Message from the Galactics

Thursday, March 1, 2012, 3:35 AM

10,000 BC, GöbekliTepe,

Calgary, AB, Canada

Dear Friends

My heart and mind are waiting and ready for your Gift of Love and Healing. Please impress upon me Your message for this morning.

Dear One,

May you all know the value of your Service to Humanity, Beloved, and feel the Truth of these Words and symbols in your heart.

Thank you. We are blessed with your Presence in our life and feel deep gratitude for the learning we receive through these transmissions.

Humanity continues to observe as the Mother Planet goes through her cleansing actions, with storms and hurricanes, with extreme weather in many places, with modified patterns of human thought followed by renewed action, and finally with the restoration of the twelve helix strands of Human DNA. Those souls observant of this Planet’s transformation will notice their lives following these changes also. Nothing is the same as it was. Nor will it ever be the same again! No one can “go back” to what was familiar, because everything is renewed, all of it following the Great Shift of the Ages. This is a Rebirth of the Solar System and a renewal of Consciousness in all of Life on The Mother. Peace and Plenty is the final result for all Beings upon Her.

Moai.Easter Island
Interstellar and Intergalactic activity upon the Planet and within the Space-Time continuum has also increased in the past dozens of Earth years. This activity is not new and visitations have been experienced for centuries, but because of fear of being controlled by these Visitati


ons, small groups within some governments, have exerted power and applied in turn their control of the flow of information to most of the Earth’s inhabitants. Although many have personal experiences with the Beings from other planets, most inhabitants have been kept in the dark about the visitors and visitations to the Planet. Fear of malevolent intention by the Visitors, continues to control the information about their help for Humanity.

We may tell you;  if there was malevolence in our Space Brothers’ intention, the power with which they have been entrusted could easily have wiped out human life on Earth! The purpose of their visits and their presence on the Planet is to serve Prime Force, Creator God, in healing illness, while inspiring thought and action within humanity.

Just as the purpose of all Life is to serve the One, God in All, Intergalactic visitors serve the same One, God in All, and thereby fulfill their own contract for existence. Many of the Beloved Teachers for Humanity have lived and loved, then served and physically transformed their life on Earth into living lives on other planets. Service to Universal Good is and always was their intention. Love for their work is in their action. The beneficiary of their action on the Planet Earth, used for education and increasing soul awareness, is ultimately those Humans who have voluntarily chosen to come to Earth School at this momentous time for completion of their contractual agreement.

NO one who has contact with a Visitor is a victim of malevolent intent! All contact with Intergalactic Life leads to benefits for both parties. It is in the mind that suffering is caused; it is in the same mind suffering can be healed by a change of perception. Love is the intention, the deliverer of Light and Its information. How that information is perceived is left to the recipient and is an act of Free Will.

How is it then that there are also reports of negative reactions in the contact with Extraterrestrial Life forms?

Many people said they have been “abducted” meaning they did not seem to have a choice in the contact with ET’s.

As we say to you, there are no malevolent intentions in the consciousness of the Visitors. The reports of negative reactions are caused by fear in the mind of those contacted, and thus mis-perception is the result. Resistance in the mind causes pain to the body, the vehicle for the soul. Those souls contacted volunteered for the contact, though not always was the conscious ego-mind aware of he agreement! Mental resistance to voluntary cooperation may have been fear producing. Mis-perception results in resistance and concludes in fear during their experience.

But if the mind of those contacted is negative in its perceptions, why does the ET continue with the contact? Is there no sensitivity to the emotional state of the person who feels they are going against their will?

Most often they ARE released and without harm. However, the fear felt in the imagination of those contacted carried the experiences forward and made it a negative one their mind.

Are you saying the negative experiences are a figment of their imagination and not real?

We are saying at a certain level of Human Consciousness the owner of the mind is not always aware of what is real and what is a mental construct. The ego plays tricks within the human consciousness of a fear-filled mind. Love in action is real; everything that is not Love is unreal. Fear is not Love and therefore creates the un-real, and illusion in a fear-filled mind. This is a Universal Truth, meaning it is True in all circumstances, with all Beings, everywhere. In short, the answer to the above cited question, is “yes”.

Suffice to say that most Visitations to Planet Earth are experienced by those who have been contacted as growth-filled experiences in their mind. Those who sadly report negative feelings about the experience are the victim of their own thinking as a volunteer in the contact. NO one is taken anywhere beyond their free will. The choices they make to perceive the experience as negative is also done by their free will.

Humanity has benefited by the millions of years of the Visitors, who are in service to the Planet and all Life Forms. Human Perception of that benefit, will in turn give more benefit.

Light and Love come to the Planet in many forms. Intergalactic visitations are forms of Light bringing information on waves of Love for all of Humanity. The Plan of Light and Love is continuing to work in the Mind of God. It seals the doors of ignorance and fear for all humanity. Peace is the result of that Plan.

That is all for now, dearly Beloved Ones. We are Galactics Visitors at your Service.

5:25 AM