Our Multi-Dimensionality

January 3, 2012, 3:40 AM

The Spiral Clock

Casita, San Jose

Dear Friends,

For many years now meta-physicians and star watchers have spoken of planetary changes, movements in vibration for Life on the Planet from 3rd Dimensional frequencies to 5th Dimensional frequencies. Just what does that mean for those of us knowing this now? What about those Humans who do not know, or those who resist the changes occurring? Please comment……

Dear Ones,

The vibrational changes and raising of the Mother Planet’s frequencies to the 5th dimension is occurring as we communicate. It is no longer so subtle that it is not noticed! These changes have been going on for many years due to planetary alignments and electromagnetic changes in part caused by increased solar flare activities from the central Sun. The many changes have been predicted for Planet Earth and all her inhabitants for centuries in your time.

These movements of the stars and planets are clearly felt by most souls on the Planet Earth, whether Humans are conscious of what the names and terms are for them or not. Every Body feels the raise in frequency due to various physical phenomena. Can the mind explain the feeling or know it is due to a so-called “Planetary Ascension”? Probably that is not so for everyone. Nevertheless, the experience of change is true for all those observing their own life, their society’s and global movements. Certainly those heavily affected by Earth’s upheavals; storms, earth quakes, floods and great change in the weather patterns are conscious of current movement in their lives while commenting on and perhaps remembering different weather patterns in their past.

Physical phenomena are also noticeable. Earth Time is more variable, while Light  coming to the Planet has increased its frequencies. Many people notice the Light change in one of two ways; either they are able to do less in an hour than what they used to do, or time moves so slowly in their space they have time to do more. This seems illogical, but that experience often indicates a mental trance state. The human mind unconsciously wants to escape these changes by going into an altered state of consciousness during the work in their day. In that way, their mind literally moves into another dimension where time is not significant. For that instant their time has stood still. When returning to their bodies the job is done and they may not even remember doing it. Their minds have temporarily visited a pleasurable other frequency of energy – notably, the 5th dimension.

What happened to the 4th dimension also seen as being in time. Are we avoiding that dimension because it is unpleasant, or are we partly living in that dimension already while mostly being are on the way from 3rd to 5th?

The fourth dimension has a scientific explanation related to the curve of time and space rather than time being linear as you think of it in the third dimension. Time in and of the fourth dimension is also a frequency of energy. Metaphysically speaking, the fourth Dimension is the emotional stage of living in judgment without being able to observe a cause from a curved perspective. Moving through that time frequency is signifying the altered state of an emotional upheaval. That upheaval in time is avoided, because some emotions, while felt in the physical body, are not always comfortable for many people. It is impossible to avoid that state completely, but the unconscious intention is for the mind to “rise above” those frequencies that may cause pain and struggle in the body-mind, and move to where safety and comfort are found again.

While explaining the physics of these dimensions is not appropriate for our current purpose, we encourage you to observe, to continue seeing the best value of the various frequency changes in your own life. You in the third dimension are a Being living in many dimensions, simultaneously through the immense possibilities of your mind. In your mind you are Multi-dimensional! The power of the human mind is only now being recognized in current human history, nor has it been recognize yet the way it was used during what you would term the past times of the Ancients in Atlantis.

Remnants of Atlantean Life are still visible on the Planet Earth. In studying ancient history these sites are being rediscovered by archeologists everywhere. By observing the ancient structures like the temples and pyramids, they are currently beyond logical explanation. The human mind is only now willing to contemplate the possibility that these structures may have been built by Mind Power and advanced Consciousness of Beings living in those ancient times. Raising planetary frequencies, and thus raising the Consciousness of Humanity, will restore the memory of the knowledge from the Ancients.


The effects of the current Planetary Ascension process for the Mother and all Life, are being felt everywhere, even without the ability to give and explanation within the mind. The changes in awareness will encourage those minds to seek their own explanation. This inner search will lead to this Truth – Life on the Mother Planet, Earth is what you make it.

The Ancients have known this Ascension process would occur and those Human Souls choosing to live during this time have made that knowledge a part of their Soul Contract to come to Earth at this time. They may only remember this Soul choice now that the experience is evident. Many helpers, assistants, Extra- and Intra Planetary Beings are both curiously observing and lending their Light, their awareness and guidance for Earthlings. It is sufficient for Humanity to know that no matter what occurs in their life now, there are better times ahead, even during this time, in your lifetime.

Light brings new information. Love carries that information to the Consciousness of Humanity and to all Life forms benefiting in the process. Those not yet Conscious will become so. Those Conscious of the process have contracted to assist in all manner of ways. Life as has been known and lived in the past will change, but will continue toward more Light and with more possibilities than thought of in the density of the third dimension. Trust in the Light is essential for Humanity. Love delivers Truth to Human Consciousness.

May Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

That is all for now. – 4:50 AM