Humanoid Development – A Brief History

January 6, 2013, 8:00 AM

Heart for Life

San Jose, CR.

Dear Reader,

Our Friends of Light have indicated in their last posted message, (December 31, 2012) that although the Shift of December 21, 2012 has changed the energies for the development of Humanity’s Consciousness, for many people there was doubt that anything changed at all! Many were expecting a great physical movement of the Mother Planet as was predicted. We all know that history does not usually “turn on a dime”! In our 3rd dimensional reality, we observe on many levels, politically, socially, culturally and emotionally, how much time any movement takes to become effective.

There is still work to be done, and WE are the ones needing to become more aware of what our work is, and then do it! In this post, I took two Messages from exactly one year ago, and combined them to indicate what the history of Human Consciousness was thousands of years ago, where we have come from, and mostly, where we are going. Accept, Allow, Observe, while we grow in patience, knowing we are not alone in our changes.

Blessed Be!



Wednesday, January 4, 2012, 4:00 AM

Casita, San Jose,

Dear Friends,

While I was getting prepared to write, I heard your words: “From our Space brothers you have received your emotions”….. What do you want to tell us about that?

Pleiades Star Cluster
Dear Ones,

Indeed! Our Space Brothers who brought Life on earth many eons ago, implanted the possibility of feelings and emotions into the seedlings of Life which later became humanity. The planet earth was a jewel in the universe, one of many jewels. At that time it was not yet inhabited by multi-celled life forms. Our Space Brothers were given instructions to deliver many species of life by bringing cellular growth possibilities to develop into humanoid forms. They stayed behind on the planet to oversee the development of these life forms. In time they noticed there were reasons the forms that became humanoid needed to have a way to express emotions and share them with each other.

What would be the reason the humanoids ‘needed’ emotions and a way to express them?

In the primitive development of the humanoid species, the planet was peaceful and a paradise of beauty and grace. During the evolution of two legged life forms, there were space beings bringing in interference with dark forces, which threatened the peace and beauty by creating strife within these forms. Free will was a part of the development Creator had given to these life forms. During such interference there were reasons seeded for the base emotion of fear. This was the primary emotion caused during the dark force interference. The Company of Heaven and the Primary Counsel gave further instructions to the Space Brothers to deliver the possibility for other emotions, to counter act, to balance out the fear which cause strife and struggle among the two legged forms.

It was during this period of time on Earth when ownership and jealousy became a part of human life. With this development there needed to be new emotions; love and compassion, to bring out the better part of humanoid life. The space interference of dark forces had to be controlled by well intentioned and trained Space Brothers, so that humanoids would not annihilate themselves through petty wars with other tribes and culture over ownership. This ownership was presented during earlier times of tribal development. Even through there were plenty of spaces and places for each tribe to live and grow, when one tribe encroached upon the living space of another, suddenly there was strife for each other’s caves and rivers. Later that became a struggle to maintain their own way of life through males and females who felt they “owned” the women and men of their own tribe.

Natural development of humanoid societies brought the need to stop interbreeding while instinct grew to bring fresh blood into a tribe by being attracted to a member of another tribe. It was at that time that large portions of their early society became female dominated because the female of the species were the first to feel and learn about the emotion of love and compassion. There were fewer struggles and wars when women dominated a tribe. Still later, tribal counsels were created and brought into power and various tribes learned the art of negotiating and sharing.

How long in terms of earth years did this development take?

We are speaking of multiple thousands of earth years. Life on Planet Earth, after the creative explosion of Light that caused the planet’s formation, was from its very beginning a gradual evolution of species over millions of years, as planned by the Prime Force, the Creator. Space Brothers, Beings living then on other planets, came to Earth and were the seed providers, first of plant life and later multiple celled creatures, some of which evolved over time into humanoid life forms, and later the complex beings now known as humans.

Meditation…..on the energy change after hearing this passage….

Thursday, January 5, 2012, 5:00 AM

Evolution into Light Body
Dear Friends,

This morning, I will let go of my idea that I am not hearing your message clearly enough. I am listening…..

Dear One,

We will continue in the same trend we impressed upon your consciousness before. The images we present will be of such clarity that you will have no problem finding the words to describe. Trust in the energy of our Guidance.

During the time of the arrival of the Space Brothers on planet Earth it was for the purpose of delivering cellular structure for the evolution of various forms of Life. The Prime Source, the Creator, intended to have this place in the galaxy to be a peaceful and beautiful Garden of Eden. Life forms in evolution were to be able to have a place to appreciate the beauty, peace and plenty provided by the other life forms. There was no place in the universes like this Planet. There was no disease or death in those plans but all life forms were introduced for the sole purpose of support to each other and for the benefit and enjoyment of the Planet.

