Surrender to Heart-Wisdom

Dear Reader,

Our Friends of Light tell me often, that a personal message from Them to me, about the teachings I present becomes a wonderful example for many other Human Light Workers. This was the case one year ago, while I was presenting some workshops in Denmark. Our Friends suggested I share these words with you, I trust that you will be able to take them as your personal inspiration for sharing with your circle and for personal growth. We Are One in the Light!

Light, Love and Blessings to you.



November 21, 2011, 6:15 AM

Fredensborg, Denmark,

Dear Friends,

As I completed the main body of our work here, I am grateful for Your inspiration and informative support. Giving the teachings and tools for the  “Inner Exploration” with these participants was a completely different experience for me because of the material and information you have provided. Thank you!

Dear One,

The material presented through Our inspiration is not new to you! You are able to share it now because the subconscious part of you has always known your connection to the Divine. There is where your wisdom lies. It is now no longer hidden in the subconscious, but has become conscious because of your willingness to scribe our messages to you and for the world. As you sharpen your connection through meditation and the releasing of old patterns of thinking, there will be deeper wisdom that comes from within your Self. It is your Soul’s connection to the Divine that brings forth this ancient wisdom.

You and millions of other human souls have lived many times on various planets before now and gathered this wisdom through the many experiences of thousands of lives. That which you are able to share at this time with other earthlings is merely from the voice of experience. It is your willingness to claim and speak the Wisdom that makes sharing it with others a simple act of love. You surrender your own agenda to the one from within your heart. We encourage and inspire you along the way but you are doing the work as you benefit from that encouragement.

This process of learning to surrender the ego-will to the heart-wisdom is the same for every earthling. Your growth experience in the past many years is an example of how the raising of Human Consciousness is currently part of the Greater Plan for Earth. Millions upon millions of souls are experiencing the same urges from within to give up old paradigms and former ways of “being human”, and take on new thoughts, new ways of service to humanity and new experiences for growth. Again this is part of the Greater Plan for the Ascension of Planetary and Human Consciousness. Eventually no one can escape the following of those inner urges, without causing themselves great distress. In time the distress will be so uncomfortable that letting go of the resistance to change is the only possible option and change and an easy flow of energy movement will be the result. The feeling of relief will be so great, that these souls will wonder why they hung on to the old for so long!

As you, and the many souls on this same path, surrender your own will and agenda daily, your columns of Light will enlarge. With the resulting magnetism of the brightened Light, you will be called upon to share these same messages with larger groups. It is this, your continued call to Service, for which you have been preparing all your lives. It is  now, the working of the Plan, toward which you are being guided. Through listening, with scribing our messages as well as taking the personal action of meditation and prayer, your vehicle for this service is continually being honed. Your light will continue to shine brighter than even before. The love, joy and humor with which you are doing the Work will be constantly rewarded. Your trust will ever grow the inner Light. Your life will show as an example of our Love and encouragement.


In the silence, your thoughts flow into the Ocean of God’s thoughts.

In prayer, your words flow into the Ocean of God’s words.

In meditation the vastness of Light vibrates from the Source.

In the heart the Light moves the flow of Love.

In the body the Light raises the intelligence of the cells.

In the space and time created by sitting with Light, your vibration is raised for this service.

As you accept and allow, you encourage others to glow and they will grow into their own Being.

Be your Self and your example will move others to do likewise.

That is all for now.

7:10 AM