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The 12-strand DNA Helix and Our Body’s Signals


Sunday, August 5, 2012, 2:25 AM, San José, Costa Rica

Dear Friends,

As we on Earth are infused with ever greater increments of Light to increase our Light quotient and to accept the changes from our dense physical to new crystalline bodies, we are also experiencing more physical symptoms of this change. Please give us your wisdom on how each of us may assist this process.

 Blessed Ones,

Your physical bodies have been experiencing a gradual change in energy frequencies for the past twenty five or so of earth years. This phenomenon has nothing to do with the natural maturation and aging the Human form experiences, but rather is part of the experience your Soul agreed to undergo when you chose to return to the Mother Planet at this monumental time in Her history. Light Energies are being stepped up!


The readjustments of the energetic frequencies give rise to the new Human energetic form, as well as the reintroduction of the twelve strand Helix that was the original Plan for each Human’s physical body experience. This twelve strand Helix allows your precious body energy to be in tune once more with the Wisdom of Light intensities that you all experienced in Atlantis. This at-one-ment in turn brings the Power of Light in all your choices, actions, thoughts and feelings. No more will you feel a victim of circumstance. You will choose the circumstances and your choice will lead to creating a Light filled Life, with Joy as its focus and Love in each breath.

With the return of six pairs of DNA Helices that make up the 12 strand DNA Helix for your precious form, you will regain all the spiritual energies once evident in the history of Humanity. Your connection to your Higher Self, the God-Self and all the benefits of not only experiencing that reconnection, but deeply knowing it in the essence of each NOW moment, will lead you to live a life filled with purpose, clarity and Joy. You will no longer wonder what to do to serve; you will just DO, and act in each moment from your highest purpose. Your intuitive and inspired action will thus lead to a fulfilling life. The energies of Light and Love fill each action.

What are the physical symptoms we may experience during this refinement process?

It is indeed a refinement of physical body energy. Higher frequencies of vibration cause the dense physical body to be bathed in the Light of Love. Your body may, during your moments of resistance to Love, experience irritations. You may have a momentary sense of not quite belonging in your body. You may be uncomfortable with energy fluctuations like itches and short stabs of pain in the cells that carry old or fading memories. The body’s various organ systems may be cleared as the frequencies are raised in stages. Your body will need more gentleness, more rest, lighter foods, increased water and meditation to accept those frequencies.

Remember always that these moments of discomfort are temporary and put you on notice that energy work is being done. Your part in this work may be to heal the memories that seem frozen in your cellular structure. Any discomfort indicates the body is not happy with the moment of change it experiences. You have choices in that moment; ignore the symptom and it will reappear in another form elsewhere, at a later time. Ultimately your body tells you as you experience this discomfort, that some attention it needs is currently lacking. Your desire to heal that moment frozen in third dimensional time will serve the body well. Pay attention in a moment of conscious awareness. Couple that awareness with your intention to bring love and forgiveness into the memory. Your body will then rejoice at the renewed attention and in return will serve you better. Give appreciation for the message the body has presented. You will be and feel considerably happier in your body, and your body, being a living entity, will feel happier with you in it! This is fact, not folly! Your body is a sensitive Light Filled, energetic, pulsating Living being, with a consciousness that matches or exceeds your own awareness. It tells you some clear and basic truths, as long as you are willing to listen. It is at your service as long as you desire it to be, but it needs your love and attention to serve you well.

How do we give special attention to those frozen cellular memories and heal them? It seems to me that mere bathing, feeding and the occasional massage is some physical attention, but may not be enough. Does our body have an awareness of our mental attitude toward it and if so, how can we heal the pain it brings to us?

The body does not bring pain to you unless you ignore its message. Rather you receive the pain of your body into your consciousness when you ignore what an earlier message may have been. Pain is the only way your body can report to you about its need for your love and attention. Give it that and the pain will stop.

Imagine this scene: you are outside going for a walk in a beautiful part of nature, taking a beloved friend with you. You feel comfortable with your friend because of your history together. As you walk and notice the beauty of nature, you sense the memory of good times while occasionally there are flashes of times which were not fun, but your friend was always with you and listened to your hurts. You appreciate the patience with which your friend has supported you all these years. You have a sense of ease and gentleness on the walk and are grateful you are together. You have a feeling of safety and comfort while you notice the love flow between each other. A warm feeling is clearly evident and you spontaneously reach out and clasp your companion, your friend’s loving and warm hand.

Now imagine this scene: You are outside going for a walk in a beautiful part of nature. You are disgruntled because you are alone and you resent it. You completely forget to look at the beauty of nature and miss its wonder and color because you are so conscious of the dissatisfaction and irritation consuming your mind. Your discomfort becomes more and more evident and you wonder what the original purpose of the walk was. You just cannot bear the irritation any longer and decide to go home, but the disgruntled feeling goes with you all the way to your front door. You enter your home, and continue to feel alone and resentful. A dark moody pain covers your mind.

We suggest to you that scene one is one choice for you. To go out walking and accompany your friend, your body physical along, with an attitude of love and appreciation for your friend’s presence. Because of that friendship you have a warm and loving time creating a wonderful memory and your walk is a comfort and a loving presence for your conscious awareness.

In scene two, you made another choice. Your resentment about being alone belies the fact that your body can be looked upon as your companion and friend. Recognizing what part your body plays in the walk could assist your feeling of safety and comfort. However, your pleasure is eluded because of your unconsciousness about the body’s true role in your life. You are not just dragging your body with you! It does not just “come along” with you without its own sense and awareness! YOU chose it to serve you. Does it not make sense to spend time appreciating its service?

Please do consider: which one of these walks will be the most healing time for both you and your body?

I had not thought of my physical body that way! I have always just thought that my body which was always strong and healthy in youth, was just having symptoms of aging and that is why it is hurting. When You put it in such clear terms I can see that thinking of the body as a friend and appreciating its friendship would help me notice the beauty in that nature walk through Life! Thank you!

How does the renewed 12-Stranded Helix for the body affect our Life?

The physical body will be Light and less dense once the activation of the 6 pairs of DNA Helices has taken place. This is a gradual process, in the third and fourth dimensional frequencies, but needs to be that way so you will not be overwhelmed by the excessive energy fluctuating during these activation periods. These changes are gradually occurring as We speak to you. Once completed, your Life will gradually and subtly change also. You will no longer ignore the message of your body, but reward your physical form for its service to your Soul. You will clearly be aware of the Oneness of all Life. Joy brings the sense of Lightness in all you do. You will be in partnership with all other Souls as you sojourn on the Path. Your Soul Contract is clear and you happily listen to the God-Self as your inner Voice guides all your choices. Indeed, the Golden Age of Light and Love is at hand. See your Self in it and rejoice!  4:30AM