Life Lived in Inter-Dependence

Wednesday, July 4, 2012, 2:55AM

San José, Costa Rica

I ask that my I AM Presence, the Light of God in me guard and guide my heart and mind in receiving this message. May it serve for the Greatest Good of All Beings everywhere, and support the healing of the Mother Planet. And in deepest gratitude, SO it IS!


Dear Friends,

Today is a day for all Americans who celebrate Independence Day. However I wonder why such a the celebration only comes after war and the many battles between a People and their countries? I wonder if we Humans ever will celebrate a special day anywhere on the Planet that is not preceded by death and destruction or involved a struggle for rights and freedoms? Why is it that on Earth we can only reach a state of Peace and Freedom after fighting; after war and destruction?


Blessed Ones,

Good question! It is the nature of Humanity to celebrate victorious events after battles, because fighting oppression and the controlling powers is a part of Humanity’s history. Discussions and negotiations toward any decision made for freedom was always preceded by bloodshed and the loss of human souls. Peaceful negotiations apparently do not yet merit celebration in the Mass Mind of Humanity! Freedom in expression of thoughts and opinions was always preceded by mass objection during a period when control over the many by the few was a natural state of Life on the Planet.

The current movement and change in Consciousness for Humanity is transforming that history so that battles are in the memory of the past and peaceful negotiations are adopted when a People desire change in their government. Human Rights and Freedom will be honored and respected when the desire for Peace rules the Heart of Humanity. This change in Consciousness is currently occurring in the Shift, the Ascension of Planetary Awareness and is promoted by the many Light Beings in the Company of Heaven through the Interplanetary and Galactic energies flooding the Planet Earth. Rejoice, dear Human, as a Golden Age of Peace and Plenty is the Right and Result for every soul living on Earth in the New Age, the Fifth Dimension of Consciousness!

What do we as people on Earth need to do to make the above mentioned Right and Result a Truth and to have the promised Golden Age a reality on the Mother Planet?

As long as the Human mind and memory holds the struggles and battles as a reason for celebration, Peace in the Human Heart is only a desire without an end. To celebrate Peace and Freedom the mind must let go and release from memory the history of struggle and recognize and honor Freedom as a natural way of being for each living Soul. The Prime Force Creator did not ever envision struggle for Humanity! The Divine Mind holds only Light and Love as Truth. It is up to the Human Mind to envision likewise for the Mother Planet and all her Children.

The Truth about what the creative Human mind can achieve is now RE-remembered in the Consciousness of Humanity. The Human mind is inextricably connected to Divine Mind, Whose Vision is Peace, an abundance of all good, Joy while living in the Garden of Delight. Humanity may see and envision Peace and abundance in mind and it will be so! When Humanity recognizes only Light, Love and the Power for Good it will be manifested as Truth. Know that it is not “a battle” for the right to a Life of Good, but only the memory, desire and image in the Divine Spark that brings the manifestation and creation of Light and Divine Justice. Peace in the Heart and on the Earth is a natural result of the image held in Mind.Life on Earth will not be so much lived with IN-dependence, but rather a Life lived in Brotherly Love and Sisterly INTER-dependence. Life on Earth means each Soul lives in Love as he or she supports and encourages another. NO one can be IN-dependent, because a Human Soul is always connected to the Divine Mind, to Light and Truth and cannot live without the energy of Love. Therefore Inter-dependent Life is an expression of Divine Mind. IN-dependent life is an expression of the Human ego.This means that any Human can live as a Sovereign Being, recognizing the God-Self as ruler of the Mind and all Its decisions. With the God-Self as ruler, as Guide, all decisions are made for the greatest good of all Living Beings everywhere. There is no need to dominate over anyone but the Self. The Al-One-ness will be clearly present while the aloneness is no more!

Humanity living in this Inter-dependent way will have cause for constant celebration! Battles of the past will not need to be celebrated because the Human mind will see that freedom is a natural state of being for everyone. Each day will be a celebration of Truth as lived in Light and Love. And so BE it for the Greatest Good of All-One-Ness!

Rejoice and Blessed Be the Light of Truth!


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