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A Renaissance of Light

Friday October 19,  2012, 4:10 AM

San José, Costa Rica,


Dear Friends.

Yesterday a close friend wrote me the following:

The time is Now for all of us to address what, up to this time, has not been resolved within us…..cleansing, healing, purifying, transmuting all denser energies to the Highest Crystalline Light….and as we do that, all life is lifted up with us…..”

A globally acknowledged spiritual teacher wrote recently:

“During the past 25 years, miraculous Activities of Light have been successfully accomplished around the world and unprecedented Divine Intervention has taken place. As a result, Humanity is in the midst of the greatest shift of consciousness that has ever occurred in any system of worlds. The Beings of Light have said it is difficult for Humanity to fathom what this New Renaissance of Divine Love will mean for Humanity and the Earth, but they said it will be GLORIOUS!”

Please give us your response on the Wisdom and Truth of these statements.


Dearly Beloved Ones,

Indeed, both statements reflect the inspiration and infusion of Light in the heart and mind of the authors!

Current movement of energies that We, in tandem with the whole Company of Heaven, are dispersing toward the Mother Planet and toward all life forms upon her, are unimaginable for Humanity to comprehend. Neither will you understand the personal action needed and the responsibility of accepting these changes because your mind has self-imposed limitations which hide the imagination and comprehension of concepts causing these changes. Suffice to say you are accepting them anyway, whether you have a conscious understanding or agreement or not. You, dear Human chose to come to Earth in unprecedented numbers, with a Soul Contract indicating you agree to move through, indeed assist each other as this movement, this Great Shift occurs.

Hunas Fall-Peace
This energetic quickening you have called “Ascension of Consciousness”, is caused by the Light and movement of planets as well as by the Plan of Prime Creator. It is necessary to bring back the Original Plan of Light and Love to all Beings living on all planets. The Planet Earth, also lovingly referred to by Us as “Earth School”, or “The University of Higher Learning”, has been struggling with the forces of darkness within Humanity for many centuries. As a Living Being, She has called on Prime Creator to assist in Her survival, so that She can continue to sustain the School for Humanity’s Soul education, and return the Plan of Love and Light into Human Consciousness.

Once, long ago, in the thousands of your years, The Grand Plan was manifest and experienced by all life forms, including the visiting Inter-galactic Beings along with the Humans then inhabiting the Blue Pearl. Life on the Mother then WAS Glorious! Peace and Plenty reigned,  the sovereignty of Human thought was Guided by Divine Inspiration. Humanity and all Life experienced Joy while Love ruled the heart and mind.

Earth was the only Planet created by Prime Force, where a Human Being’s Free Will and choice was honored. Once the invasion of dark forces was chosen and accepted by a few, then took dominance over the collective mind of Humanity, the Company of Heaven stood by, observed the results of Humanity’s choices and watched as the beloved Planet Earth shook off the response to those dark choices. Many Humans were ruled by the human shadow. This reaction of the Mother Planet also took place thousands of years ago, when mismanagement of Light and energies caused continents to sink and landmasses to shift. Several civilizations were dissolved and the Planet’s Earth masses took on a new form into what you now know and love as The Mother.

Was this the time we so often hear and read about, and referred to as the demise of Lemuria and the sinking of Atlantis?

Yes. When the control of Light and energy was no longer held with respect for the Planet and humanity learned they could choose the love of power, instead of live with the Power of Love, the dark forces attempted, and in many instances succeeded in controlling the Human mind and its creation.

But now we have to make a different choice! Many millions of us, though we may not always know exactly how to do it, are sensing that we need to change from within our hearts. It seems our once hidden Soul Contract has become re-discovered or suddenly remembered and is THE reason for us to change, to choose Light this time. We are compelled to choose Light, to become conscious Light Workers as well as help each other make the same choice.

Indeed! Do not underestimate the importance of this conscious choice! Light Prevails!

And now that we have given you some history, we return to the first two opening statements of your request.

The Light in the Light

Worker’s Mind is urging each of you to clear the old patterns of imperfection, emotional, mental, physical, which are left over from the shadow forces still clinging to the karmic life of your Soul. They serve you no more! Choose Light! Once these old patterns are consciously noticed, known and cleared, Light permeates your thoughts and leads your actions. A Human Soul’s Life, indeed all Life on the Blue Pearl returns as was in the original Plan, permeated with Love and Compassion for each other. Now is the time when each Human is urged from within to heal themselves as well as support souls to uncover their inner Light and allow Light to permeate their Life Choices.

The Old Renaissance as it was often referred to was a time for returning creativity and brought Humanity out of what you refer in your history books as “The Dark Ages”. Little do you know how much this current Planetary Light infusion will be effective in creating “The Light Ages” for the Planet and for all of Humanity!

For all of your blessed Souls, a Conscious Purification is occurring in this Fire of Light. Choosing this Fire Consciously increases the Light for everyone else! We stand in awe as we observe the courage it has taken for billions of you to return to the Mother at this vitally important time. Though in the beginning you may not have remembered your Soul’s mission, you arrived on Earth and chose to consciously go through the clearing experiences needed for Light to change your body from carbon base, to crystalize your Light Body and heal the body of your Mother Planet. While in your Soul’s past, you may have participated in the free will choices of darkness, now you are healing with Light, purifying and transmuting energies while billions of you are all doing the same. The result is guaranteed!

We still see a lot of threat and dark, shadow energies as we watch and read news reports. What can we do to not become caught up in fear of those reports?

Much of what you see and read is misinformation presented for that very reason: to for a human to get “caught up in fear” and to hold your emotions in the shadow.

No matter what your current view of your world is, We encourage you to rest in the assurance that the last vestiges of darkness are quivering as they breathe a final breath. They WILL surrender to The Plan of Love and Light.

Your personal purification is vital in quickening the collective energies of Light. Do it for your Self and as you do thus, you do it for a thousand thousand others. Do not remain settled in old fear and shadow choices. Notice when your body-mind is in discomfort and breath in the Light of the Promise; The time is now for Love and Compassion, Abundance and Joy, a Glorious Renaissance of Love.

Be Ye Light! Choose Light and Love will be your Life’s companion.

That is all for now.

Veil of Darkness.Anoop