Kuthumi – 2


Channeled by Doug Kelly,

July 21, 2012

I surround myself in the Light of my I AM Presence and I am open to the flow of only highest wisdom and truth from the Ascended Realms. I would ask for any opening remarks directed at the placing of these Messages with Inger on the Internet. So be it!

My dearest friend it is I, Kuthumi that wishes to encourage you to make available the many messages you have received (over )years – to release their contents so that the awakening consciousness may receive their guidance at this cosmic moment in your planet’s history. Much is to be revealed of that history at this cosmic moment as we reach the end of 2012. This is indeed a significant due date in your history. It marks a turning point in your planet’s history as we move into what may be termed Post-History.

The past 4.3 billion years of life on earth has been the creative out breath of God in terms of the evolution of life forms of a biological makeup and density, an experiment of spirit beings from other realms making, allowing their true essence and identity to assume physical, biological form and identities. It has been an experiment that has had a Divine Intent from the beginning, but there has been an intervention in your history of extra terrestrial forces that did not hold the original Divine Intention for the evolution of the human and animal species that once enjoyed the harmony and beauty of what in your myths have been termed the Garden of Eden. The gods of Eden did indeed use the human species for their benefits in their quest for earthly treasures and delights.

Yes, the planet Nibiru as first recorded in the Sumerian tablets, is the Planet X that has been observed by your scientific telescopes since the 1980’s by NASA. This, like all information of an extra-terrestrial nature, has been suppressed by all governments of the world in order to hold the worlds population in ignorance and fear, in order to maintain their positions of power, control and greed for the world resources, thus the starvation of the millions around the beloved planet.

But these days of control by the Power Elites are fast approaching their day of reckoning. The tyranny of the World’s banking families of power are losing their grip on the purse strings and distribution of the abundance that is the birthright of all that have chosen this lifetime for their spirits to inhabit a human body again.

We may return to the subject of Nibiru for a moment as this object is making its regular approximately 3600 orbit of RA, your sun. Planet X is actually a dwarf star, a small solar system with several small planets within its gravitational pull. One of these planets has humanoid life forms that have the technological ability to space shuttle to earth in their crafts on their swing through the solar system. They have landed in what is not present day Iraq and this is the event that was recorded in the Sumerian civilization tablets.

Of course all of that is ancient history, but most important at our time is what happens as Nibiru enters the outer reaches of the solar system, just as your solar system makes its 26000 year alignment with the earth, Sun and the Galactic Central Sun. the Galactic Federation of light composed of numerous star systems and planets in this galaxy, are fully aware of the cosmic events that are unfolding in a cyclical fashion in relation to Planet Earth. We are here in a vast inter-dimensional armada of starships, light ships which can shift dimension in order to materialize or dematerialize in a split second of your time.

We are here in the vicinity of earth to offer protection with our very advanced technology abilities to shield the earth from what would be extinction level events from coronal mass ejections, Solar Flares.

We are here to shield your civilization from the worst of what has been termed Earth Changes. We are here to prevent any nuclear devices being detonated as a False Flag pretext to start a war in the Middle East, by the Mosad, the CIA, and factions of the Secret Government. The list could, of course, continue, but suffice it to say that we are here as Friends, as your space family to assure you that your planet will be ushered into the next Golden Age in this beloved planet.

We are your Ascended Masters that have always been among you to assure that the Divine Plan unfolds on schedule. The inhabitants of Nibiru are the elder brothers of the Families of Power which are their descendants. This family power structure is failing now as you can clearly see by the financial collapse that is occurring around the world. You must trust that this has always been part of the Divine Plan that we know and serve. The existing Power Structure must be brought to its knees in order that the New Earth can make its debut. The New Earth then can truly be a return to the Garden of Eden in a 5th Dimensional Reality, where spirit and the forces of materialization are returned to balance once again as it was originally designed to be – Spirit and Matter living together in Love, Harmony and Universal Peace

Namaste to all, All is well.
I am Kuthumi.


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