Saint Germain – 1


Channeled by Doug Kelly

June 26, 1994

I call upon my most beloved Mighty I Am Presence to flow down and be One with me.  I am connected with my Christ Self and surround myself in the Light of the Most Radiant One and ask that only Highest Wisdom flow through me now.

Greetings my most beloved colleague and friend.  I Am Saint Germain raising you from your restless sleep this early morning.  And what might my intention be you ask?  Well, I will tell you.  The thoughts that flow through your head regarding the Marathon program are indicative of the energy behind this program and just how rapidly the most appropriate ones will respond to the information that is being presented with this program of knowledge and money distribution. 

There is a high course that is being distributed among those who would like to experience more abundance in their lives  —  the abundance that is their God given birthright.  For too long these natural rights, inalienable rights, have been suppressed by the ones who would control the economies of the world and most particularly the United States, the great Union that was created by Divine hands to put forward to the world the ideas expressed so eloquently as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The ones you wish to introduce to this program are hungry and most eager for a way to find and express their lives through their own ideas of freedom and happiness.  The founding fathers of this great nation were all Divinely inspired men who set the course for this enterprise over 200 years ago.  That course, however, has become misdirected by the families of power,  who have been subverting the liberty of this nation and the world for their own selfish motives and agendas.  The Marathon information will expose what has been going on and it is hoped that enough people will be awakened with the knowledge so that a stand will be taken for the new way of being in the world, which is actually the way on which this country was originally founded.  This is the great test of final initiation that George Washington was presented with in his visions that morning in Valley Forge, when the angel appeared to him.  The first test being the Revolutionary War, the second being the Civil War, which was the test for the survival of the great Union, and now the test for the very survival of the individual liberties of all the people  — the test of the survival of a government that is of the people, by the people, and for the people.

It is now time for the people to be made aware of the very real threats that are subverting the principles upon which this nation was founded.  The principle that hold the torch of light for all  the world to see.  America,  this great land of freedom that has offered the great hope of refuge for all the suppressed and battered peoples of the world.  The great land that has assimilated all the races of men to come together to be the way-showers into the next millennium of peace.  All races have been gathered in the Rainbow Nation as prophesied by the American Indian visions of these times and the times to come.

So Godspeed with the distribution of knowledge about how the economy and the very lives of all the citizens have been subverted by the power brokers who would enslave the world in darkness for their own misguided ends.  Let the people know what has happened to the guided principles of this great land of the free and the home of the brave.  This is the final test to bring this nation out of the darkness of fear and into the Light of the New Dawn of the New Age.  So now is the time to walk your talk.  Regain your financial independence so that you may be free to pursue your own life in the conception of Oneness and Love.  Let freedom ring once again.  Let the torch be carried in the Great Marathon that will take all across the finish line of the century and the very history of this planet.  The race is on, and may the great winds of change gently push you onward with the wind at your back.  The Divine unseen powers are there to support you and provide the gentle push forward to the finish line.  And the torches will be passed to a new generation dedicated once again to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness within the Father’s Kingdom on Earth.  I say these words of encouragement for all those with ears to hear.

Go in Peace.  I Am Saint Germain.

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