Is Higher Self One with God’s Mind?

January 17, 2012, 3:45 AM

San Jose, Costa Rica


Dear Friends,

Although I have no question t the moment, I am listening for your message…..


Dear One,

 The inquiring mind is the open mind, ready for any message coming from anywhere. If you direct a question it also brings focus for an answer.

Surely I can have an open mind without having a question in it at every moment?

Indeed! and now you have your first question! Today we want to show you how simple it is for you to formulate questions!

Are you saying I SHOULD be having questions before we start working together each time?  Or is the conversation style a new format for the receiving of these messages?

Is your mind not full of questions for which you would like some answers?

I have the sense that any answer I get for questions I may have in my consciousness are also to come from within myself. This feeling I have is the one reason why I sometimes doubt whether it is my mind that imagines or “dreams up” these messages from you. Yet, when I read them again a day or so after receiving your counsel, I fully know it is not from me that this text comes. I could not “imagine” some of this information you are bringing! or .. and this is a question I do have….could my higher Self actually do just that?… and here I go again…!

Long and deep has been that search for the answer to that question for eons of time. Books have been written the way we are communicating, Universal Wisdom and Truth has been made public through this method or bringing information to Human Consciousness. Isn’t it a heated discussion for many people about how the bible has been written? There are those who say the bible was written by God. How could that be true unless God personified Himself into the soul and mind through inspiring the writers of each book and chapter in the bible?

There are some of us who doubt that the whole bible, every chapter and verse, is “written by God”. There are so many passages which seem to be written through a human filter and cannot, at this time of human consciousness, be seen as Truth from God! The wrath and anger of God written about is not the picture I and many millions of souls on earth have of the God we believe in!

There are books and passages in the bible which have been the cause of much misery and suffering for many people. That is true for many of the so called ‘Holy Books” written by God. Look at what the Koran is creating in the consciousness of the Muslim who insists that it is correct to be stoning women for their “sins” against Allah or against other men!  That Allah allows a man to hit or rape his wife when he so chooses or when he does not get his way! In MY mind that sort of response to a “holy scripture” is not the response desired by a loving, compassionate, all forgiving God/Allah!

War and human suffering is caused by incorrect interpretation of the words in both books. It is the presence of Free Will and God Presence in the consciousness of Humanity that also has the power to change the response to these passages. As Human Consciousness ascends into new heights of awareness regarding Truth, these actions will be relegated to ” in times gone by.” As in ancient times when Humanity made the decision to leave Paradise, legend has spoken of Humanity finding the knowledge of good and evil. The response to knowing that was to learn about shame and guilt as a way of learning to control certain behaviors. Did this learning come about from the experience, or from God’s inspiration within the hearts of humanity to change their behavior?

I am becoming confused as it feels like parts of the last paragraph came from MY mind. In writing the last question for instance it does not have the same energy from you, but suddenly I felt that came from me!

We are giving you examples of frequency fluctuations with the merging of your mind with our Mind. When the question you ask is: ” Can these messages come from my Higher Self” you are asking: Is there a difference between my Higher Self and my Friends? Allowing our energies to merge, we show you through that example, that there are times when there is NOT a difference! Your sensitivity allows you to feel these fluctuations in frequencies.

The separation between God’s wisdom and your own is merely an illusion of the finite thinking human mind. You are not separate from God! Neither are We separate from God. If God and you are One, and We and God are One, you and We are One!

Wellthat blows my mind into more doubt! I know the “concept” God and I are One. I know the “concept” You and I are One. I have on many occasions had and felt a very brief experience of being One with God, through meditation or by speaking words which I know could not come from my little mind, but only from the Oneness in the Mind of God. Nevertheless, how can I write the words as “received” from You, my Friends, if I also must believe they are from my Higher Self? I have often said to you my “I” does not want to be involved in this work! By that I mean my ego-self, the questioner, the doubter, the one who has to ask the questions in order to receive YOUR answers!

When you state you receive words from the Oneness in the Mind of God, do you think there could ever be a time when you are NOT in the Oneness of God’s Mind? It is the very Mind that keeps you alive, your heart pumping and your skin holding the rest of your organs. It is the very Mind in which you “Live and Move and have your Being”. There can be NO time when you are NOT in the Mind of God, or you would dissolve into a puddle of formless energy and lose all ability to think.

Rain Light on Leaves
I am an emotional puddle at this moment. I do not know how else to respond. I know now that I could not have thought of the last paragraph, or write it down from my mind. Through my physical response I feel the Truth of those words. I have no doubt that this message is written, NOT by my small mind which is governed by my ego, but by You, my Friends, the Servants of the Light which is God, I still do not know if I mentally understand the concept of being One with You. But I obviously am having fleeting moments of experience of your Oneness with me through these energy fluctuations.

The questions remain: is your Higher Self connected to or the same as the Mind of God? in scribing these messages from us, are we connected through our energies or through the Mind of God? Could you write these messages if you did not have the feeling of being with us, as your Friends? Is that feeling an illusion? Are we separate from your Higher Self?

We suggest you ponder these words and this experience in your meditations today. Remember, even during your meditative states, we are One, together and we are IN God. Experience our Oneness in your heart and surrender the desire to explain with your ego-mind. ” Wherever you are, and We are, God is, and all is well”  and we would say to that ” And so it is!”

That is all for now, dearly beloved Sister in Light and child IN the Oneness of God.

5:15 AM end.


From the little me… the doubting ego, the questioner – Inger

To say this writing with my Friends as Guides is a process of education is an understatement after today’s message. If I had any notion left that I am the writer of these texts, I let that go as of NOW! However, the question They suggest that I meditate on is still one in my mind: Is my Higher Self, connected to my Soul, the Spark of God, writing these messages? Am I, through the Higher Self, a manifestation of God’s Mind and therefore connected to all Wisdom, meaning that huge portions of these writings, maybe all, could be written by that Self?

Still…. God and They and I are One.

Grist for the Spiritual Mill and my meditations today!

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