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Inner and Outer Earth Quakes!

September 5, 2012, 10:25 AM

Granada, Nicaragua


Dear Friends,

Since my arrival here yesterday, a few big things have occurred. One was an ” inner earth quake” when I found upon arriving at the hotel, that my wallet with almost all financial and traveling security was missing. The other was outer just an hour ago – a large (7.6) earth quake, the epicenter of which was in northern Costa Rica. It is clear what I needed to do to soothe the energy after my “inner quake”! It is not yet clear about the damage done to people and property after the physical earth quake. Please give us your perspective and counsel on both these events!


Dearly Beloved One,

We value your question. With both these energetic events there were profound energy shifts! This is true, not only for the material and physical experiences, but also through becoming aware – for your Soul and the many Souls experiencing how their world is shaken – how the earth moves under their feet.

Fear is the first emotion in any “quake”  – inner or outer –  as you have termed these experiences.  In such an obvious energy shift there will be a change in perspective. What is more important? Is it the survival of material things? Is it survival of an earthly Life?  We remind you the Life Contract you and all Human Souls on Earth share is the further awakening of your Soul. An awakened and Conscious Being remains calm during a crisis to meet and recognize the Master within themselves. In either case, the outer appearance of an event is of less importance than communication with the Soul, followed by how the personality views and responds to any individual Life experience, fear driven or not.

Well Friends, I must admit I am not yet awakened sufficiently! I instantly felt the fear, although with energy and help I was able to let it go in the first hour, during this personal experience. What helped me was knowing there were people around me whom I called upon and who compassionately responded to the situation. One hour later I was in awe of the amazing rainbow arch over the Cross on top of this city’s Cathedral! I saw the arch when I stepped outside this hotel! Clearly You were giving me reassurance! When I saw it, I instantly was flooded with appreciation and felt lifted and calmed. Even now, the next day, I am deeply affected by your loving message in Light!

As We continually remind you Dear One, you are safe and secure!

Open your Heart. Fear NO thing and the signs of safety and abundant blessings will continue to amaze you. They are a natural response to your requests for help.

Although many Humans may judge your life by its appearances thereby denying the Truth, everyone else on the Planet is also safe! As you give, so shall you receive. Gaia is pouring a multitude of blessings for ALL of Humanity. Extend your Love and Gratitude to the Mother Planet and to all Life Forms everywhere. Prime Creator’s Love is returned to you manyfold!

How do I look upon my Inner Earth Quake… losing or misplacing my wallet? I know there is a lesson in it. I have a sense of that lesson – I need to be more awake and aware of my thoughts and actions – but is there something I am missing in this situation?

The main lesson you have received; be not afraid, no matter what the outer appearances are. Know that you are loved. The secondary lesson is this: any action or any misadventure in anyone’s life has two reasons; yours and the other person involved. While it may appear that your misadventure is only your experience, it is not. You may have caused it, as a part of your lesson, but there are other factors playing out in your role as catalyst for change. YOUR experience will function also as lesson and growth opportunity for others. Notice how quickly you came to emotional terms with this experience. Your response to your predicament is noted by those around you and will also be an example for others to model.

But I felt personal shame for the actual misplacement of the wallet. I “should have” been more cautious, should have been more aware etc. To say nothing about the inconvenience this predicament brings to several people!

That is your judgment about an unconscious action. As a still discerning and learning human, you also “should have” noticed when you judge yourself harshly and lay down that old burden beside the road as you accept your Lighter Self. This attitude no longer serves you in a higher state of Consciousness and now can and must be released.

Okay, I have heard You tell me this before today!

Precisely! NOW is the time to observe and control your mind. Notice when old mental habits control you in such a way that your Light energy is withheld from your Self and thus also from those around you. Meditate, intend clarity, forgive and become cleared of old trappings from your past. A forgiven self is a shining and Light Self.

How must we look upon the actual Earth quake that shook this part of the Planet and frightened so many people? How do we handle the physical and emotional damage for the population?

The movement of the Physical Earth is a continuation of the energy clearing for the Mother planet. Though there is fear around it, our Space Brothers have the upper hand in any reactions from this size of earth quake. There will not be great tsunami damage, because our Brothers have the power to respond with their Light and energy to any massive threats to human life. There is minimum damage to Souls except for their fearful emotional reaction. We say to you once more –  your future is

secure – for everyone.

Each personal path, Beloved One, is the path of a Soul who knows what your Contract contains. At this current time of Planetary change, your Paths have been revealed clearly to the personality. Your only work now is to follow your Heart’s Voice, and know you are doing well. This is the Path for many Light workers. You gather and meet like minded Souls who walk the Path with you. All experience is yours for a greater purpose! Remembering this at the beginning of a challenge will assist you in handling your fear as well as your judgement. Light is within and all around you. Rejoice in that Truth!

That is all for now.