Lord Sananda – 1

MESSAGE FROM  Lord Sanada – Jesus

Channeled by Doug Kelly, 1994


I call upon my Divine Self and my mighty I Am Presence to flow down and become one with the words that flow through me now.  I surround myself in the Love and Light of the Most Radiant One and request that only Highest Wisdom move this pen on paper.


Greetings my most beloved ones.  I say “ones” in the plural because these words are delivered for more than my dearest one, who is putting these words down.  I Am Sananda, and I come to tell fill your hearts with joy.  I come to wash away the fears of the world and the tears of the world.  I will wash away your tears and dry them with the most gentle breath of Eternal Life, the Eternal Life that is given you unconditionally by the Creator.  The joy in each moment can be realized with the knowledge that there is truly no death that overtakes you.  And, if you no longer fear death, then other fears may pale in comparison with Eternal Life, a birthright of each soul.  There is only birth into new and everlasting lives to be lived to the fullest. In death there is no victory, only the release of the body and spirit moves into other dimensions.

So you say, death may not be the real fear but the daily struggle of life and that, loved ones, is where I may be of some assistance.  Did I not say that my burdens are light and I will gladly help you with yours?  My brothers and sisters in the Hierarchy of Light are also available when called upon to share their presence and comfort in any situation.  And how is this done, you might ask?  How can the higher dimensions of thought manifestation and love assist in the affairs of humankind?  Well, I say to you that there is assistance now being made for the beloved Terra, and humankind from all over the Universe. The call went forth some years ago for assistance in the transition of the planet into a higher dimensional reality, a heavenly reality. 

In the Lord’s Prayer, do you not pray, “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”?  This prayer foretold of the days that are upon you. This prayer invoked the full power of the Father and the Heavenly Hosts, which are your celestial friends that are now available to offer much assistance.  We are here to guide and assist the planet with its birth into the New Age and offer personal assistance to each one that asks, that invokes our presence with your thoughts, feelings, and words.  We will then take action through your actions that will allow the joy back into your life. 

This joy is achieved through the balance of spirit with matter.  Most beings have been lost within their physicality.  They have become attached to the material world, and the survival of their physical bodies.  Just think of all the advertisements that keep you focused on the material life, how the bodies are dressed,  —– and moved about in shiny new automobiles.  How often do you see an advertisement for spiritual renewal, which acknowledges the unseen side of your eternal life?

So, I would like to offer you a very simple tool to use, a technique that can be used in each moment that situations confront you in your daily lives.  When people and events are put in your path, ask yourself are they coming from fear or are they coming from love.  And, just before you respond to these situations, ask yourself, am I coming from fear or am I coming from love. If the fears of the world are being projected at you, which in most cases they are, you can simply choose in each moment to respond with love.   Embrace the fears of the world with love, and your fears will evaporate in that moment, and you will also find that the fears projected at you will start to evaporate.  Like attracts like.  Hold to the higher vibrations of love and the lower vibrations of fear will begin to resonate with the highest.  This is Truth.

When the burdens are just too heavy for you, please call for me in your thoughts and know that they are heard.  Say, “Lamb of God, wash away the fears of the world, wash away the tears of the world, and have mercy on me.”  And, when the tears fall on your cheeks, know that your fears are being washed away.  Your emotional and physical body is being cleansed from within.  The toxins in your body are truly being washed away.  Feel the Presence that I Am and know you are never alone. 

I Am Sananda.  I Am Jesus.  I love you.


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