Metatron – the Lightness of Being

October 1, 2012, 4:30AM

San José, Costa Rica,

Dear Friends,

I am open and receptive to your message of Light this morning. Please comment on whatever subject you wish to communicate to us.

Beloved Ones,

I am Metatron, Lord of Light, Master of Energy and Form.

The Form in all of Life is a collection of energy, Light and space. Even in the space there is Light. NO thing is solid as you would think of in your third dimensional reality, but is the collection of a constantly vibrating mass of Light and Space.

When the Human mind has a thought, the collection of Light and Space responds to that thought by creating the form of that thought into Being. It stands to reason then that when Human thought has the Lightness of Being in Mind, there is a Lightness in the form as a result. Sometimes those thought forms are denser, and cause a slower vibration of Light; you may even have a dark thought in mind, thus resulting in denser darkness of form. The beauty of thought creates beauty and color in Light. When human thoughts are preceded by fearful emotions, the resulting denser form may not contain as much Light, thereby creating slower and denser, less color-filled results. The creator of those slower thoughts, the Human thinking them, responds to those slower energies with a less-than-light feeling. The thinker may even feel heavy and denser in their physical form.

How may a Human then change that dense and heavy emotion or feeling?

Human density is lightened by creating a “Lightness of Being” in mind. Think Light and call forth Light into the mind. Remember from whence you came, dear human; from the great Spark of Divine Mind, that is only Love-filled Light. Darkness, heaviness and density is not part of that Love-Light. Slowing the vibration of Light will cause a density in mind and in its responding form. Think Light and Light you are – think dense and density will manifest in your life. You think and you ARE; you ARE what you think. The “I AM ” is Light – the “YOU ARE” is Light also. The I AM Presence, the Divine in every Human is Light. Only a Human thinking makes its resulting manifestation not so. All thoughts not related to Light cause a density in mind and result in a density in feeling and form.

Does this then also apply to the physical weight of a human body? The Divine Light then lightens a physical body if the owner’s mind wills it into the “Lightness of Being”?

Indeed! There are no exceptions to the Divine Laws. A Divine or Universal Law is one that is based on Truth for everyone, everywhere and all times. The cause of a physical body’s density lies in the thoughts of the thinker, although those thoughts causing physical density are not merely from current of thinking in this NOW moment, but also carry the Soul memory and its history.

Do you mean the Soul’s thoughts and experiences of past and parallel lives are also responsible for the physical form in the current life?

A Soul has memory, thoughts and experiences of its multiple lives. The resulting lessons to be learned are brought along into each new vehicle. Yes, a Human’s thought forms, when filled with Light, can change the Human’s physical vehicle, but only after the lessons of that chosen vehicle have been resolved. The physical form chosen for each Soul experience brings those lessons yet to be learned. Accept and allow the teachings the vehicle brings to the occupant and the form of the body will change.

How can we as Humans access the lessons yet to be learned from our past and parallel lives? How can we move on to learn those lessons and be freed from them?

Every personality entered the Mother Planet with a Soul Contract. Within each Soul is the knowledge as well as the memories of those lessons yet to be learned. Access to those memories then are inherent in accessing the Voice of the Soul. Intention, meditation and silence are the means to becoming aware of Soul messages. Listening to your inner Voice will access those memories and their accompanying lessons. Be in contact with your inner Source and the Divine Light shines on the lesson. It will then become clear to each personality what is to be done to be free from that lesson. In time, your personality will remember and you will then allow Light to shine through your thoughts while you release the memory. Freedom is the result.

Lighten the form through lightening the thoughts. Release the emotions through lightening the thoughts. The common denominator in both these ideas is thought. The use of Light in the mind is the method to lighten the thought. Thinking Light means its use will clear fear and all other emotions that do no hold the highest vibration of Light. Subtle vibrational frequencies change immediately when the highest vibrational thought possible in the NOW is held in mind. Results are sensed instantly. Light heals. Love heals. Light thoughts heal the mind and body. Love thoughts heals the body and mind.

Dear Ones, Be in Light, in thought and in action and the form will respond. Blessed be Light and Love in your every thought, your every action and in all your forms.

I am Metatron, Lord of Light, Master of Energy and Form

That is all for now. 6:15 AM