Surrender to the Ride

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Saturday. January 28, 2012, 12:45 AM

Casita, San Jose,


Dear Friends,

May Clarity and Light through my I AM presence bring forth the inspiration for the message you have to teach us at this moment.


Blessed One,

Integration of the intense Light frequencies pouring forth to the Planet Earth from the solar flares and directed by the Space Brothers to prevent harm to Earth means many souls will suddenly be consciously aware of the need for an inner change. This change will occur within them, whether they are conscious of the need or not. Resisting the energies will cause their physical vibrational rate to contract. Contraction of the flow of Life causes pain on many levels. The feeling of not having the usual control is the cause of the contraction, while at the same time, there IS no control and the only attitude is to surrender to the flow. However, that is exactly their point of sensitivity and the circle of fearful thought continues – energy arrives indicating need for change; resisting the change; contraction; pain; feeling out of control with the pain; seeing the need for change; resisting….etc. It becomes a downward spiral of thought. Struggle only leads to more pain.

How can someone who knows the need for change while at the same time feeling fear, surrender their struggle and accept the Light frequencies for inner movement as You indicated?

Surrender is not only an idea then becoming a thought but is followed by an action taken by the mind and often also by the body. To surrender, means inner action – to have the awareness of the upcoming potholes in the road and to avoid them by guiding the vehicle to prevent damage. The first step is noticing the pothole, then consciously observing which is the most obvious direction to steer the vehicle, knowing that the need to swerve is the physical action leading toward safety for both vehicle and driver. A sense of relief upon completion is always the result of this series of movements. The first step is willingness, the second is awareness, the third is the action to be taken, the result is relief. This cycle of intentions must be clear in the soul and mind to precipitate the end result – more energy flow in the body-mind, leading to a sense of comfort.

Imagine stepping willingly onto a roller coaster but then resisting the movement of the machine by bracing the body against that movement. It is futile to resist! The idea of choosing the ride in the first place is to consciously enjoy it.

Well I am one of many people who would never consciously choose such a ride! It does not thrill me and makes me completely dizzy and sick, so this is not a great example for me and my body to relate to!

You have had the experience, made the choice to enter the lineup, followed through by getting on the seat and then resisted the movement which caused your dizziness and the feeling of being out of control.

Yes, I did that once, as a child. For me what was out of control was the feeling of nausea. Perhaps was it caused by my resistance? I could not wait to get off, never to choose it again! It did not present me with the fun I thought I could experience, I just went along with the other kids and that lead to disappointment.

The choice to “go along with other kids” would have been your lesson! YOU made the choice to go along, not the other kids! Doing so and finding disappointment is the message. Never just “go along!” Make choices that are intuitively guided!

Okay, I get it. In the roller coaster example, I made the choice, but not from my heart. Never will I repeat that again! Make my choice from my heart

By using this example, we want to show you the significance of your Life being similar to a roller coaster. The intention to step into Life. To come to the Planet with your Soul Contract to complete is to enjoy Earth School for the study and lessons you move through. You came for a conscious study of your Life! Resisting the energy presented along the way is futile, is not in the Plan and causes pain. The purpose of the decision to join is to find the enjoyment in the ride. At all times the decision to step into a new experience is to choose with the heart.

Current energy flows and their sometimes extreme fluctuations are presenting feelings to many souls as similar to being on a roller coaster ride; out of control and not fun! They could also have chosen a merry-go-round for a much gentler ride. However it is in the nature of humanity to be seeking exotic thrills for their growth spurts. Often the thrill sought does not bring much satisfaction, but it does indicate a desire for change and the wish to not be complacent on their journey.

For some souls, the decision to surrender leads to a feeling of “giving up”. However, that is a completely different intention. “Giving up” to them indicates the sense of victimhood. They think they have to “give up” their own will to the control and power of some-one or some-thing outside of themselves. Surrender is allowing the Heart or their God Self to lead their actions.

Choose surrender and Live in Joy while being lead by the Light of God in all your choices.. So will it be done!  2:10 AM

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