Space Brothers from various other planets in galaxies beyond Earth’s home knew of such a place. Their curiosity was such that visitations to Earth became frequent. Some offered to exist in that fourth dimensional place because their pleasure in being there was so evident. Leaving after a visit became more difficult for them. Eventually they did not go back to their own planet, but stayed as volunteer to oversee the seeding and evolution of Life on Earth. The ” Space-lings became “Earth-lings”, though their physical form was not as you see Earthlings now. They knew they were there for the planting and continued observation of the evolution of the life forms they brought with them. It was all part of the Creator’s Great Plan.

Many Angelic Beings with the power to influence Light hovered in the space and atmospheres of galaxies beyond. It was in the Great Plan for these many Beings to have contact with Life on Earth for the purpose of helping the evolving Earthlings grow into an increased level of consciousness. The Light Angels brought with them and introduced to more intelligent life forms, the ability to use free will and make choices. At first these Angelic Beings worked in unity together for the benefit of all Life on Earth. For thousands of years this intention to work with the Creator on the Plan for Earth continued. Light controlled all Life and Peace and Plenty was the unifying Force.

However, during the discussions between various Angelic Beings who came from other planets regarding the next new development for Earthlings, they ignored the original contact with the Prime Force, the Creator of the Plan. Strife among them was the result and some Angelic Beings became the Force of Darkness through their selfish desires for power and control over Life on Earth.

Frequencies of energies changed on Earth and led to the denser energy of the third dimension. Dark forces resulted in evolutionary changes, which in turn resulted in mutations of once peaceful and beautiful Life forms.

The presence of the Angels of Darkness caused interruptions in Light frequencies. A profound change in the ease and pleasure of Life on Earth resulted. Struggle and the fight for power over the increasingly intelligent Life forms caused war and disease. These energies perpetuated more vibrational changes and Paradise Earth’s Garden had a separation in the intention of the original Plan.


As humanoids evolved into intelligent thinking humans, more strife and struggle became inevitable. The angels of darkness seemed to take control of the once peaceful paradise. There was great concern over the wellness of Life on Earth. The Company of Heaven and a Counsel of Advanced Beings requested volunteer workers who chose to come to Earth to monitor, influence and support the Angels of Light.

During the thousands of peaceful years of Life on Earth, such request had never been needed. Suddenly howeve,r it was deemed necessary for an alert. The increasingly intelligent humans growing in awareness of various possibilities and power on Earth, were making choices that did not support their Life as was the Original Plan. Clearly a new way of being influenced was needed for humanity to make choices other than those causing the possible destruction of themselves and each other.

Several times during these periods of lower frequency thinking in the history of humanity, Advanced Souls came as Teachers. They volunteered to guide the Mind of Humanity. There were temporary changes in the consciousness of Mind. However, the angels of darkness had much influence and Life on Earth continued in its fragile state.

It is within the Great Plan that now in the history of Planet Earth, the vibrations of Light are to be enhanced and the frequency is ascending to a higher rate. Light as carrier of what could be termed as ‘old information’, now will carry ‘new information’. This raise in vibrational frequencies will support the Original Plan of Peace and Plenty for the Planet and carry a new view for the Mind of Humanity.

This is the time for the Planet and all her inhabitant Life Forms, including the Mind of Humanity to arrive for a massive Ascension of Consciousness. It may appear to you as a People that there is currently more struggle and strife on the Planet.. However, the Mother and you are in the last throes of this part of the Evolution of Consciousness. Humanity has learned that the current way of thinking and deciding is not serving Life on Earth. Much has been changed by the struggle between the angels of darkness and the Angels of Light. For a while it appeared that the dark forces were winning the battle. However, be clear that in this age old battle, Light has always dominated and won in the end.

In this message, we have briefly described to you the historic reason for the current movement in Human Consciousness. Outer movement may have been the way in the past. People changed their lives because they changed their physical space, or made changes in their work or relationships. The new information that is carried in the Light is the inner movement needed for humanity to change their thinking. The Light now brings new information and has planted a new thought: the need for change from within humanity’s consciousness, so that outer changes will naturally result.

As more and more of conscious humanity is mentally impressed by the Power of Light, the need for inner change becomes clear. This awareness within each soul will lead to their making different decisions and taking responsibility for their own creations.  The Heart of Humanity will be engaged in this process, and once more a gathering of benevolent souls will restore the Planet to its original Plan; a Planet of beauty and peace in paradise where each life form is loved and supported by each other life form. This Light and awareness will reduce the need for power struggles. Wars will cease and Love will reign.

May Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth

That is all for now.- 6:50 AM

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    Hi Inger
    A beautiful message that encapsulates the last year and sets the stage for 2013. Lots of love and light.

    1. Inger Post author

      Hello Tom. Happy New year to you, and may this year inspire us all to live in the Light
      and with the principles our Friends of Light encourage us to do!
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