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Weave the Colors; Ride the Magic Carpet.


Thursday, July 19, 2012, 4:05 AM

San José, Costa Rica,

May the I AM Presence, the Light and Love in me, guard and guide my heart and mind in receiving this message, May it serve for the Highest Good of all Beings everywhere and bless the Healing of our Mother Planet and all her Life Forms. In profound Gratitude, so may it BE, and so it IS!.


Dear Friends.

We have been asked by another scribe, an Earth Brother in Light, to publish the Messages he received during the past 20 years, from some of the Ascended Masters serving in the Company of Heaven. I want to encourage his work from the past. Also I have asked him to honor the present process of Human and Planetary Ascension process by sitting again to listen for what the Ascended Master’s messages coming through him now. Please comment.

Dearly Beloved One,

We have respect for your question regarding Our Master’s Messages to be made public in the same way Our transmissions are being viewed. We have as our Mentor and Teachers, Our Brothers and Sisters in the Great White Brotherhood of Light, and we honor and report with Their Teachings for Humanity. Deciding to encourage your Earth Brother as scribe and make known the Messages he has received is part of Our message for you! His question to you was encouraged by the Collective Light in Our Group.

To bring Messages of Divine Light, delivering the information with Divine Love is the purpose of Our method during the many Earth years of sitting in communication with you, Beloved One. NOW is the time for Light and Love, for Power in Truth to come to aid all those Earth-dwelling Souls in prayer while they are requesting help. This is true no matter how the Truth is delivered and by whom it has been received. By all means possible, We use Light to bring Insight and Wisdom to you and through you in these transmissions for whomever may seek and find them.

By the energy presented to me now, I understand your answer is yes to publishing the channeling of the Masters.  Thank you. I feel gratitude for your clarity and support, also on behalf of my Earth Brother.

Indeed! We have asked you always to listen with Love in your heart while noticing the Light in your mind. You are serving your Earth Brothers and Sisters in presenting Truth. There are many ways to serve! Our Guidance is easily impressed within your willing heart and open mind. Blessed Be our many earth years together as the Light of Prime Creator, God permeates through us in the Oneness of Love.

Once again, I am deeply grateful for your continuous encouragement in doing this work with You as my Teachers in Light, Love and Power.


Let us move forward into today’s transmission. Trust and continue to surrender your mind to the Light of Understanding.

While many Human Souls are in the throes of trying to mentally understand all the changes you are experiencing, We see the collective emotional body pushed into the energy of overwhelm. This is not a time for maintaining control of your experiences. Rather it is a time for commitment to Acceptance while Allowing the lessons within the experiences to become clear in your mind and accepted in your heart.

Each lesson you are presented with is like a color in the tapestry, the great Magic Carpet which gently carries you on the ride of your life!  In Allowing the experience to bring you the lessons, you create the beautiful colors for your own uniquely woven Magic Carpet. Trying to control those experiences, is like choosing a black, white and grey Carpet. It is in the energy of Life, that the colors become so varied. It is in choosing to live Life with as much courage and commitment, in each moment, that the patterns created use a myriad of color in its weaving and become intricately beautiful.

Imagine Our Prime Creator God only using three shades of one color to create the multitude of variables in all Earth’s Creatures and for all their Life Forms. Would you see your World in all its unlimited possibilities? Would you see the myriad of colors in the beauty of a rose or in a green meadow while it is fully in the glowing bloom of Spring? In the same way, trying to control your Life experiences as presented from the Field of All Possibilities, is like limiting your experiences to only three shades of one color. Is that what your Soul had envisioned when you decided your Contract during your Earth entrance in this lifetime?

We suggest you take time in your meditation today to welcome ALL colors, ALL shades, ALL experiences as possibilities for your Soul’s advancement. Do remember, it is not in the nature of Prime Creator God to give you colors, experiences or situations you are not ready to look at, appreciate or are not able to live through. The Love of God is kind. Love is gentle as it brings the color of support in whatever shade you desire! Accept and Allow while weaving the intricate and very personal pattern of your unique Magic Carpet. Then know that your ride upon it will be colorful, creative and filled with All Possibilities from the Field. Breathe in deeply all of its Light. Observe whatever feels threatening to you and know your intricate and beautiful Magic Carpet is woven each moment because you choose to Live fully in that moment. You are safe! Know from within that your Soul has chosen the experience and is enjoying the ride. Would it be possible for your personality to join in, to feel the Joy as presented? We suggest to you,  rather than stay in one three-shaded color of fear, your Life will be much more interesting and colorful if you choose Joy! You are the weaver! Choose colors wisely!

Blessed is the Magic Carpet Ride of your Life, in all its intricate and patterned beauty! Experience the Bliss in the Joy! So BE it!


That is Our Message for you today.  5:25AM