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The Grand Event – A Shift in Our Consciousness

Tuesday October 23, 2012, 4:45 AM

San José, Costa Rica,

May my I AM Presence bring the Light of Truth into my mind and heart for this message. May it serve all Beings for their Highest Good. So BE it!

Dear Friends,

While I feel Your call to sit and listen, I have no questions or comments and I am receptive to the message and guidance You have for us today. Please comment.

Dear Ones,

The Divine Light of Truth is always nearest when intentions and energies are clear. We encourage all peoples today to listen only to their heart and their Divinely inspired inner guidance for direction.

There are many energies flooding the Planet in these, the latter days before the Grand Event to which you have given many names. “The Shift” is the term We prefer for this transmission, because indeed, The Shift is what is already occurring within all Life Forms. Shifting Consciousness for Humanity is an ongoing event of immense proportion, when one remembers that these movements of Light are bringing new information for the Heart of Humanity.

What new information are we lacking that new influxes of Light are bringing into the Heart of Humanity?

In Truth, there is no new information! All information needed for Joy and Love is and always has been present in the Divine Light of Truth! However, what is shifting is Humanity’s ability to accept, comprehend and use the information that has always been within the vibrations of Light permeating your consciousness. In your past, only a few of the billions of Souls have been Lighthearted enough to be able to receive and comprehend what was imbued in each particle and each wave of Light, because Humanity’s focus was on survival. For your Soul to think and focus on survival only has kept you in that experience, dear Ones, kept you in what you think of as struggle in the third dimensional waves of Light. For that reason we have termed the Grand Event as “the Shift!” In your NOW moments it is important to focus on the real reason for being on the Mother Planet – to Live in Love and Brotherhood; to live a Life of Joy and Happiness; to Live in Abundance and Freedom. For this is the Grand design of the Prime Creator! Life is not about survival! Your Life is now lived on Earth in the Light – to BE Love and Light and Truth.

But I thought we were here in what has been termed “Earth School” because we had chosen to come with life lessons in our Soul Contract? I have always felt, and therefore assumed it as true, that we came here to clear up our Karmic debts before we could to return to the Oneness as promised?

And therein lies the Shift of Consciousness presented in the new dimensions of your “new reality”! There is no more need for the cycle of Karma to manifest in your lives. The idea that you have a lesson, to pay for Karmic debt, to cleanse your soul of whatever harm you may have done in a past life, these are the old thoughts you have carried, and they now may be released into the Halls of Human Memory. Once that idea was believed to be true. A new Light wave, a new reality has come! It is the time to accept, in each moment of your NOW, that you may have a Life of Abundance and Love. When you begin to comprehend what this change in perception will present in your reality, you will accept the 4th dimensional thoughts and are already moving into the 5th dimensional life of moment to moment “miracles” manifested.


Shifting those thoughts to a new truth is akin to climbing a mountain and, with a new perspective, seeing the magnificence of the new view. The view has always been there, it has just not been acknowledge by your eyes! Now that you have reached a new Light, a new height, you can see and know what direction to move into, so you can live with Joy! You can observe clearly where your new direction may be. Within your heart you may sense a new excitement and feel an eagerness to share your new view with your loved ones.

That view, dear Ones, you may term as “new information” but in Truth this has always been possible, for everyone, in all ways. With the quickening of Light vibrations, you will not only acknowledge new possibilities, but accept them as your new reality. This acceptance is and always has been only a thought away, but you did not remember that before you made the climb to the mountain. Higher vibrations of Light have brought new possibilities to your awareness. New waves of thought will stream into your consciousness and you may accept this simple Truth: Love and Joy, Peace and Plenty are yours as long as your mind can see it, and your heart can feel it.

And what does our mind need to do with all the shadows we still see in our lives; the shadow of suffering for so many people; the threats of war; the political and financial strife in so many countries? How can we compassionately accept our new reality and still encourage our brothers and sisters who remain in third dimensional experiences to climb their mountain, to look and acknowledge their new perspective even while they are still in their struggle? A huge wave of sadness and tears floods through me as I write this!

The suffering you observe is in its last phase on the Planet. Those Humans with their dark-minded control may think their game can continue in the new Light vibrations. However, it is impossible to maintain control of old forms while new Light is permeating consciousness, even the consciousness of those shadow-filled minds. The increased Light vibrations will automatically raise ALL those who harbor the need to remain in the dark. Where Light controls, dark disperses. It is clear and true that these souls have come to the end of their game.

Monica Meadows.

The biggest challenge you have, dear Human, is to ALLOW!  In your moment of choice, allow what appears to be a different reality as it is expressed by the ones near and dear to you. You may thus realize that their choices do not have to be yours. You may make a different choice – one that is inspired by the Light of YOUR Consciousness. You may not understand their choices, but do not allow their decision to influence yours or stop you from making your own. In the Truth of Divine Light, each one makes “the right” decisions. You do not need to suffer because of another’s choice!

Release the ancient memories of suffering to which humanity has been drawn for so many thousands of lifetimes. Give up the Human addiction to struggle and suffering! Detach from what you think, see or believe is hopeless, reaching in your mind for Light and Truth. Envision what is possible in your NOW. That does not mean you lack compassion for what you may remember as suffering for others, for each Soul has his/her own path to Light. For many that path means they choose suffering first until, one fine day, they notice the mountain view is there also. Allow them to make their choice, and know you can choose differently. Make your choice the Light of the Divine within. In doing so, you teach others to choose their Divine Light also. Follow your own Light! Allow your own Divine inspiration to speak within you, and all your choices will be Light.

So BE it!

6:30 AM