Path of the Light Worker

Saturday, December 10, 2011, 2:23 AM

Hotel Platjador, Sitges, Spain


Dear One,

Although you may not have an idea of what the subject is of each next transmission, it is time to just sit and wait for the words and pictures to come to you, and trust you hear correctly.

Not the least of our mission with our scribes as Light Workers, is to enLighten their minds and hearts with our themes of Love and Inspiration. The mind of each Light Worker is receiving clearer and more accurately our intentions and energies, thereby raising the frequencies of their Light Bodies as well as the Consciousness of those around them. Just being in the energy of our Family of Light, serves an unconscious or seeking soul to become prepared and to start asking the questions many millions of souls are currently asking themselves: What on Earth IS going on with all these grand changes? Why do I feel so disjointed and separated from the life I lead just a few years ago? What am I going to do with myself if….and here they may fill in the blank;

IF I lose my job;

IF my husband/wife loses his/her job;

IF I cannot afford to pay the mortgage/tuition/car payment/credit card;

IF my child cannot study further;

IF I cannot give to my child what I never got when I was young – etc, etc.

To all these souls we say:YOU are safe and taken care of, IF you trust that you are your own sovereign and creative Be-ing. The Light within them has never failed to inspire a soul ready to change for their own betterment, as long as that soul is willing to let go of control of their old modes of thinking or plan a conclusion that “should” be a certain way! Thus the main issue is not answering their problematic thinking, but leading them to ask a different question: What can I do to make my own changes as smooth and gentle as possible?

The answer we always have is this: learn to use the creativity of the mind in a different way; think with Light.

Thinking with Light and with focus on the feeling nature of the heart as a carrier of Light leads to creative solutions of a quality heretofore not entering the consciousness of these souls. It is thus the work of the Light Workers to teach, to train those ready to be led and trained toward the Power of the Creative Mind, the God-Light within. Breathing, meditation, silence and stillness in that once busy and active mind, these are the best and most useful methods of finding the soul’s personal powers of creation and which lead to inner solutions.

Sometimes the Light from within leads a soul seeking him/her self toward these methods of silence and to search within. Most often however, the busy-ness of their earthly lives precludes such inspiration at first, and these souls need a teacher to remind them how to go within their own hearts for the silence and answers.

Enter the Light Worker: magnetically he or she is pulled toward a need, as the need is drawn toward the teacher. Full of Truth is the saying: “When the student is ready the teacher appears.” This is the Universal Law of Attraction at work. The magnetic power of the Light Worker is sent toward the seeker who is feeling the desire for change. A relationship is built in trust and often within a few minutes. This relationship may only be brief, speaking a few words of wisdom in one sentence, which leaves the seeker reeling, and heading for a bookstore or the next teacher to start their quest for answers. More often the learning may be a process of study for many years with the teacher, who himself is learning how to teach.

Teachers usually are at least one or two steps ahead, or perhaps have many years of walking the path of learning ahead of their students. Being willing and inspired to teach each next step as a guide for the seeker to follow is done per agreement and is a culmination of each of their soul contracts. All of these processes are guided by Light and Love, and lead to an enlightened culture, a happier society and a Lighter Planet. All the while the Mother rejoices in the energies of Growth into stronger Light and Clarity of her inhabitants.

Each of these functions of the Light Worker; teaching, leading, inspiring, walking with the student on the Path of Light, is clearly a method to complete their soul contract. However it leads to more than that completion. Clearing out their life Karma, through the Law of Grace in action, means the soul has stepped ahead by clearly following their own inspiration and heart toward the Light. They return their Spark of Divine Light during their quest for the Oneness they left at birth. Separation is no more! Divine Love heals their soul wounds and living in Light is the resulting gift of their walk on the Planet.

The soul may choose to return to Earth again and share the teaching and experience from a new perspective

regarding Life on this Planet. Or, the soul may lead others on their path from a distant galaxy or other planetary constellations, such as we have been privileged to do. Any and all choices the soul has made are agreed upon by the Company of Heaven. The development of Soul’s increased Light is at stake. How they choose to do that development is a personal choice made with free will and inner guidance by those Beings who are asked for help. As it is on Earth, there are no right or wrong choices. All choices lead to new enlightenment for the chooser. No matter what choice is made, Light follows and each situation brings new information the soul needs for further growth toward Oneness.

And all of these things are in Divine Order and Guided by the One, the Light, the Source of all Love; the I AM. So Be it!   3:30 AM end