January 1, 2012 – Happy New Vibrations


January 1, 2012, 7:05 AM

In the rainforest of Costa Rica,

Happy New Year!


Dear Friends,

So here we are in that most auspicious year spoken about before for so many years. The year when the world, as we now know it, is supposed to come to an end.

The year when the Mother, and all her inhabitants, are ascending to a new level of physical vibration and consciousness. Besides being awake and aware of the fact that this great change is affecting all living souls, what do I, and what do we as humans, need to do to continue to welcome the experience? 

What effects will we continue to feel during the time of vibrational changes?


Dear One,

This is the year when the greeting ” Happy New Year” will mean more than any other before. It carries with it the promised of happiness for all awakened souls. The vibrational change, as long as it is not unconsciously resisted, brings a great increase in Light frequencies. Light is the carrier of all new information. This heightened speed of information will bring deeper levels of awareness of the choices each person may make to increase their own happiness as well as how to contribute to others. Love delivers this new awareness to the minds and hearts of people living everywhere on the Planet.

Much of what “needs to be done” by humanity is done without the conscious knowing or thinking. There are many extra planetary and helpful Light Beings influencing these energies, along with faster electromagnetic waves that raise the vibrational frequencies like the flow of your planetary time. It just is so and nothing you can or want to do will stop it. If there is any action to be taken, and we know you think you need an action plan, it is the continued and conscious action to Accept and Allow, to Surrender the little will and personal ego to the Plan as is presented to each soul. Each person will have the choice; Accept and Allow so they will Grow and Glow, or resist with their little will, and cause their own frequencies to be stifled. This is the action of the unconsciously thinking mind and will only cause pain in the body. Resistance to these ongoing changes is futile. They will happen whether the soul and personality like it or aware of it or not. As you may term it, you either go kicking and screaming, or go in the flow, but go you must. How futile to cause pain by kicking and screaming! How smooth the transition when going in the flow!

The effect of more Light if not resisted in its flow, brings with it more information; this leads to more love, more opportunities for joy, more creative expression, increased awareness of universal laws and how to live with them, and ultimately more personal choices leading to happiness, more of the Good that is the right of each Earth inhabitant. You were not made, nor did you come to the Mother Planet to “suffer through life”. The Prime Force Creator’s Plan was for souls to inhabit the beauty of the planet and experience all its blessings with joyfully creative, healthy, long lived and happy lives for each one who chose to experience it.

However the Creator, the Source of all Light, also gave the gift of Free Will to each soul. This gift meant the each one is able make whatever choices he cared to make, to create the Utopia they had wanted for themselves. When human consciousness, in having an earth experience, was aware of their desire, wanting to control and experience the Love of Power, this intention usurped the original Plan; to demonstrate the Power of Love.

Humanity’s history then was written through the struggle for control and with blood shed without need.

The current Earth changes are a direct result of the misguided choices humanity made for so many thousands of years. Corrective energetic measures are not so much a Karmic reaction that by some could been seen as punishment, but rather as Humanity living within the Circle of the Law of Consequence; for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

The physical symptoms of the human body being affected by the increase in vibrational changes, are varied and fluctuate, sometimes from one hour to the next. Increased vibration, if resisted can lead to dizziness, pain in limbs or muscles, a feeling of exhaustion, the sensation that the body is “just not quite comfortable” or the sense that the person is not happy in her skin. These are temporary effects; moments or hours of too high or too low in blood pressure, more or less appetite, more thirst, a sense of not being in the body, or not wanting to be in the place or space where the body currently is,  a momentary feeling of malaise and emotional discomfort, melancholia or temporary depression. The person who maintains a conscious awareness of their body and notices these fluctuations generally needs to listen to the body, and act on the senses with more rest, sleep, gentle movement, walks in nature or spend more time in meditation.

Our counsel to each and everyone is as it has always been. Resistance is futile, you may as well enjoy the movement so each of you can Glow and Grow with the Flow!

Foggy Morning

That is all for now.  8:20 end.