Hilarion – 1



Channeled by Doug Kelly

August 5, 1994


Beloved and Mighty I Am Presence, flow down and be One with me as I surround myself in the Light of the Most Radiant One, and request that only Highest Wisdom flow through me now.


Greetings my friend and brother in the Light.  I Am Hilarion, your old painting companion. Many afternoons we spent enjoying the beauty of the French countryside,  partaking in the wondrous play of light which filled the canvas. So, take up the easel again and paint direct from nature. You are my friend Monet. The power and the juice of the master painter is in your blood and your very beingness.

Your art can now be an assimilation of the flow of nature and geometry.  The geometry within the outer form can now be revealed, the structure and the art, the meeting of two worlds made one. Like the architect that combines art and technology, the precision and the intuitive flow can now be assimilated into the unified whole  — the overlap of two apparently separate realities, like the overlap of the beach where the ocean meets the shore — the liquid world and the solid world, the beauty and contrast of both into unity. These are your skills.

You would have preferred to play Monet again, to have the complete freedom of expression in placing paint on canvas in the intuitive moment. But, alas, your destiny this time around required the discipline of the straight edge, the accuracy of line work, the masculine energy and skill to become balance with the feminine intuition and the graceful flow of watercolor — the accuracy and the ecstasy.  Not an easy task, my friend.  Hard and soft in perfect balance and harmony. Hone your skills well and hold the image formed in the mind’s eye. This is truly how the form will be implemented into the physical reality — transformed in consciousness from the 7th dimension to the 3rd, now 4th, and soon to be the 5th.

As the forms and spaces become solidified within your mind’s eye, and become real on paper, they will create the vision for others to hold in consciousness.  So, enjoy the art of the work to be done. Remember what you have done before, you can do again, and with the added skills of this lifetime.

Adonai, my friend, I am Renoir, your art critic and companion.


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