Planetary Changes? We go there with you!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012, 3:00 AM

Casita, San José, Costa Rica


I ask that my I AM Presence guard and guide the Light in my heart and mind while receiving this message. May it serve for the greatest good of All Beings, and for the healing of Planet Earth and all Her Life forms. And so it IS.

Dear Friends,

There are many planetary and astrological movements of which much of Humanity is still unaware. What we are being told now is about a planet some have called Nibiru and its possible disastrous effects on the physical landscape of Planet Earth. The word from various governmental sources as well as astronomers’ reports is that this planet, when it comes closer to earth, will destroy our civilization. The result would be an Ice Age caused by the polar shift which according to reports,is to happen by the end of this year.

Are these reports based on Truth? Please comment.


Dearly Beloved Ones,

While the Mother Planet has undergone many changes over the last billions of years, and planetary alignments have caused various shifts of the Mother on her orbit in the galaxy, there has never been a destruction of civilization and there will not be as told by Human fear mongers and doom predictors.

We, your Galactic Family of Light,  have repeatedly reported to all of Humanity that your future is securely in the Hands of Prime Force, Creator and assisted by all of the Company of Heaven. There WILL be many changes in the Consciousness of Humanity, however. We, as Servants of Light within the Company of Heaven, are here with you on the Mother Planet in many forms, to support you during the changes within your Human thinking. Only within your collective Human Consciousness can we continuously affect your awareness of the glorious future that is yours and that on increasing and ascending levels of awareness is already being lived by those who see it.

Be not afraid, Blessed Ones, of those living within the last vestiges of dark forces and whose intention continues to be to control the remaining small groups within fear based, third dimensional human consciousness. They are operating in the astral levels of Human awareness while they prey upon Humanity’s emotional insecurities with their shadow-like intention. They will not be successful! Their shadow dissipates in the increased Light sent from the Great Central Sun. Their intention weakens with the Love that pours forth upon and within the collective human mind. Their power to control is a mere shiver compared to the Power of Light and Love that is now influencing the ascended awareness of the majority of Humanity who are already seeing the Light and cannot wait to see ever more evidence of Light, Love, Truth and the resulting Miracles in their lives. And evidence there IS, when the Human mind is willing to look for it!

Tell us about that evidence please, so that we may also look and see and live it.

Indeed! The increased Light of Truth has reached the minds and hearts of most of the seekers in Humanity in such a way that when they are asked by a concerned or curious neighbor or friend ” What is happening in your life these days?” the answer is usually: “Time is going so fast! There is so much happening I cannot keep up!” Once more, when the interested and aware friend says: “But is what is happening good and are you learning anything new?” the answer will be in the affirmative.

While the cleansing of Human thought patterns is part of the raising of awareness, many people recognize that the changes occurring in their lives will lead to a clearer understanding of their true purpose for attending Earth School. Within each Human heart there is now clear evidence of the search for meaning. No longer is a soul content to allow the personality/vehicle to make illogical, unreasonable or purposeless choices while maintaining the status quo. The Light of Truth influences the personality and he or she is more clearly listening to the inner voice of the Spirit.                                                            

Thoughts of the Future?

On a larger scale and within societal awareness, Humanity is no longer content to observe corrupt, immoral behavior clearly against Universal Laws, while keeping still for the sake of a false peace. Everywhere on the Planet, societal ills and evidence of suffering is no longer tolerated. The people revolt with the intention for clarity about what has been hidden for so long and to bring the immoral behavior to justice. A positive change in leadership, in government and most of all in Collective Consciousness is the result. The compassionate string within each human heart is vibrating and leads to assertive action, which in turn leads to something being done to alleviate such profound suffering. In pockets of society the immediate needs for food, water, medicine and housing is being worked on, although gradually and for some this help seems to not come soon enough. If you, dear Human but look around, you can see that the changes lead to a Lighter and more Truthful life for each Soul who chose to be on the Planet at this momentous time in its history,

Besides affirmative action where needed, what is it that we as Soul in Human form  on the Planet now, can do to facilitate these changes?

First of all, you will maintain the Light of Truth in your heart, even when those fleeting feelings of fear appear in your emotional body. Fear only begets more fear!  Take personal responsibility to notice when fear dominates your thinking and take loving action. Do this purposefully: move your feeling toward Joy! Even the slightest movement away from fear will bring a change within the Light of your body. When confronted with some information or illusion which produces fear in your body, remember you have never been alone in this change, you are not alone now, and will never be alone. We go there with you, guiding, encouraging, all the while increasing the Light in your consciousness and the Love in your heart.

Secondly we suggest you meditate daily to enhance your own experience of Light and Truth. If you notice a fleeting shadow in your thinking, sit and meditate on Light until you feel lighter. We cannot speak strongly enough on the value of meditation in your daily practice. Meditation will allow your soul to speak to your personality; to allow the God-Self to control the fearful ego of your personality and open up the closets of shadow to the Light of understanding,

Thirdly, we encourage each of you to look for, notice, observe and live according to the evidence; the Light IS influencing your Human Consciousness. Call forth the Beings from the Angelic Realms to show you more and ever more evidence that all is well on the Planet.

Truly, Beloveds, all IS well, and you ARE loved. When you live accordingly, your ever brightening Light shines upon all those who may still be influenced by reports from those whose purpose it is to perpetuate an illusion. What they see within their third dimensional reality is not real and is fading in the Light. Very soon now, that will be clear. Fear is the first illusion. Love is the first reality. Light brings Truth. Notice it once and you will see ever more evidence of the growing Light!

Rejoice in Love as We rejoice in what we see in you, Beloved Ones.

That is all for now. 4:45 AM