Relax, Trust, Surrender and……Allow!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012, 5:05 AM

Buddha in golden Light

San José, Costa Rica,

May my I AM Presence guard and guide the Light in my heart and mind to receive this message,May it serve for the Highest Good of All Beings everywhere, and for the Healing of the Mother Planet. In deepest gratitude, SO IT IS!

Dear Friends,

At what seems to be this most challenging time for so many of us, please give us your counsel to bring clarity to what seems to be going on at this time in the Life of Humanity.

Dearly Beloved Ones,

As we have reported on several occasions in your past few weeks, there is a greatly increased influx in vibration and colors of Light for the Ascension of Consciousness of all Planetary Life on Mother Earth, is stepping up the necessary cleansing of all past thoughts, feelings, and the resulting actions for all inhabitants on the Mother. This work is being done in tandem with the Company of Heaven Who are guiding the currents of Light and the flow of Love that delivers the information you need to become all that you really are. We understand the desire to resist! However, more than ever before, Our encouragement to you, beloveds, is to Accept and Allow, while you observe your desire to control. It is futile, and in fact regressive to attempt to control the workings of the Light! Your lives will be much more in the flow of Light when you release your resistance! Love will bring Peace to your heart when you allow it to pour into your every decision and action. If you decide you need to take action regarding an issue bringing you disturbance, take refuge in meditation and contemplate your in the moment state of mind.

Relax! Trust! Surrender!

Path in the Woods
All truly IS well in the world and the only thing that makes it not so in your world is your need to control what is happening in your moment to moment experience. Your incessant need to change what is happening in your current moment is causing your unnecessary pain! During those moments of pain, breathe! Let go of your need for something different to occur. Sit in silence for one brief moment as you allow your breath to be the only focus. In breathing the precious air, you accept this only moment. Each new next breath will tell your mind: accept this moment! and the next… and the next.

When you take time to meditate, to consciously Accept and Allow each moment, your resistance and your need for something else to occur in that moment will rapidly fall away. There is NO better time than NOW! There is NO better action than to Allow. Make that beautiful word your mantra, your song, your prayer.

Aaaaah-Laaaa-oooow is the sound, the tone, one of many names for the God-Self you believe is hiding or not accessible in your moment of fear. Saying or singing this sound as a mantra brings your consciousness into alignment with the Divine in you. Make it simple! Use this word only in any song you desire or is one familiar to you. Sing this melody with this one word as the prayer into your heart. Allow! Use any melody your create in the moment and chant this mantra only throughout the moment you think you need to change or control. Then notice how quickly your prayer is answered!

Allowing your Sacred Spark, your Heart to accept the presented flash of Insight, of Light, of Love, will go far in changing your addictive need to control. The moment of Bliss in this simple action will show you the Beauty in just Being; the ease in non physical action; the gentleness in releasing mental resistance; the pleasure of not wanting control. Thus, before you decide to return to your habit, your pleasurable sense of peace and relaxation has convinced you of the futility of the habit! That truly IS one step in the Ascension of your Human Consciousness! That truly IS what Humanity is desirous of at this tumultuous time in Planetary history.

If you must take any action, take action toward Ascension! Reach for the Blessing of Bliss! Reach for the Peace in your Heart. It is the only moment you are desiring. Keep is simple! Meditate on THIS moment…….. and THIS moment… and This one!


There is great Love in our Gift for your Mind. There is deep Peace for you in accepting it!

That is all for now, Dearly Beloved Light of the God-Self! 6:15 AM

I offer you Peace

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