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Grow and Glow With the Flow

Tuesday, November 29, 2011, 5:30 AM

Sitges, Spain

(This was received, after I visited and admired the architectural beauty of Barcelona, including Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia)


Dear One,


Architectural design for any creative project on Earth, comes from the Mind of God, through the many brilliant old souls and minds of experienced earth dwellers. Cellular memory and the electromagnetic frequencies imbued by the Company of Heaven to those receiving these creative ideas has been impressed with these projects and designs for centuries. The Mother’s many “humanly creative wonders” have all been built by those souls whose close connection to God’s Mind is unquestioned and unquestionable. Some designs were created and built especially for the Glory of God, while some were built to the Glory of the Mind of God through and for the Historical Children, who were in turn, equally created by the Mind of God. All ascended and advanced Consciousness of human existence on Earth has marked the history on Earth and is written by and through the inspired, designed and completed projects.

The history of these structures is a testimony to the increased ascension of human intelligence and each human soul’s ability to reconnect with the Fire Light the soul spark once left when his or her contract was requested for Earth lives. Used for the growth and advancement of the Soul, these contracts always included the plan and the creation of such designs and the resulting projects. The edifices left in the vibratory wake of receiving such inspiration are a continued testimony of each soul’s connection to Inspiration from the Mind of God.

NO thing was ever “discovered” except in the minds of the Human Soul. Each “discovery” was part of the soul’s contract. The soul came to the Mother at a time given by the Company of Heaven, so that humanity was ready and the need for a “new discovery” was clear. When magnetic energy, vibrational frequencies, need and desire for an Earth contract come together at a certain time for an earthling, Inspiration is given for such historical projects as cathedrals and monuments, and for human enjoyment. The pyramids and historical sites found in today’s time on the planet as well as structures yet to be re-discovered, all attest to the increased Consciousness and Intelligence of Humanity in the history of peoples and cultures.

As with all frequencies and vibrations, moving in waves like the oceans on the planet, the plans for these structures, ancient in human history, were given in cycles, to reflect the movement of humanity’s awareness and sensitivities to the waves. For the souls presently on the Mother, thinking that today in Earth history is the first time for advanced intelligence, the intricate details of ancient structures are a puzzle to be solved in their human mind. The question of how these pyramids or intricate details of buildings were built or how the culture of the area had such intelligence to create such complex structures, is an indication of the arrogance of the questioner. The Creator’s Mind is All That IS, All Encompassing, Omnipotent and Omnipresent and Everlasting. All of humanity’s creation is a result of the Mind of God!

This is no different today than in ancient times. Many of the new “structures” may not be seen by human eyes. However, the very creation of the physical instrument (computer) and energy system (Internet) used to write these Messages continues to be the result of an inspiration to a human soul from the Mind of God. The “Cloud” often spoken of currently in the story of intelligence in humanity, is another wave of intentional inspiration from the same Source. Each “discovery” is part of the Greater Plan, and not solely a human accomplishment from one human mind through years of diligent research. The inspiration the soul has received is one of the contractual agreements he or she negotiated before birth to the Planet Earth.

Knowing all these things, it would do well then for each human soul to ask themselves some pertinent questions:


“What is my contractual agreement before I arrived on the Mother Planet?

How can I fulfill my contract during my life here?

What do I need to do to complete my soul’s agreement for my advancement toward the Light?”


When these questions become conscious and dominant in the mind of humanity, each soul will live his/her life with purpose and meaning, knowing Divine Inspiration will always continue to greatly serve their contract. Life will be lived in the flow of each stream. Enjoyment of each wave will result in the personality easily receiving soul’s  message. How decisions are made will depend on whether doing the inspired action to follow is part of completing their contract.

There is deep purpose and meaning to the words often spoken:

“Go with the Flow”

And we will make our inspired and slight adjustment to those words;

“Grow and Glow within the Flow.”


“Row, Row, Row your Boat,

Gently down the Stream

Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Merrily,

Life is but a Dream.”

That is all for now. – 6:35 AM.