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Balancing Human Shadow and Light

Human shadows on grass
Thursday, April 26, 2012, 3:35 AM, Greenwood BC, Canada

Dear Friends,


This morning I have a question regarding the human shadow within us. although I have some reluctance to ask, probably because like most of us, I do not like to confront my own character defects. Most often these days we focus on being Light, sharing Light, on the Light within. However, I notice also that the shadow side of human personalities is often hidden or disregarded. We want the dark side of ourselves to stay hidden in the dark!. Is it true that we also need to address this hidden aspect of our personalities?

Please comment…..

Beloved One,

We impress information into your consciousness so that these questions come into your awareness. Do not be afraid to ask them! We have some important issues to address and you are one of the scribes we chose to present this material. We understand also you are growing into a deeper awareness of Self as we bring these things to Humanity. That is one of the advantages of being our direct messenger.

I am clearly growing into a deeper state of awareness through our sitting together and have deep appreciation for this advantage! Also, I often wonder why I awaken with these issues on my mind! I would prefer to wake up with light thoughts or awaken out of a nice dream! i

Precisely! Do you understand that such a preference is merely your human tactic to avoid your shadow side?

Alright, a point well taken! Time to address my shadow!

And not only yours, dear one, but the HUMAN shadow; in other words those character traits common to ALL of Humanity!

To begin, the human shadow is a part of balancing the polarities in Humans. Where Light begins to strengthen, there the shadow appears to strengthen also. More light means an equal opportunity for the shadow to show itself sharper and in greater detail. Look at your self in the sunlight. If the sun is bright and strong at high noon, your shadow is clearly defined. The edges of your body are a clearly defined line. If the sun shines later in the day or is also partly covered with a haze in the atmosphere, the lines are not as defined and even may fade out.

So it is with the dark and light part of the human personality. Until the shadow side is defined, it may be possible, for a time, to hide from it, but it will continue to show up until it is accepted, addressed and released. At that point the Light may shine ever brighter, awareness grows deeper, while Human consciousness is continuously expanded.

The main problem for a Human in addressing his or her shadow side, is twofold. On the one side, there is blame and victimhood while on the other side there is self- recrimination and self-loathing. The victim thinks : “Why are they doing that to me?” while blaming “the other” for the    creation of her moment of struggle in her current reality. Human blames “them” rather than taking responsibility for the thoughts that created the momentary struggle in the first place. The other side of that is for Human to withdraw into self blame and self hatred, rather than realize a change of belief and altered mode of thinking is what is needed.

The human?

Withdrawing into the darkest aspects of self hate is in fact moving away from the Light and leads to more hiding of difficult shadow parts of the person. In noticing a shadow side of one’s life, one would do well then decide ” Oh! I see this type of thinking is creating my struggles, so I had better change these thoughts” Thus Human is taking responsible action and raising Self awareness. Remaining in the attitude of Self judgement and blame is a retractive action into more fear and darkness, rather than an affirmative one toward the Light. Learning new steps toward personal growth always creates movement into the Light and an ability to bring Love into any personal situation. This is especially important when becoming aware of the shadow side of the personality.

The Soul enters Life with a Soul Contract and a purpose. The purpose of Life is to learn about Life! Learning about Life is acknowledging both the Light and the dark. Both Light and shadow present teachable moments, if the consciousness of a Human takes that moment into his or her awareness. Light prevails, always, and in all ways. However, hiding the shadow in the closet of fear will not allow the Light to present the Truth: a Human soul in a living body is a Spark of the Divine. Your Essence is Light. It is the thoughts, the beliefs systems, the fear that causes the shadow. Shine Light on the shadow and the Truth is revealed. When a Human makes a move toward the Light, by thinking: “Ah. I have just been presented with a lesson, Thank you!” and then proceeds to release the thoughts, the belief system, the fear that created the lesson in his or her awareness, the Consciousness takes a direct and giant leap into Light.

Light and Love are intertwined and inseparable One from the Other. Light carries the information, in this case the reason for the shadow. Love delivers the healing balm for the fear about the shadow. When in fear, know there is Love and bring it consciously into the heart. Take a meditative moment to breathe Love into the heart. Light then appears and dissipates the shadow. Fear is released and Love grows and wells in its place.

Here is the Truth! You, Human, are a Creation of the Divine, living out the Plan of the Divine, connecting with the Truth of the Divine. You have been presented with and accepted the shadow parts of the Self so you may release old negative beliefs, the old thoughts sometimes coming from past or parallel lives that are no longer functioning in your present Life. Release the fear from your mind, it is an illusion. The Soul is Light, comes from Light, is One with Light, lives in Light and has one job to do; to shine that Light into your world. – 4:50 AM