Light From The Field

January 26, 2012, 4:45 AM

San Jose, Costa Rica

Dear Friends,


For the past couple of days I have felt that I may be limiting the content of your messages by my inability to raise the quality of the questions to start Your flow of information. I am listening to whatever topic You have to give to us today.

Dear Ones,

The flow of Light and energy from the Field is never limited. The acceptance of that flow is limited only by the willingness of the recipient and their openness to receive. Living on the third dimension, even with all the influx of subtle frequency enhancement, in and of itself limits the acceptance of sudden high frequencies. Your vibrations are at a significant slower rate than what is always available. Being surrounded with much higher frequencies than what you now are able to hold would burn up your sensitive energy bodies and in that way damage your physical structure. This is not what we support!

We are with you and with many other scribes and Light workers to help raise your energy body frequencies, through a subtle influx of gradually increasing vibrations. Through such a manner of holding Light, available for all of humanity, each individual may tap into and accept whatever energy they are willing to accept and are able to handle.

Is there a way each of us may help ourselves to increase the flow of Light and raise the frequencies of our subtle energy bodies?

Our suggestion for daily meditation to observe the quality and intake of the breath and is not for naught! The most direct way to receive higher frequencies is to be willing to merely sit in meditation and observe your breathing for always increasing periods of time in your day. Moreover, the quality of thought forms your mind pours out either raise the frequencies of Light within and around your body, or deters your subtle body from being able to accept the Lighter frequencies that are available. Love is a high vibration. Held in your mind throughout meditation Love will lead to bliss and Nirvana; a sense of Heaven on Earth. Bliss is the most subtle frequency your human field is able to accept at this time.

Light energies are fluctuating all the time. With the Ascension of Planetary and human consciousness, ever-increasing energies and waves move faster vibrations into your body’s energy field. Your subtle bodies senses those increases as you are bombarded with them. This is the reason many of you are feeling occasional not so subtle changes in your physical body and have various symptoms of those changes.

We have repeatedly brought the message to humanity to be aware of the quality of your thoughts and to be gentle with your body. The higher Light vibrations pouring into the Field at this time will produce a massive change in the Light, color and sound of the Universe. This change is for the benefit of all life forms on each planet, but is especially designed to assist the Mother and her inhabitants to be Light-filled.

Fearful thoughts and other emotions causing slower vibrations in the subtle body of the thinker are sometimes gradually, though sometimes suddenly, filled with Light. The body-mind senses those higher vibrations. The symptoms caused by these sudden changes lead the physical body and its owner to resist the Light, thinking that there is something “wrong” in what they experience. Resisting any energy flow through mind action will cause that very flow to be blocked. Allowing the flow to move through the body will bring the body into a lighter frequency than it experienced before.

The physical symptoms of resistance to Light fluctuations are noticed by the owner of the body. These symptoms, while unpleasant, are temporary;  a sense of heaviness,  sudden and unexplainable waves of emotional changes, melancholy, head aches, fluctuations in blood pressure, slight fever, temporary body sluggishness or exhaustion, pain in weakened areas of the body, heart palpitations, increase in hunger and thirst, or the contrary, a slowing hunger or thirst when the body does not need extra input but merely requires more rest for renewal.

When the person becomes aware of the body’s needs and grants them, the symptoms will again disappear and the body will feel much lighter with the flow of new frequencies. It behooves each soul on the Planet to become aware of these subtle or sometimes not so subtle frequency changes and surrender to the flow of Light.

Happy Children

That is all for now;

5:55 AM end.

From Inger: an interesting language detail – As I heard the word ” bombarded”, I mentally questioned the use of it in the context of Light and energy! it seemed like a word referring to great violence. Yet our Friends insisted in my mind to use word anyway. I still had some doubt. Thankfully the dictionary provided with this text program gave an answer which surprised me:

Physics: to direct a high-speed stream of particles at (a substance)

It’s clear! No more doubt!