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About Akashic Records and Life Forms

Friday, January 27, 2012, 3:15 AM

San Jose, Costa Rica

Dear Friends,

This early morning I was awakened with a question: How do we access the information from the Akashic Records and when is it of human value to make efforts to do that? Please comment.

Dear One,

The Akashic records could also be named the Halls of Memory. It is the space in the Cosmic realms where all human existence is continually and automatically recorded as it is and has been lived by those on the Mother Planet, and all other places of existences for the soul since the beginning of Life. The History of Humanity is held in the Halls of Memory, or Akashic records, and can indeed be accessed through meditation and in altered states of consciousness. It is the place where the human soul goes when meditating or hypnotized, or when there is conscious access to the twelve levels of awareness. It could also be seen as the place in the continuum to access the experiences within the Super-conscious mind, the God Mind, the Source of all knowledge.

The human personality often receives help through deep meditation in accessing the Halls of Memory and thus knowing what various lives were experienced that caused their personality affects, their peculiar thoughts and the observed emotions in living their current life..

We know that our Soul has lived many lives, and that various dramas lived in those lives caused a memory that sometimes is consciously recalled, or even held in the cells of our physical bodies. It has been my experience and observation that accessing those lives from the Halls of Memory may be a helpful in eradicating the pain of those dramatic memories. Our personalities often are not aware of the cause of the chronic emotional or physical pain that is held in the mind or in the chosen body. When the “Soul Memory” has been accessed and is able to witness scenes from the Halls of Memory, the recollection causes understanding and the pain may quickly disappear.

Indeed! You have answered your question: when is it of human value to access the Akashic records? We continue….

The Human Soul arrives on the Planet with a consciously chosen Contract, which is designed in cooperation with the God Mind. After birth, while the Soul remembers, the personality needs to yet learn the details of the Contract through consciously seeking contact with the Soul. Meanwhile, the Soul directs the personality towards the actions needed to complete the various aspects of their Contract. Intuition, or as some people may call it, gut feeling, leads the personality toward conscious contact with the Soul. As long as this conscious contact is honored by the personality, Life choices lead to the many and varied experiences as lessons in Soul advancement and contract completion. All the Soul’s life choices and experiences, indeed ALL relationships with ALL of Life is recorded in the Halls or Memory or the Akasha.

Do You mean by ALL relationships, those choices we make to experience Nature, with other souls, with our beloved pets and other animals become part of the memory in the Akasha?

Indeed! and not only with your animals. Any choice the personality makes with Love in their hearts with ANY form of life is recorded as a memory for that Human Soul and becomes part of the learning of that Soul for the next Contract.

You can’t mean our personal choice to kill a mosquito or roach becomes a soul memory important enough to be recorded in the Halls of Memory!

ALL experiences with ALL life forms are important because it is LIFE as created by God. Human Life is the sum total of all experiences lived from all choices made. No one “thing” is more important than any other “thing” when it pertains to Life as Created by God. Honoring Life is Honoring all experiences and all “things” in Life, including all Life forms.

So you mean that we could cause ourselves the same Karmic harm by deliberately killing insects as well as by deliberately killing a human? Is that the same kind of error?

Life is Life, whether you are an insect, an animal or a human. Learning respect for Life no matter what form it takes is part of the Soul Contract. How that Contract is lived, through its choices, becomes cause for the Law of Cause and Effect to take place. Soul advancement occurs through the choices that the Soul encourages and inspires the personality to make. Impressing upon the personality to have respect for what you may term “lower life forms” is part of the Soul’s work and is one cause and reason for Soul advancement. The personality, making the choice to kill any life form, is not listening deeply or hearing Soul impressions and such a choice affects the personality’s life as well as the Soul’s advancement.

To be clear, there is no punitive intent in the Law of Cause and Effect, the Law of Action and Reaction also called Karmic Law. Punishment implies judgment on the part of the Creator. God does not judge nor punish! God has created Laws. The human Soul, living consciously within those laws will be lead to Life in all its glory; to enhancement for the Soul; to live in Light and Love; to choose Joy and Peace for the personality. Breaking those Laws leads to one of them taking effect: “for every action there is an equal or opposite reaction.” Humanity is aware of that law in physics, but is learning that it is not merely a law in physics but also in metaphysics; indeed it is a Universal Law to be respected.

My mind is still back with the thought that the killing of an insect is causing the same Law of Cause and Effect to take form!

Your mind is thinking of the punishment such action may cause to your personality

Exactly! I find it hard to believe that my killing a mosquito whose bite disturbs the peace and tranquility of my body, will lead to some kind of Law to take effect that may lead to a lesson for my Soul! I almost want to ask for an example of the reaction to my action, except that may sound as a bit impudent to do so! Well, yes, I guess I am cheeky enough to ask!

We here on earth spend a lot of time; swatting or keeping the insects out and money; through the manufacture of chemicals to rid ourselves of the insects that seem to disturb the peace in our life. How would the law of cause and effect become active for the swatting of a mosquito?

In the case of the former, swatting a mosquito, the Law of Cause and Effect is not often seen immediately but its subtlety may be noticed by the continual effect of other insect invasions in your life. Kill a mosquito, but notice that other insects swarm into your space to cause personal irritation, until you can accept them as Life Forms of benefit somewhere in the food chain.

In the case of the latter, killing through chemicals, the world-as-you-know-it-now, speaks enough of the Law of Cause and Effect taking place! Some insects, living with the same laws are also living examples of universal intelligence in action. They have evolved to become immune to the chemicals. The same insects and life forms which were destroyed by non-thinking humans have in turn caused plagues and other less fortunate reactions in the human food chain by creating the threat of hunger to increase through affecting the growth of valuable plant life.

Your questions have taken Us from the Halls of Memory to the killing of insects. Be clear they are related and that all human action is recorded in the Akashic records. Be also clear that third dimensional time is no longer on the side of humanity. You are moving onto higher dimensions where greater awareness of the Law will stop thoughtless action on the part of humanity, and where many of the questions asked will be answered from within your own Divine Consciousness.

Meanwhile, each of you may access personally those Halls of Memory through your meditation and other forms of raising conscious awareness, all for the purpose of calling forth Light and Healing. Live within the Universal Laws and Light, Love and Joy are the result. Your Soul intention is to BE and BE filled with Light!

So Be it!- 5:15 Am