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Balancing the Masculine and the Feminine

October 14, 2011, 7:35 AM,

Sitges, Spain

 Dear Friends,

Currently, in reading and studying the material on the Christ and his Essene roots.,I would like more information on balancing of Masculine and Feminine, and how to find these two vital aspects of human life.

Please give me the information needed so we can work with them ourselves.


Dear One,

There is a purpose and timing to all your intuitive actions. Choosing books to read at any time, that brings forth this question from your heart is an act of the Feminine. Thinking about the material and actually asking this question is an act of the Masculine. In other words, in your life, you are already learning and practicing the balance of head and heart action!

Every human soul born from a father and mother, has both aspects in balance at birth. (yes, there are other ways for the Soul to accept a body and assist through the lessons needed to teach others) (this came when my mind thought – with tongue in cheek – is there any other way to come to a body?)

It is during the critical decision making times of a child’s formative first seven years when examples of both aspects could still be in balance, that the soul makes a choice, however unconscious that choice may be, to develop one aspect more than the other. For most Souls if having chosen a male body, the dominant aspect of the Masculine self receives more attention in the development of that personality. Similarly, if the soul chooses the body of a female, she will be encouraged to develop the feminine aspects. Sometimes this development is expressly encouraged by the parents. Witness presenting a truck for a boy and a doll for a girl. If a parent, mostly

the dominant one, owns that balance in his/her own life, the individual personality characteristics will remain in balance, no matter what the child is encouraged to play with. However if the dominant parent has lost that balance within themselves the examples of masculine an feminine the child then observes, making their personal choices toward their own balance a bit challenging and often going askew.

Such has occurred in many a one parent family, where mother is left with sons, who have a decision to make; do they take after their Mother’s example of the feminine, or do they somehow discover they do not relate to that feminine role and become an out of balance masculine dominant male, without the balance of the feminine within his/her development. Very often the Mother has a dilemma as well; how will she be a roll model for her sons. Similarly, how will a single Father show the needed feminine aspects to his daughter?

Balancing head and heart is of profound importance in a human life. Dominant masculine traits without the heart involved in any action, makes a male child tend to lead with the head and forget gentle kindness in dealing with himself or another. Dominant feminine traits in a female child, without the logic and thinking head involved, makes the female child hesitant to make vital decisions for her life and thus she is vulnerable to unreasonable control by her male counterpart. Neither is preferred behavior, but often occurs. If the male child has not had a positive male role model who has balance in his experience, he has not learned about balancing head and heart. If a female child has not had a positive female roll model with balanced feminine-masculine sides, she has equally not learned about balancing heart and head.

Let us supposed this imbalance continues into later life, and during the first “midlife crisis” a challenging time for everyone involved, the personality is urged from within to find that balance. Usually such an urgent call requires a teacher. This teacher may be merely the disturbing situation itself, as the pressure is currently felt in Life. This requires the person to be willing to look for an answer to the pain felt in the situation. Or, the teacher may be another human being who has had similar experiences in seeking, and then finding this balance. Either way, the person who is being urged to “seek and find” needs an equal sense of recognition; firstly, there is a need, and secondly be willing to find help to heal that need. At all times, inner guidance is possible but that means the head and the heart must be working in tandem; in conscious cooperation with each other.

Of course that is exactly where we started out this discussion. IF that balance of head and heart had been present in the person in the first place, there would not necessarily be the need for such “seeking and finding”.

Let us suppose on the other hand, that the balance between head and heart, masculine and feminine, had been healthy and honored in the life of this soul. The connection between head and heart was always present and recognized through the guided decisions of the head by the wisdom of the heart, Life would not be creating a “Midlife Crisis”. There would be no need for such emotional imbalance, and all decisions made by both head and heart would lead to a gentle transition into the second half of the life of this soul.

Divine Plan has inherent within it the Balance of both Feminine and Masculine aspects of a human life. However, with current interference of the energies and the changing and heightening the frequencies of Planet Earth, this balance is more of a challenge to find for each individual personality. Given that the personality may not even recognize the importance of this balance, there are millions of souls currently wondering what has happened to their once relatively easy life.

There may be a primary thought, learned through fear, that the soul has come to live in an unfriendly world which is also part of a threatening Universe. Therefore the soul has to endure great inner and outer struggle, leading to the main cause of the imbalance in current society.

Peace is just a thought away. But to think that thought, and find that Peace, the soul and personality must have balance. There must be a willingness for the head to surrender control of the mind, and look for the inner wisdom of the heart, then connect the two aspects; head and heart, masculine and feminine, personality and soul, in any conscious decision making. This is the main lesson for learning toward understanding and following the map of the Divine Plan.

That is all for now. 8:15 end