Kuthumi – 2

Kuthumi, November 9, 2011 from

Master Kuthumi

Channelled by Doug Kelly


I choose to invoke the full power and presence in consciousness and my Mighty I Am Presence.  I open my heart and mind to receive Divine Inspiration from the Ascended Realms of Love and Light.  So be it.

Humanity stands before an Open Door, a portal in time and space, which will transcend the current concepts of time and space that has held humanity in an age of darkness for the past 13,000 years.  An age of darkness was but the lack of Light that has held mind and thought in separation, lack and fear. This has resulted in civilizations where competition for territory and conflict, based on religious beliefs, has pitted brother against brother, sister against sister, and neighbor against neighbor.

Let it be known that this way of being in the world is coming to an end.  Humanity stands on the threshold of an Open Door to a permanent age of enlightenment, the final Golden Age on the Planet.  There have been brief Golden Ages on the Planet as enlightened souls have been brave enough to incarnate to assist humanity out of some degree of separation and fear with their contributions in art and science.

Unfortunately, most of their scientific accomplishments were utilized to wage war and destroy the beauty of the cities that now lay in ruin on or beneath the surface of the earth. The marvels of these past achievements were a wonder to behold, and many still lay undiscovered in the jungle and sands of time.

This was the past, as glorious and violent as it has been.  Now human consciousness, with great assistance from the invisible realms of Love and Light, of the Ascended Masters, the Angelic Kingdoms and the Galactic Federation of Light of the most advanced civilization in this galaxy and beyond, stand ready and for but a few moments more, waiting to welcome all life forms on this planet called Earth, as they pass through the Open Door into a higher vibrational reality, based in Unity Consciousness where wars, conflicts, human greed and separation will case to exist.

The Advanced civilizations from beyond and below the earth will offer the technological means to provide essentially free energy out of the quantum field of energy that will no longer require petroleum to be extracted from the Earth’s blood.  The excavation of coal will no longer destroy the earth’s landscape.  The natural abundance of the earth will be more than sufficient to supply the food for the 7 billion inhabitants that now grace the surface.  When the instruments of war are laid down, peace and harmony will return earth to the pristine Garden of Eden that existed in the distant memory of humanity’s consciousness.

The Great Shift that is occurring now will provide the critical mass of thought necessary to out-picture primal substance from the sub-atomic realm into much lighter 5th Dimensional physical reality.  All is composed of energy, and consciousness at various vibrational frequencies.  When these quantum packets of Light are tipped just beyond the current frequencies, the quantum shift will occur.  Humanity will wake up into the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth.  All who will participate in consciousness on 11/11/11, and hold this vision in their Mind’s Eye, will greatly assist in ushering the planet through the Open Door into the 7th and Final Golden Age on this beloved Mother Earth.  Millions of higher dimensional beings are lending their great support in this transformational event.  Humanity is at the choice point of critical mass of thoughts and feelings that will out-picture the New Earth.

It is an Inside Job in each individual’s consciousness, and the Universe will rearrange itself to fit that which is held in mass consciousness.  Hold a vision of Peace, Harmony, Love and Light in the Mind’s Eye in the imagination, and all will be accomplished in the twinkling of an eye.  The eyes of duality must be brought into a single unity focus.  Bring the Light of Higher Consciousness down through the crown chakra into the Seat of the Soul, the Pineal Gland, on the inbreath.  Hold the vision for a moment.  On the exhale, radiate the Light 360 degrees and feel it expand to enfold the entire planet and all living and disincarnate beings of earth.  The Universe stands ready to welcome all through the Open Door, for a grand reunion and celebration.

I am Kuthumi, your World Teacher and friend.


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