On Prayer and Forgiveness


Thursday, July 26th 2012, 12:20 AM

San José, Costa Rica,

Dear Friends,

In the past few days, my mind has taken me into the word and thoughts about forgiveness. Please give us your wisdom on this important subject.

Dearly Beloved Ones,

Indeed! We behold in you the quest for Truth as your Soul grows through its rediscovery.

The word Forgiveness as you use it, implies you need it or must grant it because you hold or project guilt and blame. The question you may ask is: from where and from whom does the guilt come? Who is blaming whom and why? Who is guilty and of what? Who is projecting the guilt and blame and why? From whence comes the blame and what causes the guilt projected in your first thought?

Before we discuss the action of Forgiveness, it is necessary to debate and discuss these two words: guilt and blame, that are merely emotions from your personality. When you feel them you have then placed those emotions onto the one whom you have judged as being wrong. That judgement could be toward you or your Soul Brother or Sister. Subsequently you then project that judgment onto them. Is it not true, that like you, your Brother and Sister is created by the Most High, Prime Creator and they are a fellow Human? Perhaps they are One with you who has received Life’s learning in abundance! Judging him or her does not serve him nor heal you. Beloved, by what means do you think you earn such guilt, causing yourself so much pain that you think you have to deflect it onto another so you cannot not feel it yourself?

Do you mean to say that my guilt or blame is a projection or deflection onto someone else?

No. we mean to say that there IS no reason for guilt or blame, therefore no reason to deflect it onto your brother or sister.

But if I have done something which later on I see or feel is not according to my Best Life, my Highest Purpose, nor how I want to live my life, and I feel guilt; I want to ask for forgiveness, either in prayer or from the person I may have offended. Sometimes I see the guilt in another and because I recognize it I also know I have a part in that guilt. In my mind, I then have reason for forgiveness, both giving and receiving it.

You are unaware of the Truth about how the action you have judged is not serving your Highest Purpose and has actually served you or your brother better than you thought. Nor do you know what your part is in the recognition of guilt. Leave that judgement to the I AM, the Oneness of Truth in you Who gave you that action from which to learn. Then forgive your Self for your judgement and for maintaining the illusion of separation. Whatever your learning is, you have received the lesson as well as given the learning to those around your sphere of influence. Rejoice in the sharing!

Once more, what makes you, beloved one, think you, Son or Daughter of the Most High Creator are guilty of anything other than living out your Soul Contract on Earth School? What makes you think anything you do is a mistake strong enough to feel guilty for? Are not all experiences, even those you judge as bad or wrong, merely those which may lead you to grow in Wisdom and thus lead your Soul into the Light of Understanding? What makes anything in your life such a difficult choice that you have to place guilt and blame on your lessons, and then desire to deflect the pain of your lesson onto your brother?

During the last paragraph I was mentally asking why all these questions when I heard: We ask you these many questions so that you have food for some thought, reflection meditation and introspection.

Okay, thank you! I will certainly take that as instruction for my day time meditation period. Now may I ask, isn’t there need and should we not take a regular time for Prayer and requests for Forgiveness?

Through Prayer and Meditation, Forgiveness is given as a natural Gift. The only thing you and anyone need do is accept the Gift. You are Forgiven because you are not judged as you may judge your Self or your Brother. If your request is for help to stop judging yourself or another, your Prayer is already answered when you do just that; release judgement of your lessons and allow others to live their Soul Contract in their own way without your judgment or projection of guilt.

What about my judgement of how others are behaving toward me and my desire to forgive them, so I can get that experience out of my mind? I know I must have a part in their action, so I need to forgive them for it.

Again, you may then also want to forgive yourself for what you judge in them as wrong behavior. In actual fact you do not know for what you or anyone need Forgiveness, because you are not judged by the Divine as acting with wrongful intention. Only the Divine in you, Dear Ones, can know your intention and as We said before, there IS no judgment for that! Relax, Let go your judgments and ask for Help to release your illusions of guilt while you stop projecting that by blaming others.

Prayer and Forgiveness are like twin souls in one body. Prayer is the request and Forgiveness is the answer. It is always given and in the Gift is the Healing you ask for in your Prayer. Open the Door to your Healing! Ask and the Gift Shall be given, always and in all ways you may not now know or yet understand.

Herein lies the Truth: Love streams though the Open Door; Light is on the Wings of your Prayer; Forgiveness brings the White Dove of Peace into your heart. Accept and Allow the Light of Understanding into your Precious Heart.

That is all from us. There is great Love for your request for Truth. 2:10 AM



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    1. Inger Post author

      Hello Leane, Yes.. with thanks to our Friends of Light, Who always work in Divine Timing!
      I feel deep gratitude to be able to do this work and am also growing through
      the information as it is received.
      Love and Blessings to you.

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