Humanoid Development

Wednesday, January 4, 2012, 4:00 AM

Dusty Space Cloud

Casita, San Jose,

Dear Friends,

Before I was prepared to write, I heard, I believe from you: “From our Space Brothers you have received your emotions”…..What do you want to tell me about that?

Dear One,

Indeed! Our Space Brothers who brought Life on earth many eons ago, implanted the possibility of feelings and emotions into the seedlings of Life which later became humanity. The planet earth was a jewel in the universe, one of many jewels. At that time it was not yet inhabited by multi-celled life forms. Our Space Brothers were given instructions to deliver many forms of life by bringing cellular growth possibilities to develop into humanoid forms. They stayed behind on the planet to oversee the development of these life forms. In time they noticed there were reasons the forms which became humanoid needed to have a way to express emotions and share them with each other.

What would be the reason the humanoids ‘needed’ emotions and a way to express them?

In the primitive development of the human species, the planet was peaceful and a paradise of beauty and grace. During the evolution of two legged life forms, there was an element of space interference by dark forces, which threatened the peace and beauty by creating strife within and between these forms. Free will was a part of the development Creator had given to these forms. During such interference there were reasons seeded for the base emotion of fear. This was the primary emotion caused during the dark force interference. The Company of Heaven and the Primary Counsel gave further instructions to the Space Brothers to deliver the possibility for other emotions, to counter act and balance out the fear which causes strife and struggle among the two legged forms.

It was during this period of time on Earth when ownership and jealousy became a part of human life. With this development there needed to be a new emotion; love and compassion, to bring out the better part of humanoid life. The space interference of dark forces had to be controlled by well intentioned Space Brothers, so that human life would not annihilate themselves through petty wars with other tribes and culture over ownership. This ownership was presented during earlier times of tribal development. Even though there were plenty of spaces and places for each tribe to live and grow, when one tribe encroached upon the living space of another, suddenly there was strife for each other’s caves and rivers. Later that became a struggle to maintain their own way of life through males and females who felt they “owned” the women and men of their own tribe.

Natural development of humanoid societies brought the need to stop interbreeding and their

instinct grew to bring fresh blood into a tribe by being attracted to a member of another tribe. It was at that time that large portions of their society became female dominated because the female of the species were the first to feel and learn about the emotion of love and compassion. There were fewer struggles and wars when women dominated a tribe. Still later, tribal counsels were created and brought into power and various tribes learned the art of negotiating and sharing.

How long in terms of earth years did this development take?

We are speaking of multiple thousands of earth years. Life on Planet Earth, after the Creation, the explosion of Light which caused the planet’s formation, Life from its very beginning was a gradual evolution of species as planned by the Prime Force, the Creator. Space Brothers, Beings living then on other planets, came to Earth and were the seed providers, first of plant life and later multiple celled creatures, some of which evolved over time into humanoid life forms, and later the complex beings now known as humans.


Dear One, the doubt which you sense at this moment is interfering with this message. You are the recipient of a different frequency of energy which creates this message to be of a different kind. We have suggested to you before this time, that you will be receiving messages from a different group of our Teachers. At this time you are being tested regarding the frequencies available for you.

I knew I was feeling a new energy when I heard the first words this morning! Now you are back with familiar energies. I wondered why suddenly the change in topics.

The evolution of human species on earth is something I know very little about. I wondered how I was going to find the words to explain what I am sensing?

Do not concern your mind about how this is being done. Suffice it to say it IS being done! We are helping you develop a new sense of trust in what you are able to do, by taking you into new areas yet unknown to your mind. The test of a clear scribe is to be able to write what is presented and know that it is not from the scribe’s mind, but from the Group you are working with. We have said to you there are many of our Teachers wanting to present messages for you, our Brothers and Sisters of Light, through many human scribes. You are currently the subject of our experiment. How far are we able to take you into what is unknown to you? Only your trust and willingness will prove your ability.

Okay I understand it now. I would appreciate a bit of warning, or an introduction to the new energies so I CAN be prepared!.

If we were to announce ourselves, there would be no reason for this test! This very conversation indicates you have passed! Do not concern yourself with the ” how” of this work. Merely trust.. and surrender the will of your mind. Fear and doubt is not the frequency we can work with as easily as your trust and surrendering to these vibrations.

I surrender! I feel I am still learning how to do this…and yes, I doubt sometimes whether the text I seem to ‘hear’ IS what I am supposed to be writing. It is difficult to feel I do not have words for the impressions I am receiving. It was easier in earlier times years ago, when I heard the messages word for word, without impressions and images!

You are being developed and have grown into your Light frequencies. Your current vibrations now allow us more speed for these messages. Relax! you are doing what you need to do!

That is all for now. – 5:20 AM