Re-Creating our Thought Forms

Saturday, March 31, 2012, 4:35 AM

NW Calgary, Canada,

May the I AM Presence in me call forth only Light and Love through and for this message as it is received. May it serve the for the Greatest Good of All Beings and heal the Mother Planet, and so it IS!

Dear Friends,

I am open and receptive and listening for your Message of wisdom and Love for us all.

These messages will now be available for a greater public than has been true before. The work to present them in such a form has been completed. Please comment;


Dearly Beloved One,

Indeed! As We have indicated, Our Love and support for Humanity needs to be made available for all to know and feel, for all to know the Truth: You are powerful creative Souls; you are made with Light; you are filled with Light, and to BE Light is your Soul’s Purpose. Only your human thinking mind stops you from seeing this as your Truth.

In presenting this message to your world, we encourage each one reading it to feel the message in one’s heart, to Accept and Allow the Message to speak to your Soul, and to draw forth the power of your mind to move you continuously into the Light of Truth.

You were meant to be Joyful! You were born to be happy and express the Light of your Soul in each action you give to your world.

Each Earthling, each embodied Soul creates his or her own world by way of their thought. It is the world within your thinking mind that brings you whatever you experience. It is what you do with those thought forms that creates your Joy, brings you Love and Peace, or with which you create fear and pain in your experience. You, dear Soul, are also a thinking Being and as a thinking Being, you always have choices about what you create with your mind.

You may carry a pail of water and think of it as heavy work and feel tired, or you may carry the same pail of water and think of it with happiness, feeling gratitude for what the water can do in your day. Yours is the choice: which thought will turn that moment into Joy?

But what if the pail of water is carried to drain away the river’s flood from inside the house? What thinking created that problem? What needs to be in the mind when disaster and loss is the experience, while the person is trying to save her possessions? How did we get to this state of thinking? What must we do to change our collective Mind?

 Because humanity lives in the third dimension on Planet Earth, and we were also incarnate, We have experienced the same lessons while on Earth. Now, from a different perspective, We may observe and remember the pain and struggle that appears to be a natural part of your life. We compassionately say to you, do what you have to do to restore Peace to your mind and comfort to your body. At the same time, know that pain and struggle is not what is meant as a constant in your existence. Learn to trust that you are continually being guided into new forms of thinking. Dedicate yourself to creating a conscious contact with your Soul. You are a Spark of Divine Light! Learn to listen to your heart. Pay attention to your inner guidance while you do on the physical level what you think needs to be done. Be grateful for all the lessons you have drawn and learned. You are returning to the Light in Consciousness as was in the Original Plan for the Mother Planet.

Currently and in centuries past, humanity consciousness had descended into forms of thought that were not conducive to creating your birthright; Love and Joy. This is the primary reason the many Planetary changes are occurring; to help humanity change from its outdated thinking to originally intended awareness, a Consciousness in Light.

Your Mother Planet, who, like you, is a Conscious and Living Being. As Earth years flowed by, she noticed and felt the many human acts of disrespect for Her as your Home. Her Consciousness called for Help from Prime Force, Creator God. This help has been forthcoming for many of her Earth years. Now, as was planned by Creator God,  the Company of Heaven is assisting humanity and the planet in many ways, supporting the imperative consciousness change and inner movement as an answer to many fervent prayers for help and healing. There is now, a rapid return to Light and Love.

As Light heightens its vibrations, so does the information increase that Light carries and promulgates the change in human and planetary Consciousness. With increased Light comes a higher vibration of Love to deliver all the new information to Humanity. With higher vibrational frequencies of Love, Humanity can only respond with a greater sense of Brotherhood and Sisterhood, with care for each other to alleviate the pain and struggle that was so evident before the lighter vibrations entered the energetic atmosphere of the Mother. All this Light can only change the state of the current human condition on the Planet to its origins; Light and Love.

The time has come! Light, Love, Power all on the increase in Consciousness, will also support each individual soul to Accept and Allow, to Grow and Glow with the Flow!

May you be Blessed as your mind and your thinking is moved into happiness with the new energies available for each Beloved One!

5:45 AM


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