Kuthumi – 1


Lord Kuthumi

Channeled by Doug Kelly

July 29, 1994

Beloved and Mighty I Am Presence, flow down and become one with me now.  I surround myself in the Light of Jesus Christ, our Lord Sananda, and ask that only Highest Wisdom be expressed through me now.  My questions of concern are those regarding the schedule of events required to implement the Templar in the 3rd dimension.

Greetings my friend.  I Am Kuthumi, your brother and teacher in the Light.  Your thoughts are being  monitored as you know, and we are quite aware of your concerns regarding the progress that is being made in the creation of the Templar in the 3rd dimension of space and time.  It is true that the Templar has already been completed in absolute detail in the 7th dimension.  The question of concern is that regarding the process of design and construction in your current reality on Earth.  It is true that the schedule for the enclosure and function of several levels within the Templar be completed by the year 2000.  This time frame has not been delayed.  The schedule of events required for this to be accomplished still requires that design development drawings be completed by April of 1995.  In the current path of work this will not be accomplished on schedule.  This, of course, must be acknowledged at this time so that steps can be made to correct the situation.  Time is of the essence in this matter and it is important that those questions be addressed by Simon, Linda, Norma and, of course, yourself.

The energies that are restricting the flow of work in relationship to the Trinity Foundation must be addressed now.  It is true that the number of architects becoming active in producing the work should be increasing at this time, not decreasing.  This is not possible, however, due to a number of factors.  The money required to pay staff will not flow into their enterprise until the working environment within the Trinity Foundation is transformed.  As I have spoken before in the June 9th message, the working environment must be love-based and not fear-based.  The controlling emotions of the ego must be transformed by all parties so that the natural flow of spirit can direct the work.  Trust, openness, and love must be the order of the day.  A house divided cannot stand.  A house separated in parts cannot become the unified team of Light Workers required to staff this magnificent project.

These issues must be addressed in order for the flow of money required is to be manifested with grace and ease.  When these concerns are resolved, Stan will be able to resume his role in the work and other architects will follow.  Your work as the artist may proceed somewhat independent of others although the whole of the work may remain behind schedule.  All of these issues can be resolved in short order if they are acknowledged and addressed within the regular weekly transmissions.

The Donor Guides will be completed and the Templar will be open to receive the energies available from many sources not known at this time.  This structure is a Templar for humanity and cannot remain restricted in its entirety to a select few.  Open your hearts, dear ones, and release any fears which have restricted the flow of energies by others who would like to participate with all their hearts.  The synergy of many hearts and minds is required to complete the structure in a timely manner.  All is well that ends well, and each ending is a new beginning.  Begin again with open hearts each day and all will be well on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Adonai, my beloved.  I Am Kuthumi, your teacher and friend.

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