It is not “Business as Usual!”

Friday April 20, 2012, 3:35 AM,

Kelowna, BC Canada




Dear Ones,

At this time Our message to Humanity is to be very clear about the senses in your physical body. The frequencies of Planetary and Human Consciousness have been raised exponentially in the past four of your months. Your body’s sensitive Light receiver, your DNA, is gradually and vibrationally expanding to include an increase in your usual Double Helix structure. Your Light glows ever brighter! If you do not notice the need for more rest your body will sometimes feel out of sorts with energy frequencies coming toward you and storming into your atoms and molecules. You may have felt and heard the raising of vibrations throughout your body while you are at rest or laying down and just about to go to sleep. The speed of Light is increased. the sound of Light is at a higher frequency and you may hear and feel your body’s tone as it hums.

Your whole Universe has sounds that are now at a higher tonal frequency while the increase of Light nurtures all Life forms within it. The tone of the Mother Planet has been raised in frequencies since the Ascension of Consciousness process was begun. Even the densest Life forms are sensing these raises in tone and vibration and because it is represented by more Light into the molecular structure. The physical forms will feel Lighter. For the human body, more Light will literally help it feel lighter, but you will notice that only if you pay attention to the body’s messages.

How can we stop our minds from thinking “business as usual”? It seems everywhere people are grasping for the same old ways, trying to maintain their status quo while at the same time Life seems to be speeding up and we are being pulled into uncomfortable situations. Please comment…..

Life IS speeding up! It is not ” business as usual” for your body’s cells and their functions! Yes, your controlling minds want to continue to be as you always have been while you do the same things you have always done. However, with this strong mental construct, you will feel physical tiredness and mental exhaustion, as though you have had no refreshing sleep or have taken no pauses from your work. We encourage each soul to be aware of its precious vehicle. We support each soul to communicate clearly with the personality. We say to you, review your need to keep on keeping on! Take more time for sensing the need of your body and giving it what it indicates. Reacquaint yourself with your First Sense, your Intuition, the still, small Voice within.

Be in the NOW moment! Take time to rest your body as it moves through these very demanding and important energy changes, receiving every higher frequencies of Light. Your body will thank you by feeling lighter. Your mind will be more at peace.Your other senses will be enhanced. You will know what choice to make each moment and your Life will flow gently and be filled with Grace. You will no longer be pushing against the flow of Life but notice you are being carried downstream. Situations once challenging to your mind’s thought processes will resolve easily. The needs for your daily life will just “magically appear”. As you stop pushing your will upon others, giving each person in your life the right to make his or her own choices, your relationships will be filled with the Love each of you deserves. Does living in this way not sound more interesting and loving toward your Self than pushing against your inner flow? We encourage you to imagine living your day in this manner and then carry through with similar action!

We have repeatedly given you this phrase: Accept and Allow and you will grow and glow in the flow!  Trust this Truth! Live with the Love in your heart’s messages. Listen to your mind trying to maintain control over your heart and your intuitive actions. When you notice the control is not working in your day, take time to meditate and train the “monkey mind” to stop the chatter. Become gentle and take the monkey mind to a quieter place in your life. You both deserve the rest!

 If you compare your now moment with memories of times past, your lives will never be the same as they appeared to be then. Move in your mind for one moment to imagine your future as you would like to live it. Visualize how you want your day to day life to be. Does that image include a time of peace and abundance, of Joy and Love, of ease in work and relationships? If it does not, then Accept and Allow the Power of the Prime Creator’s image for you. Would it be possible in your mind to have all you want and deserve to be easy as you grow in the flow? If it does not, then visualize a bigger picture to include all that! Light, Love, Brother/Sisterhood, Peace and Plenty, all these things are in the Image of the Creator for you. Accept and Allow! Have control only over your thoughts and imaginings. Meditate with your heart to ease the mind and include Love and Light and Power as you accept the Truth.

You are Light. You live in Light and Light shall guide you way to more Light. Love will deliver this Truth, Accept and Allow!

That is all for now. – 5:40 AM


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