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Full Moon Wesak Festival

Saturday, May 5,  2012, 12:15 AM, Vancouver, BC Canada


Dear Friends,

Today, we are told there is an important planetary alignment. The Wesak Festival  of Light and its Full moon is energizing the Planet and all who are aware of it are excited at the energy to be given for Planetary and Human Consciousness. I ask for your message regarding this time of the opening of the ascension portals for us all. In parts of the globe this day is celebrated as Liberation Day. How can we use this time to be liberated from our fear, our need to keep control, from our shadow side, to release dense third dimensional thinking and move into a higher awareness for our future Life on the Mother?

Dear Ones,

The Festival of the White Light of the Buddha is a time to release what no longer functions in your mind, for your life and also have clear intention to let go of the extraneous material possessions while accepting the simplicity of Truth. In the White Light of Truth, Unity becomes an obvious choice. Be One with all of Life, and meditate on that Oneness, for this period of Earth’s transformational energies are powerful and healing. Humanity’s clear Intention for higher consciousness when held in mind and heart at this time will go a long way to catalyze your Self into new dimensions of awareness.

As with all days, but especially during times of powerful energy surges, we encourage focussed meditation on the Light within. Gathering in groups at this time to draw forth Light, each member of the group receives this Light, as you prepare together for the next stage of Ascension. As the portals are opened for millions of Souls to experience new frequencies of the Light of Truth, any remaining struggles for power and control in each Group are surrendered. The I AM Presence, Divine Will in each Soul becomes clear. By Divine Intention, all that is not of and in the Light is transmuted and released through Divine Love.

Light and Love delivers Truth into Mass Consciousness. Humans will be clear in following their heart’s Voice. Guided by the Masters of Wisdom, there will be no more doubt as to what action plan is to be followed by the Group Soul. An individual Soul may, for a time, find it easier to accept the clarity when connected to Group Soul, but even personal choice and ability to follow the heart’s Voice will become stronger as the Light is empowering the Mind to make right choices for Right Action.

For the next month in your time, humanity will experience renewed surges of power to bring you back to your Divine Inner Selves. No longer will you be satisfied with control from an outside force. Your inner Will in Divine Light will show how you must now release your subconscious patterns of struggle. Control from all outside forces will not support your Divine Self in expression. Therefore in various Groups gathering all over the Sacred Earth, there will be signs of discontent as outside forces try to maintain control over the masses.

As you observe these dissident actions, trust that they are the rightful objections to the cabal’s last vestiges of illicit power while struggling to maintain control over Mass Consciousness. Trust that they will not succeed in maintaining their old forms of control. The White Light of Truth remains all powerful. Any attempt to control others will be released to and in the Light of Truth. Truly we say to you you WILL be Liberated from outside control as you learn to trust your Inner Voice once again. Any action taken in the Light of Truth is Right Action. Any decision made from a desire to control is not in the Light and success following that decision will not be possible, as the Light of Truth is not guiding it.

While observing the last vestiges of control fading into oblivion and into your history, know also that your thoughts about what you see are powerful conductors of energy. See in your mind the desired Light result of these power struggles – see the Light of Truth in Action. Do not doubt for one nano second that you have the ability to either contribute Light with your Mind or to further empower the darkness with fear in your mind. Your inner desire as Humans is to BE and live in Light. If it were not so you would not have accepted your Soul’s

chrystaline Light
Contract to come to Earth at this time of great Transformation and for the Ascension of Human Consciousness. Be the Light you desire to Be! Know the power of your conscious Intention and be certain –  the Love in your Heart is giving you Power for a better life than what you observe through these struggles.

Empower your Intention with your Light. Meditate daily on Light. Know you have chosen the Light. Be Light and Light will hold all last vestiges of darkness, until transmuted by the Love in your Heart. You are not alone in this work! We go there with you, Blessed Ones as We guide your mind into Light.

 Trust and Surrender to the Light, Dear Ones, your Future is secure. Indeed! 1:20 AM