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“When will our Friends Show Themselves?”

Tuesday, April 24, 2012, 4:50 AM

Pyramid of Kukulcan

Kelowna, BC Canada

Dear Friends,

Yesterday I received another question from a reader of Your Messages. She asked: “When will our Friends show themselves on Earth so we can see them and so that we all know and can hear Their Messages.” Some one told her You would come in Lights, and then appear to humans as angels.

Please comment……

Beloved Ones,

Some of you may know and understand this: We have appeared to Humanity for many centuries in various body forms and in different methods. Because of your life in the third dimension, your vision is limited also in third dimensional realities – or we dare say, third dimensional illusion? You are the creator of your reality and often what you create is really the illusion of your own mind. Your human creations brought forth through your thoughts are not always helpful for your Self or each other, but because of the gift of Free Will, we merely observe your creations with curiosity and amazement. We have a rather different form for creation through Our intention. You are now learning about the power of your thought and we support and applaud the advancing consciousness that brings this new sense of responsibility into the Collective Mass Consciousness of Humanity.

We have appeared in physical form, sometimes in a similar physical body so we may work with a group of Humans to help instill a better understanding of how a Human can live Life on the Planet. Then you called Us Teachers. We have appeared in the form of Light, when helping a culture create the physical signature of Our Presence through the many structures left behind from ancient civilizations later to be discovered and queried. You have named Us Divine Architects. We appear in all of your history, in the various forms of Angels, to human Souls who need support at their most challenging and emotional time of Life. You have called Our appearances miraculous. We have shown messages of our Light to Humanity through many years of symbols in what you have termed as crop circles. You have disbelieved they were from Us and sometimes given credit to other humans working with wooden boards to have made Our intricate Message designs! We have given signals of our Presence on Earth through the animals you love, who are sensitive to and easily see our Light and energies. You have called those signals “unbelievable”, or even “coincidence”!  We have shown our Presence in the intelligence of many a creative and inspired soul who helped make great strides in their “discoveries”, leading Humanity into a new period of advanced technology in history. Then you called Us Inventors. We indicate by this list that there was not a time when we have NOT appeared to humanity!

Currently our energy is occupied with the advancement in Human Consciousness and to alert Humanity of the need to see Life and use Power in a different way. These Messages are part of that work. We use many thousands of scribes and secretaries to impart new possibilities to the consciousness of the Collective Human Mind. With a change in the Collective Consciousness, Humanity’s active response to need, human and planetary, will be evidenced in making Love and Compassion the dominant Human trait once more.

We who have chosen Our Mission, working without a physical body, discarnate yet One with all of Humanity in Compassion, are able to bring Our Light message of Love to each of you, in more acceptable forms than through the Inter planetary or extra terrestrial bodies which most of humanity still fears. Our Presence in such a form is not safe on the Mother planet, and we will not place Ourselves or our Brothers and Sisters in the Family of Light in danger. Human awareness of the Presence of our Space Brothers is increasing and becoming more accepting. When the Collective Consciousness has tipped the scale toward complete acceptance of our Help. We will appear visible to the human eye and mind in ever greater numbers. The light of the ascended frequencies toward a new fifth dimensional reality within humanity will encourage you to see us in those greater numbers without the doubt and fear that still controls many minds.

In the current climate of doubtful acceptance of the possibility of ET’s we do our best work with Humanity through the willing souls fulfilling their Contracts; those who have been sensitized by Us to Our presence and are able to bring our Light Messages to their Sisters and Brothers. Meanwhile of course, we continue to make our Presence known in many ways. The Company of Heaven and Our Space Family of Light, continually follow the mandate of our Teachers, the Ascended Masters, who follow the Great Plan of Creator God.

Crop Circle.UK.06

We ask you to rest in the assurance that all of Humanity is at all times receiving exactly what you need to continue on the path of Ascension in Consciousness. The Mother is continuing Her clearing of all energy not conducive to Her Ascension Plan. The Brotherhood of Light is working with Her and with certain factions of Humanity to dissipate the tensions still arising within certain countries and cultures, which once may have lead to global conflict, A war is not on the Peace agenda for the Mother Planet! Though the cabal has lost its power of control, they are loath to give up completely. However, they are whimpering in the last throes of their controlling, dark, lower vibrations, before they too, are consumed with Light. What may have been known as the cabal collective of control will be turned into the Light Collective of Surrender.

Light always dissipates darkness. Light always brings more Light. Love delivers Our Messages of Light, All ways and always! Think Light, for Light is what you are! The Plan of Love and Light works now for the Good of All! Herein lies the Peace of God.So BE It!

6:20 AM