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The Shift to the Golden Age

Monday, September 3, 2012, 12:15 AM

San José, Costa Rica,


Dear Friends,

 We are at the beginning of a new month, indicating the time closer to the Main Event; the auspicious date of December 21. 2012. Please give us your Counsel for what we need to do to be ready for the planetary alignment, the Shift to the promised Golden Age that we have been told about for so many years.

Dear Ones,

The Shift to the Golden Age is not only promised but happening as we are speaking with you! Your readiness is already a fact, because what you call the Shift is not a one time momentary event occurring on one particular date. Rather, you, Humanity, the Mother Planet and all Life forms upon and within Her, have been undergoing subtle energy changes for many months, indeed for many years. Gradually you have been informed, in various ways. One of these ways is through your Inner Guidance System. It is the Voice within you which not only reports to you on your personality’s need for increased awareness, but brings you indications; gentle nudges from your Soul to guide you into situations and experiences so that your awareness increases. You are waking up to the Light!

What do the words “Shift to the Golden Age” for the Planet imply for us as Humans and how will we experience the Shift?

The Shift as it is called, is a movement of increased vibrations of Light and Love for each individual living on the Planet. Increased Light and Love energies are Lightening up each body, each heart and mind. Scientists have discovered that the Human physical body is not only a mass of cells and atoms, but a form made up of Light frequencies. The Shift is about each Soul becoming aware of, taking responsibility for, and living with the power of your Light Body and its ever increasing Light frequencies.

It is not an accident that you are here and living at this historic time of change for Planetary Consciousness. You are experiencing a collective increase in awareness. Each Soul in a body on the Planet is noticing the continuous Light fluctuations all around you and within each of your earth bodies; etheric, mental, emotional as well as physical. The raising of a Soul’s consciousness is done at YOUR request. Your bodies physical are affected by this Grand Planned Experiment. The result of the PLan for Light and Love and Power on Earth is being worked out through your physical bodies, so that YOU, the Soul, may increase the Heart-Mind-Consciousness connection during your life and while working on your Contract.

The purpose of the Shift is to BE Light, to BE Love and in that way live your Earth time sharing Light and Love with your brothers and sisters, all life forms on the Planet. When all of Humanity knows and lives this as their Truth, the Golden Age will truly be your experience.

To think of the next few hundred years of your Earth time as a Golden Age, implies that you know the Light is stronger than any darkness that once controlled Human Consciousness. It means that there is Love and Compassion dominant in your Collective Heart-Mind. It means that your lives will be filled with the All and only Good of God-Presence in your Heart and will permeate all your thoughts and actions. You will explore and master the energies of Light. You will be aware that you ARE Love. Because you ARE Love, you allow your Light to shine in all your thoughts. All your actions come forth from this one thing; LOVE.

You, Dear Human, may imagine this: seven billions souls together, ALL knowing the Truth within: They are Light in their Presence and Love in their Action. The Fourth Dimensional phase of the Shift to the Golden Age leads to Light in all thoughts, all words and all actions, while the energies continually increase the Light leading you to the Fifth Dimensional reality where there is no corruption, no greed, no struggle or pain but only Light bringing the information you need to Live an abundant life. This was always the Plan of Prime Creator!

What is the meaning of the Shift? It is the experience of Light frequencies you are now having mere glimpses of. More and more, any remaining darkness is controlled and dissipated by your helpers, our Space Brothers who are not only pouring their Light upon the shadow areas and actions of control by the remaining few in the cabal. By the thousands our Brothers and Sisters are visiting in those places needing their Light. Because it is not safe yet for them to be seen by the masses, they are still raising the frequencies of their vehicles so that third dimensional thinking minds will not harm them. Very soon however, your Light frequency changes will allow you to see and visit with them. Many of you have already reported doing so.

Our Space Brother Helpers are not visiting on Earth to cause harm or plant fear in the mind of those visited. Fear is what has been brought to Human minds through the media and by means of the controlled secrecy that still hovers over their many craft visitations of Earth. We remind you, that fear is not part of the Golden Age and that this shadow power and control over the emotional body of the Masses will pass into Light.

Hands in Heart Light
We encourage you to BE the Light you are! Share the Light you bring into any space, and do remember what we have always promised: Trust and Surrender, Your Future is Light and IS Secure.

That is all from us for now.

1:55 AM