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The Winds of Change also Bring Courage!

Friday, August 31, 2012, 3:40 AM

San José, Costa Rica


Dear Friends,

This morning I was awakened with the phrase, ” The winds of change are filled with courage for humanity”. How does change work for us as individuals as well as the Planet? Please speak to us about the winds of change and the courage it takes to allow this movement us in our lives.


Beloved Ones,

Change occurs in the flow of Life when a Soul observes the whisper from the Voice of the Heart, and follows the Inspiration it brings. You, Dear Human already have the courage to move with the currents of change! In truth, YOU are asking for the change! Your Soul is continually giving you Divine Inspiration. It is the WHERE question you may need to ask daily!  To WHERE do you allow these winds of change to carry you in each of your NOW moments? What choices are you making in an instant that are congruent with the many and varied inspired options always given to you? Do you hear and understand the Voice AS Divine Inspiration? Are you willing to follow the Voice as it whispers Its Wisdom? As you listen to your Inner Voice, are you courageous enough to follow Its Counsel?

We say to you dear Ones, you would not be moving into the direction of Truth if each Soul did not display great feats of courage daily! We say to you, you ARE moving into the direction of Truth! Indeed, the winds of change are filled with courage for your Heart’s inspired choices!

The first phase in the process of inner change that occurs for each of you and for the Human Collective, is the process of awakening to a new awareness. Through the steadfast whisperings of the Spirit in your Heart you will have an instant of awakening, a suddenly remembering; THERE is Guidance; THERE is the innate and accessible Source of Wisdom; you are NOT alone in making choices; the options presented to you by your Inner Life are the options given because your Soul is presenting them to you. The YOU is the Soul, the Spark of Divine Truth. You are not only the personality-self you think you are, nor merely the body-self which was chosen by you as your vehicle. The YOU is the God-Self permeating all of what you see and do.

The second phase in the process of inner change is to notice when to take action. You may listen and sense the Guidance, but then you must follow the directions of the Inner Voice, the God-Self, the Divine Self, your intuition, the Inner Spirit. This phase of change also brings your courage. It takes courage for a Human, a Soul and the mind that decides, to trust that you are not going crazy! In following that newly found inner Voice, you must then trust that you are given an option to make an inspired choice. Now you must act upon it. The small voice of the personality, the resistance of reason may wish to talk you out of the action. You may be tempted to listen to what looks like logic. However, the courage to follow the inspiration is also present. You will want to practice following the impulse, then act and see the result!

And thus you will arrive at the third and fourth phase of your inner change; observation and celebration! The results of the personal awakening to the Inner Voice and taking Inspired action will lead the personality into observing that any action taken actually leads to more ease and comfort in life. When trusting the Inspiration, any action brings the realization that life is indeed in a continuous energetic flow. You may then celebrate this re-discovery!

How may be become more aware of the phases of this process? How are we to practice so that we do not succumb to our ego’s resistance and fear?

In your daily meditation periods, request your I AM Presence, your Truth-Self; your Higher Mind; your Divine Self; your Intuition; your God-Self. All these names have the same meaning; they give understanding to the Voice of your Inner Spirit. Your request will be this acknowledgement: you are not alone in this work! The Divine goes there with you!

For some Souls the recognition of this Divine Partnership will seem like a new step taken, a new phase of life. For some of you, the idea that your God-Self is present, walks and talks with you, helps you make decisions, may seem like you have “gone crazy” as Humans sometime label the hearing of inner voices. Do not fear or be judgmental. Do not be swayed by any labels some people may use. Believe Us when we say to you, Dear Human, you ARE sane and of sound mind! In the recognition of your Inner Voice of Truth, you have found your Guide. You now recognize a sane, sensible and very practical Inner Life. Any action you take, when inspired by the Voice of your Heart, will lead you to happiness and a fulfillment you may not have known before. You have reason to celebrate the winds that brought this change. You have reason to rejoice and acknowledge your courage!

We encourage you to be vigilant. You are put on notice: your comfort and your trust in this process of Awakening, taking Inspired Action and the Observation of the results of your action may fluctuate in these changing times. However, you ARE taking the necessary steps forward at all time! As with any muscle in action, as with any new experience, practice makes you strong. Each time a personality practices listening to the Soul’s whispers, the wind of change also brings you the courage to take action.

The happiness gift - Tine Verhey

Dearly Beloved Ones we celebrate with you as you move with the winds of change.

Be still, and Know you are Love in action.

Be still and know you are Love,

Be still and know.

Be still.


5:10 AM