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The Human Light Condition

September 14, 2012, 1:40 AM

San José, Costa Rica,


I request my I AM Presence to guard and guide my heart and mind while receiving this message and always. May this work serve the Highest Good in all Beings and provide healing for Mother Earth, So may it BE, and so it IS.

Dear Friends,

I am listening for your Message. Please give us whatever instructions for our Life at this time during the Ascension of Human and Planetary Consciousness..


Dearly Beloved Human,

I am Metatron, Lord of Light and Inspiration of Form. The Geometric Form based on the Tree of Life, the Flower of Life and the structure of all Form is becoming more closely understood by your scientists and science in quantum physics is being explored and studied. All matter is Spirit in Consciousness, and Consciousness in Spirit. Without Spirit in Consciousness there is no matter. Consciousness is the activity of Spirit which permeates all matter. Those objects Humans once thought were inanimate are, strictly speaking, matter vibrating with the Consciousness of Spirit and activating all of Life.

What is it exactly that You are wanting to tell us about Matter, Form and Consciousness?

We encourage all of Humanity to become aware of all your vibrations. Awareness leads you into higher states of Consciousness. Truly We say to you, the Ascension of Human and Planetary Consciousness is nothing but awareness of your vibrations and the reactions your vibrations have on the planet and on each other. You already know that when you are near someone vibrating with a depressed energy your own vibrational frequencies become tired and listless. Walk away from that person and you will take that lower frequency with you.

We say to you that when you sense that density of vibration, do your part for Life: increase the current vibration by being and holding more Light than this Soul in Matter is able to hold at that moment. Pour your Light on the density you sense and raise her/his frequencies. The vibrational frequencies for both of you will Lighten up, become less dense and the depressed consciousness changes to a Lightness of Being. There can be no greater Service to Spirit in Consciousness and Consciousness of Spirit than to become Lighter and alter the slowness of depressed energy into a Lightness of Being!

Are you saying that we are responsible for changing or healing the energy of our fellow humans?

We are stating the obvious: Vibrational frequencies affect other vibrational frequencies in close contact with each other. Your energy can lighten the energies of those who are in a temporary state of slower vibration. When you, dear Human, are affected in a way that does not serve the Lightness of your Being, you are placed there for the purpose of lightening the way! Do what you know; do Right Action! Lighten the frequencies so that you both are happier and feel lighter. Thus you spread the Lightness of Consciousness into the many other bits of vibrational matter you call Humans.

Is there a method or form we need to know to do this work with those whom we encounter?

Indeed! BE Love; Share Love; Pour Love; Spread Love!

Vibrating with a Lightness of Being is merely the higher frequency of Love being given selflessly and without reserve or judgment. ALL Beings have the ability to BE Love – to vibrate with the highest frequencies of Love! It is only Humans who restrain the flow of Love, who “save it”  for those whom they think are more “deserving” than others. All Beings, Human and those known by other names, are deserving of the Lightness in your Love. “The Human Condition” is often termed or thought of in a dark or negative manner, while the original intention of the Prime Creator was the “Human Light Condition”, meaning the Lightness in the Condition of a Human. Being a walking stream of Light and recognizing the power of that stream will do much to change the Human Condition into the Human Light Condition.

How can we best do those four things, BE, share, pour and spread Love?

First – Love your Self and your Life unconditionally. You were created in Love and with Love you shall learn all you need as you walk through the Life you have chosen.

Second – Love others as you have learned to Love your Self. When you cease judgment of your Self, you will also cease judging others. Love pours from your Being, unconditionally only when you cease judging your Self.

Third – See only Love in the other, no matter what the outer appearances may be. Remember there are those who have not read or understood this message, and will call for your Love. You can offer your Love, or put out your own call for Love. When two souls call for Love and neither one is offering Love, the lowered vibrational frequencies do not change nor move the Human calling for Love into the frequencies of the Human Light Condition.

All matter is Spirit in Consciousness. Spirit is Light and Love in Consciousness and in all matter. Remember this one thing and you will do your sacred work – to raise the vibrational frequencies to a Lightness of Being. Go and do what you have chosen to do in this Life.

BE Light! Live Love and thereby Lighten the current Human Condition into the Human Light Condition. – 3:55 AM