Soul and Relationships

Angel protecting Children
Monday, January 30, 2012, 3:45 AM,

Casita, San Jose, Costa Rica


Dear Friends,

This morning’s first words when waking were about maintaining relationships. “The support and maintenance of any relationship, takes all parties………” Please comment.

Dear One,

In the support and maintenance of any relationship, it truly does take continual willingness and interest of all parties to keep it healthy and growing. A relationship, whether that be the first one; the family and parent-child, deeper connections, such as siblings, lovers, partnerships, lifelong friendships, it takes both parties to maintain the connection for continued soul development. These Souls entering each other’s life do so as part of each soul’s contract and the Great Plan. They present lessons to be taught or learned from each other.

What happens when family members are not together often, or because of conflict, choose to not see each other for a period of time? Do the lessons remain incomplete?

Some of these lifelong connections go through fluctuations. There may be times to be close and times when they choose to go their separate ways for a period to allow the lessons already presented to be integrated and give further space for personal growth. At all times, because of the relationship each soul contract has dictated, they will maintain a connection in the current life until their mutually agreed upon lesson has been learned. That part of their soul contract has then been completed. If that completion has not been done to soul satisfaction of both parties, there is another opportunity when they review their contract before another life entrance to Earth School.

In the casual relationships with people who meet for a short time until the required lessons have been learned, they may part and for the rest of their lives not to see each other again. These lessons can be learned in fleeting moments of the connection; they may take weeks, months or many years if the unconscious personality has resisted the lessons presented. The choice to continue to stay together is for mutual benefit. When a certain aspect of growth for the Soul has been completed they can choose to part. An awakened Soul will realize the time together is for the lesson to be presented. They may learn it quickly. Their parting is with a sense of gratitude and becomes easy.

Is there ever a time when people just come together for their pleasure, or are there always lessons we present and learn from each other? It seems to me there must also be ease and fun in our relationships!

There are Souls who have been together for many lifetimes on earth. They have learned from each other and now remember their comfort in being together. Although they are also living in the NOW continuum and have never been separated, they appear to ‘find’ each other again. They may experience a sense of relief and wonder:” Oh, there you are again! Finally! I have been looking for you!”

Even though these old Souls may continue to bring lessons to each other, often it is enough to reconnect and the relationship in the current life needs no further work to maintain it. It is easy and the desire to spend time together occasionally is for mutual benefit. These Souls turn to each other during certain times to bring ease, comfort and support. It is pleasant to just BE, so they find each other creating circumstances to be together. Each time there is joy and comfort. Sometimes they choose to be in a partnership in some form, or to live together again with the comfort and ease they experience. When they do so their life lessons are shared as memories of the past.

Does that mean they do not have big lessons to learn together in that life?

 No, being together as partners means they have chosen to learn what you have termed “big” lessons from those souls entering around them during their life. Their contract was to support each other in the comfort and safety they find in being together. Usually this choice is taken when the Soul has completed a challenging and difficult life time, and they choose a reprieve from what you also call the “School of Hard Knocks!” Life is made to be Joyful and fun, but the creator of your life is YOU and the choice to make it so comes from your Self.

In all the simultaneously lived earthly lives, the Soul will establish the main and most important relationship with the God-Self – the Spark of the Divine. Soul accepts a body and develops a personality with which communication is established for that lifetime on Earth. It is the quality and clarity of communication between Soul and personality that develops conscious awareness of the lessons to be learned and how to complete the soul contract. Inner murmurs of guidance Soul gives to personality need a willing ear and open heart in order to be valuable. When Soul has accepted a set of circumstances that include a strong-willed personality the establishment of the line of communication takes strong-willed effort. The Soul develops strength and learns to handle both control and surrender.

In order to learn surrender, the personality must be willing to give up ego control and listen to the Soul. This is the constant challenge in each lifetime. Opportunity for Soul growth depends on how well it communicates, and how well personality listens and obeys. It is the primary relationship with the God-Self that Lights the spark of Divine Truth in the personality and Soul. Light and Love rule in that Life, when personality listens to Soul. And therein lies the lesson.

That is all for now. – 5:15AM