Higher Self-4

Message from the Higher Self

Channeled by Doug Kelly

April 23, 1999

 I open to channel and request that my connection with my Highest Self, my God Self, will allow the flow of Divine Intelligence through me now.

 Well, of course, the flow of Divine Intelligence will flow through you now as always.  And, I say “you” although this is not exactly accurate, in that the you that you are and the I that I Am is false distinction, an illusion of separation.  Although that illusion has become quite concretized in the expression of matter that has tried to separate itself from the Spirit that informs it, that orders it, that has its very being in it, and makes it whole, or Holy as the case may be.

But now to the task at hand.  Now to the issue that will become more and more apparent as we approach the new millennium, the event that has been termed Y2KThe year 2000.  Of all the uncertainty surrounding this event, one thing of most certainty is the timing of the event, the time in which it will occur.  For, indeed, the linear measurement of time in the 3rd dimension has become a very accurate measurement, a yardstick which can be asked to predetermine when an event will occur in time.

This event will focus the attention of the world upon the technology that has been created by man, the technology that started the process of separating man from Spirit since the age of reason — technology, the panacea, the cornucopia that would provide all the toys, all the instruments that would separate man from Nature by the domination of Nature.  The domination that controls the wild river comes to mind as an expression a visualization of this concept.  Control the river and produce electricity for all the technological devices that have been invented.  But know that there are no judgments being made against this ingenuity of man, the inventions of man.  Indeed, this has all been part of the Divine Plan, or perhaps, as you have come to express, part of the Divine Conspiracy.  For there is indeed purpose to all of the contradictions, all of the Divine dichotomies, all of the polarities that apparently separate day from night, white from black, and right from wrong.  But all of these are indeed but two sides of the same coin.

We can return to the apparent separation between technology and Nature, the domination of man’s technology over Nature, like the domination of a man-made hydroelectric dam over a wild, naturally flowing river.  So what has all of this got to do with the Y2K problem you might ask?  Well, this can now focus our attention on the Divine Conspiracy.  It has been the Plan from the outset to allow full reign to man’s inventiveness to develop the technologies that have brought this plan to the very brink of its destruction — but not quite.  For you can now see that there has been a pre-ordained time frame in which this freedom to destroy has been allowed.

The year 2000 will bring this age of complete domination by technology to an abrupt close.  For you see, the computer technology will turn around and bite the hand that has been feeding it.  This was set in motion some 40 years ago at the advent of the computer age.  This was not a mistake to use two digits instead of four digits for the year date.  This was the perfect timing device to bring the domination of technology over Nature to a close — not to the termination of technology but the one-sided domination of technology to a close.

Imagine now, having developed nuclear power plants to generate electricity, now being required to close them to protect life on the planet, before these great technological achievements turn into the greatest planetary disaster.  All because of nothing.  Often all two zeros add up to zero, and zero is nothing.  And this NO thing will change the way man will view technological progress over Nature so that balance will be achieved in the long run.  Not technology or Nature as opposed to Nature, but a balance of technology with Nature in the new millennium, so that man’s order will be in balance with the natural order, a return to Paradise with the benefits of technology — the best of both worlds in one world.

So, enjoy the transformation of your world, the balancing act that will bring your world back from the brink of destruction  where rampant technology has taken you.  After all, it has all been part of the Divine Conspiracy.



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