Physical Preparation for Service in the Light

Friday, December 2, 2011, 5:05 AM

shifts in consciousness

Sitges, Spain

Dear Ones,

We are delighted you once again recognize and have increased awareness of the Presence of El Morya as part of the Group of Teachers granting us the energies for these transmissions to our many scribes.  His Counsel for the Ascension of Planetary Consciousness and the massive raising of frequencies within the mind of Humanity has prepared many thousands of Servants of Light for the coming Transformation leading to Peace. Light is a dominant Truth in the hearts of all Beings.

We, the many advanced and now discarnate souls at this station, have also been preparing! All frequencies have been raised and all Light shines brighter through the work and preparation we have completed. These messages and their content are the result of the now multiplied possibilities We have been preparing for.

Your sensitivities have been stepped up! This process may not always feel good in your physical bodies, hence the body pain some of you may currently be experiencing. Being patient with the process of “Lightening Up” – literally having more Light in higher vibratory rates – is essential for your continued development as beloved servants. Become aware that this is occurring and it will help each of you to be patient with the physical discomfort. Assisting Us in that preparation is possible through the methods we have suggested before; meditation is the highest form of service toward the changes in frequencies in your mind and body; being aware of your body’s need for higher vibrational foods will help cleanse the organs being slowed down by low frequency properties; prayer requests to the Archangels for help, silence and meditation; music that touches your heart; gentle movement; inspired reading and writing will greatly assist the Light frequencies to move your energy fields into greater Lightness. To Lighten Up, means exactly that, on all levels of Being – Lighter thoughts, lead to Lighter feelings which in turn lead naturally to a higher level of care of the Self and your body’s needs. Joy and Love in the cells are a natural result of Lighter Living!

We encourage all our Dear Ones, Our many scribes and secretaries, All brothers and sisters in Light to be increasingly aware of the needs of their physical bodies. As vehicles for your Soul’s Contract, living on the Mother at this time by the very nature of the planetary changes occurring, means your bodies are experiencing some levels of discomfort and pain. These experiences can be a few short hours or last days, depending on the awareness of the cause of their discomfort. Bringing these reports to the many souls with this experience is of crucial value.

Firstly there must be Awareness. Accept and Allow, then Grow and Glow! Acceptance is the next stage; being conscious that there is purpose to the discomfort. Physical symptoms are part of living in your gravitational third dimension planet. Resistance to those symptoms however, will increase the time of their passing. Acceptance of symptoms therefore, is of great importance for the Light to do the work in your energy field, thereby decreasing your discomfort. Allowing physical rest and mental relaxation is also crucial to the process of Lightening Up the vibrations. We encourage you to not feel guilt when resting the body! There is nothing more important for you to do than take care of your vehicle, to do the work we are currently doing together. Giving attention to these suggestions will help you all to Grow and Glow!

May this increased awareness of the Light in your Consciousness serve you and all you meet. Being your shining Self is enough!

That is all for now; 6:15 end.

Evolution of LightBody