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Our Space Brothers Have Not Been Idle!

August 29, 2012 1:20 AM

chemtrails-pacific sattelite view

San José, Costa Rica,

Dear Friends,

 I am hearing your call and the question. There are signs at the moment that there are controls over the weather patterns on the Planet. There are chemical deposits in the air that in news reports are now referred to “Chemtrails and chembombs”. They seem to be controlling the storms and hurricanes over the seas or oceans, making them change directions off their natural course. At first instance those course changes may appear to be beneficial for the residents whose lives would be affected should these hurricanes hit their area. But I am also wondering about the effects of the many tons of chemicals that are dumped, sprayed or deposited at high altitude by large tanker planes. Please tell us what You know or see about this effect. What is the long-term effect on the Mother Planet.


Dear Ones,

For many years we have observed the changes in weather patterns upon the Mother Gaia. Some of these changes occurred naturally and are due to frequency shifts in energy. Planetary alignments and natural phenomena are increasing Humanity’s negative thought forms which currently are deposited in the many and varied Clouds of Mass Consciousness all over the Planet. For some parts of Humanity it has become known that storms increase in violence because the thought forms are dark and heavy and thus the Earth is needing a cleansing of the clouds of negativity as well as the frequencies of control certain power structures have over the Masses. These storms have been part of the growing changes Planet Earth is experiencing, in preparation for the Shift of the Ages currently underway.

However, there are non-natural causes for the observed changes in weather and its patterns upon the Earth. Some of them are the affect of our Space Brothers who need to neutralize the arsenals used by the cabal in controlling the underground military installations. These weapons, had they been used as planned, would by now have completely destroyed large parts of the Planet and would have extremely negative consequences for many of Earth’s societies. Such acts of neutralization also leave energy and vibrational effects upon Gaia, but they are essential in saving not only Planet Earth but also other planets in the galaxy which stand to be disastrously effected and destroyed by such dangerous weapons.

The desire for the cabal and other power factions to control the Planet’s population, has made their controlling and creative minds think of subtler and ever more surreptitious ways to have complete power. This has been affecting more and more Humans who are unaware of these dangerous ways. Most of the Planet’s population is silently desiring to complete their Soul Contracts while living in peace and comfort. Yet, peace and comfort is not granted to those sensitive souls in sensitive physical bodies and whose mind and thinking processes are severely affected by the cabal. Their method is in spreading the hundreds of combinations of chemicals delivered in ever larger amounts in the most essential elements, air and water. The reasons for their use are not as claimed; to control weather patterns and thereby increase food productions for the Planet. The real but unspoken control of these power factions is to numb and anesthetize the creative mind of Humanity and thereby have less resistance to the control.

Billy Meier's UFO images

While we have observed the many reactions of this dangerous human decision to the Mother and all her Life forms, Our Space Brothers have not been idle! For many years We and They have honored the Free Will Principle as given to Humanity by our Prime Creator God. Now is the time however when there was a decree to limited interference because not only the Mother Planet would be affected negatively by the many mis-creations of Human Free Will, but this and other galaxies were being threatened to be completely annihilated. Our Creator cannot allow such incalculable disaster on any Planet. The Company of Heaven has been called in to assist, to implement the Grand Plan of Light and Ascension of the Consciousness. Without that interference the path of the cabal would have led to untold and multiple planetary destruction.


We wish for you, Dear Ones, to be clear and know from deep within; the above described scenes and threats to Human and Planetary Life are NOT allowed to occur! The Brotherhood of Light, including our Space Brothers and Sisters and their vehicles from many planets are ready, willing, have intelligence beyond your knowing and are in service to the Prime Creator God. Your future is safe and your Life is blessed! Your Freedom is guaranteed! No amount of chemical substance has power over what the Creator has given with great Love to each Human and to the Living Gaia, the Mother Planet who supports you in all aspects of your Life.The many factions and attempts at Human or Planetary control are being dissipated.

We continue to sit with you, to hold your hand as you wander into shadow areas of your mind. We bring the Light into each

08-08-08 - UK
individual mind as We guide your Collective Mind into a greater understanding, and know you are accepting the frequency currents and vibrational fluctuations of Light, Love and Power from Divine Control!  Trust your heart, the inner voice of your Divine Self. Surrender to the Light within you! Meditate on this prayer because it has come to pass:

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth as is designed by Creator God.

So it may BE, and so it IS!

2;35 AM