Metatron – Choose Balance

October 6, 2012, 1:20 AM

El Castillo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica


May my I AM Presence light the way and clear my heart and mind while receiving this message. I ask that it may serve for the Highest Good of all Beings everywhere, and support the consciousness of our Mother Planet. So It may be, and so it IS.

Dear Friends,

I am open and listening for a message of your Wisdom today. Please comment on your choice of subjects.


Blessed Ones,

I am Metatron, King of Angels, Lord of Light and Master of Form bringing you another educational transmission of Light for our Human Family.

As you may notice, the triangular form of this magnificent mountain ( Arenal Volcano) shows that it has its feet solidly in the earth, and its smoking Eye to the Heavens. So must you, Dear Ones, be solidly in the earth at the moment, with your eyes on the Divine Light within you. Only then can you overcome the fear and judgment you will encounter in the next few months. Balancing your form with your Essence, the physical and the spiritual Selves, becomes vital during these deeply challenging times for all your energy bodies.

Everywhere, within, without and surrounding your energy fields, you are challenged to find the balance between action and stillness, between what goes on outside you and what needs attention from within you. Your Soul instills in you the desire for balance, but your personality or ego-self is taking the lead. The disturbance and discomfort in and for your physical form is often caused by the incongruence between your intention, your thought and your choices. You may intend to make the choice which most serves your Soul on its journey in Light, but intending is not enough. You need motivation to choose with clear action to follow your intent.

What other motivation for your choices do you need in order to provide you with good health and energy for your Life? What stops a Human from living in their Truth; from being congruent? What stops you from taking action to prove your intent, when the choice is so obviously important for your physical and spiritual health and for your increased Life Force?

To what kind of Human choices are you referring?

Choose Light!  Choose Life! Choose Love and patience; choose compassion

and kindness; Choose Balance. Choose to do only those things which bring your pure Joy!

Choose to have in your mind, only those thoughts that bring your Peace. If, in a moment of mental madness, you do not remember what that Peace may be, bring your attention to the sensations of your physical form, and notice what is disturbing the comfort of that form. When you stop ignoring the message the form brings you through your senses, you will always know that the choice you just made did not serve your form very well. Balancing your form with your Essence is the Key to the Kingdom of God within you! The Kingdom of the Divine is Light, Love, Power and Comfort. If any ONE of these elements is missing in your form, notice and take corrective measures immediately.

Becoming consciously aware and constantly awake is the mission of the current energy increases Humanity is experiencing. This experience and your careful observation has a profound purpose for the Ascension of the beloved Planet and ALL Life forms upon and within Her. Increasing your awareness of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies will lead you to the Kingdom, where Light and Love dwell without ceasing.

If it is true that when we are living in the 5th dimensional reality, we will manifest our thoughts instantly, I can see we need to be aware at all times of how clear our thoughts are or we will all be in trouble!

Indeed, this is Truth. Only through releasing your shadow thoughts, clearing fear-based thinking, only by knowing all your thoughts are Light-filled, will you clearly indicate where your Being may dwell. For some time Humanity will fluctuate between the third, fourth and fifth dimension for that very reason. In the third dimension, the buffer of time is still needed for those of you whose thoughts are largely random, because you have not yet learned to focus thoughts or think in clear Light. Those Souls whose consciousness has advanced sufficiently to know that their stream of thoughts are happily being created, only those will be able to live constantly in the fifth dimension. In between the unknown thinking, and completely conscious manifestation, are the fourth dimensional thought and action fluctuations. Herein lies the opportunity for lessons quickly learned without long term damage to the thinker’s form or Essence,


Dearly Beloveds, Balance is the key to your Light-filled Life. On all levels of Being, in all your decisions, choose Balance and your Conscious Ascension will occur in the flow of Love; gently and without struggle. Know also that you are continuously supported with Light and Love from the Company of Heaven, whenever you are prepared to ask. Remember to remember; Ask and it IS given!

I am Metatron, Lord of Light and you are loved beyond measure.

3:10 AM