Kuthumi – 3


Through Doug Kelly on November 15, 2003

Light on the Globe


I call upon my Higher Self – the mighty I AM presence to flow through my thoughts and words now.  I would ask that Master Kuthumi send a message to our gathering in Escazu as we prepare to study “The Light Shall Set You Free.”

Greetings my dearest friend.   It has indeed been quite some absence in consciousness since last you took the opportunity to open yourself to receive the Divine guidance that is always at your disposal.  But ask and the door will be opened – but in truth – the door has never been closed.  We have left the door open and we even left the Light on for you.  So welcome home —  home to the highest dimensions of love and light, power and wisdom that always are as close as your next breath.

You are radiating — you are radiating now with each full deep breath.  You are indeed a standing wave of Light that has particularized for but a brief moment into the Third Dimension of space and time.  Well, perhaps not such a brief time in terms of the Third Dimensional reality.  Indeed, there have been many lifetimes to bring us all together in this eternal moment of Now.  For Now is the time to bring time, or should I say the illusion of time, to a close – a moment out of time when the moving of the pendulum stops, suspended in time, and begins the journey back home, to the Source of all that is.

In this holographic moment, all particularized matter will come to the realization that it is not only a part of the whole, it is in truth the Whole.  The intelligence, the love and the power of the Source of the God Force has come, is indeed coming to the realization of its Infinite Self within all aspects of the creation.

And now for the business at hand, the gathering of the ones that wish to make their contribution to transitioning of this planet into a star.  Into a planet that is shifting out of the darkness of an age and into a new Light.  For indeed, when a planet raises its vibrational frequency to the octave of light, that is emitting more light than it is absorbing from the Cosmos, then it indeed becomes a star for all the heavens to see.  Not just a reflector of light from the Sun, but a radiator of light, and in truth you are all radiating the light now.  As you conquer your earthly fears and let your love light shine, the consciousness of the human race will expand to receive the full awareness of the Law of the One, awareness will accept its Oneness.  Awareness will know itself in all the beauty of its manifest forms.  Out of the One, many.   Out of the many, One.  One mind, One Power, One Intelligence, One Love, for the One of us.  I am Kuthumi, your World Teacher and friend.  Call upon me soon and we can continue sharing in consciousness, for our dimensional differences are separated by but the thinness of veils — or should I more accurately say the appearance of veils, for in Oneness and Truth, there is no separation.

Adonai, my brothers and sisters in Light.

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