Live in THIS Moment

Mound tree Light Being
April 1, 2012, 6:45 AM
NW Calgary, Canada

May the I AM Presence, God in me, fill my heart and mind with pure Light, for receiving this message. May it serve to heal the mind and heart of all humanity, and bless our Mother as she holds us in her sacred Hand. So BE it, always and in all ways, Amen

Dear Friends, 

Please bless us with your Message of Light and Love this today, that we may learn and grow ever more into Beings of Light to serve each other and the Planet.

Beloved Ones,

We see your most willing intention and encourage you to remember; breathe Light and meditate so as to fill your precious heart, mind and body with the Light of ALL Understanding. In Truth, you already ARE Beings of Light, you merely need remember and Live this Truth in each moment. Your Light shines ever more brightly when Joy is the vibration in your heart and Love is the ever-present intention in your Mind. Thus your thought forms are automatically Light and your Life cannot do anything else but serve your sisters and brothers. All are sparks of the Same Divine Light, pouring into your Being from the same Source, Prime Creator God. As you permeate even the most secret space within the Mother Planet your glowing Light serves Her while She enfolds you in sacred security. All is well!

While this is a wonderful reminder to us as we learn more about living our life with Light as a focus, how can we handle the day to day challenges that take us away from knowing the power of our Light. So many people are in such sad places in their lives, and need encouragement to remember Your words.

Indeed! We see you and well remember our own life on the Planet and how we came with our Soul Contract to learn to remember Our Light. We know from Our experience aeons ago, how challenging life in third dimensional frequencies can be. However, We overcame those challenges, and so shall you do the same. Light and Love is ever present, even in each challenge, but you must seek that Light in those shadow moments, and remember, know that Love is also present in the fearful times.

   When you remember even for one nanosecond, your body, your mind, your heart immediately changes   the shadow and fear into Light vibration and that fear moment passes. The key to Light in your heart and mind is to be in the Light Moment! There IS only “NOW, when Light IS”! There is NO “later I hope it will be”!

Live in THIS moment…. and THIS moment… and THIS moment!

In each nanosecond is only Light. Meditation brings that Light into your mind. Each moment can be looked upon as a meditation, even when you seem to be distracted by the busy-ness of your life. Focus each moment of your life as a meditation and you will see any action as Light. Focus on any action and you will miss the Light and see it as work. Work will be made Light with a change of focus.

Many well meaning souls believe meditation is something you DO. You take a little of your time to breathe and sit quietly, to spend that time looking at the monkey in the mind while it moves through its antics. Taming the monkey then becomes a focus for meditation, which in itself is more action. We encourage you to stop the intention to tame, just Breathe and BE in an ever brightening Light and then merely observe the monkey as it leaves the Light of your mind. The monkey, your less-than-light-thought, in order to survive, will seek for shade. In the Light of your Being, the monkey, thought, will disappear into Light. Simple? Yes! Easy? Only with conscious practice in each moment!

This example is not to say you need not sit for consciousness raising periods of meditation! Until you see your whole Life as a meditation of Light Moments, you will separate those moments of action and take time to sit and consciously call forth the Light from within your Heart. The Essence of you is Light! Calling it forth in meditation merely means you remember your Light in this moment…. and this moment….!
Take time at this moment, to remember, to call forth, to BE LIGHT.

A Life of Joy, Love and Truth is the result of your Mind’s profound remembering:
There is only LIGHT!
8:05 AM

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  1. Emmy

    I truly knew about the majority of this, but however, I still thought it turned out practical. Nice job!

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