodies of the vehicle, are not done in service, and could be called selfish. Care of the Self is care done for the greater good of all the bodies as well as for others. Those acts do no harm..

You may remember the words of our Brother, Jeshua: “Do this for the least of these and you do it unto Me.” If you do an act of service which does no harm to any one, it is also a service to the God-Self. If any act harms ” the least of these”, meaning the various bodies of the earthly vehicle, you are also doing that to the God Self. Is that what you want to accomplish with any such act?

No, in my mind that would not be service and I can see how that could be termed as a lack of Self Care.

10:00PM, Feb.1,… to be continued….

February 2, 6:15 PM –

Dear Friends, speak to me some more about Service and Self-care.. and how may selfishness interfere with the soul’s intention to serve.

Dear One,

Service is defined as doing something for the benefit of another. Acts of service cannot be from selfish motives, meaning benefiting only the ego self, or they would not be termed service. Moreover, service can only be called service if doing he act is not causing harm or neglect to someone, or in any of the energy bodies. When a Soul gives service to another Soul, that act of service is intended to give rise to feelings of peace and satisfaction at its completion. If any part of the vehicle is neglected, the service is done without thinking it through.

Thoughts need to be clarified into this question: Does the service intended, give unconditional benefit for all the parties concerned? If it does not, it is not termed service and may activate a sense of self sacrifice, for which the act of true service is not intended.


We suggest to you, our Dearly Beloved scribe: do your multiple Selves a service at this moment in your time! Take time for complete rest, return to the routine of your meditation and practice the Holy Act of Self-Care for all your vehicles!

There is only Divine Time and we are with you always. Allow this answer to be complete for now.

6:50 PM

And from Inger….. I did not like the interruptions that seemed to interfere with the clarity of this transmission. In setting priorities I saw value when I was called to be with my little granddaughter. To me it was a good reason for not finding enough time to complete this writing.

It seems my friends agreed by calling me to give self care; in fact they called it a Holy Act! It also seems I am the only one who thought this message was not finished when they tell me to ” allow this answer to be complete….”

Friday, February 3,  2012, 1:15 AM

San Jose, Costa Rica

Dear Friends,

No matter how much I search within my mind at this moment, I am not able to formulate a question to start. I am open and listening to your counsel.

Dear One,

Meditate now…. Return to further rest and sleep for the energies will continue to be cleared for receiving a new transmission………. 6:15 AM


Helices shine in Light,

New vibrations thrill the bodies temple.

Souls merging in Light,

Delivered in Love recalling joyful bliss.

Atoms bathing in Light,

Love permeating hearts, Healing wounds of times gone by.

Promise of increasing Light,

Minds reaching high, Releasing shadows.

Darkness fades in Light,

A new tone born; Gaia sings again!

May Love and Light and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

That is all from us for now. 6:47AM



Saturday, February 4, 2012, 3:20 AM,

San Jose, Costa Rica

Dear Friends,

What was happening yesterday and what is the message in the poem You sent?

Dear One,

In your yesterday, the energy for transmission was not clear and your body was tired and unable to receive the clarity of our impressions. However, your mind could receive words. That is the way we worked with you during our beginning sessions many of your years ago. It is not appropriate for long transmissions now as you have grown accustomed to receive them. Your “hearing” of our words gave us the opportunity for a little game. You are continually embraced by Light, as is Gaia, the Mother. That is the message for all humanity, always, Poetically speaking for a moment is our creative way to remind you of that fact.

Was the reason for unclear energy because I was tired, or was I tired because my body was being worked on by the energy?

You and millions of other Light workers are currently ‘being worked on,” with Light energy as well as our intention to crystallize your cells and thus your physical structure. At the same time it is imperative you personally care for your physical and subtle bodies by getting enough rest and for you that is clearly lacking. Meditation would be helpful during such times. We recognize during busy hours to meditate may be more difficult, but it remains an important part of our training for all our Beloved Ones.

Speaking of rest, I feel some sleep deprivation while at the same time have a difficulty going back to sleep after awakening or after receiving these messages. What can I do to eliminate what feels as a problem in staying clear?

Your hormonal system is receiving increased Light frequencies to maintain its balance. Your mind is active because that is your nature, The combination of these two factors leaves your physical body needing more rest than you are taking time for. Meditation and short periods of afternoon rest is a continuous recommendation for you. It is part of the Self Care we so often encourage you to be aware of and practice. You may need to observe yourself deciding priorities, and notice when you yourself are not one!

Yes, because of our sittings, I have become more conscious of how I neglect to give some time to myself. The recent session with You and the discussion about self care, service and selfishness was timely! Now is time to practice it, not only have the awareness.

Indeed! When in doubt, meditate! When feeling pressure, meditate! When feeling tired, meditate! When making decisions, meditate! Taking time for such a simple act as silence and focused breathing will empty your mind of frenetic activity and give much more energy to your body. Intentionally asking for Our help will serve you well during times when serving others has taken precedence over serving yourself. We will not take away your desire to serve others, but we CAN answer your call for help, should you want it, at any given moment.

I believed I could fill my time with worthy service by myself. I did not realize I could ask for your help in setting those priorities. It seems to me you have more important things to do on and for the planet (!) than to listen to my beck and call!

YOU are our “important things to do”! Nothing is more important than awakening the willing souls whose love for humanity is given freely. Always it is our intention to answer the call for help, and we are with you when you want that help. Ask and you SHALL receive! This has been promised to humanity since always and for all ways. How much more could a Soul accomplish if she takes that promise into her heart!  How much more inspiration and creativity would pour forth into action if such prayers were a regular part of Human Consciousness!

” …. and the world would be a better place… for you… for me…?” the line of a song in my head as You tell me this last paragraph!

Indeed! Seeking, and finding; asking and receiving; knocking and noticing how quickly all doors open; these are the promises of a better society when taken into humanity’s consciousness and practiced – daily! This is no less true for you as Servant in Light. We have said this to you many times; do not underestimate the value of your work as you are Guided to do it! One act of service with the Power of Love as intention heals and cleanses from mass consciousness thousands of actions with the love of power as a goal.

Your willingness to serve with Love brings Light to the Souls who are governed by their desire for power. In that way, the mind controlled by power is enlightened by Love and they can make different decisions that will better serve their growth. Holding and seeing these persons in the Light of Love softens their heart and brings them to inner change. This is the work for a Conscious Soul on the Planet. This is your work as our beloved scribe, This is the energy you give to humanity. It does not serve you or the Soul of Humanity to underestimate yourself and your service. You and all Servants of Light are entitled to ask for and receive our help. Remember, live and practice your discipline with that knowledge.

So BE it!

4:35 AM